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I was tagged by Kim at Sweet Monday, and Emma at Wintage Net Voodle for this tag, to post 10 things that I currently love. I'm sure most of my followers already know me well enough to know why half of these things are on here, but you never know, you might learn something new!

1. Sleep!

I'm not going to lie, if you follow me on Twitter or know me in real-life, you will know that I literally spend about 90% of my time tucked up in bed. Nice and productive haha. I honestly work well from the comfort of my duvet, and wrote my best essay last year while watching Family Guy on repeat, with a mug of hot chocolate and under my duvet! I have stopped my inane napping habits though; in first year of Uni, I napped about two or three times a day because I went out so much!

2. Gossip Girl.

Hm. To say my love for Gossip Girl borders on obsessive would not be an understatement at ALL. I can quote from it, slip it into any conversation, relate it to most aspects of my everyday life... I loved the book series, and the TV series is even more amazing with my weekly dose of Ed Westwick. Who is from my hometown and went to my college before he got all famous on us!

3. Rings.

Need I say more?! My outfit posts are full of my rings, which I don't like to match. I really hate matching jewellery sets, they just seem so samey and 'manufactured', as if you've just worn exactly what the brand wants you to.

4. Eating Out.

Being brought up in a family who have always been in the restaurant business has meant I'm really quite adventurous with my food. I absolutely love going out and trying new food! One of my favourites that me and my family discovered was 'Kimchee', a Korean BBQ restaurant in London, which is a really good copy of the real thing that we tried while on holiday.

5. Mumma.

Being away from home for over a month at a time really puts into perspective how much I love my Mum! I haven't been home in a month again now, so I do miss my Mum a bit, but our nightly conversations make up for it, I have some of the funniest conversations with her. I also love how even though she is 100+ miles away right now, she always knows how I'm feeling and how to cheer me up!

6. Toasties.

Yes. They do deserve their own place on here ;) Blimmin' adore a good toastie for lunch! Just as a warning, I don't recommend searching 'food' on weheartit if you are feeling particularly peckish!

7. Tights and legwear.

My tights and sock collection is absolutely huge at the moment! I love how changing a pair of tights adds a whole new dimension to an outfit.

8. LUSH Bubble Baths.

I do enjoy a good bubble bath, and always fit in three baths when I go home for the weekend! I like to take a book, some music, candles and cup of coffee in with me as well haha, anyone else? I'm also a huge fan of Lush bubble bars, especially The Comforter!

9. My Blackberry.

Fellow BB addicts/owners will know just how I feel! I physically can't go more than an hour without my phone, I have all of my emails, texts, calls, Facebook messages, Twitter replies, etc. go through to my phone, and it really becomes more of a neccessity than any other thing when you're at Uni!

10. Glossy Magazines.

Typical journalism student! I have hundreds of glossy magazines, and love buying them, they just feel so nice and weighty and shiny!


  1. Oooooh, great picks for your faves! I used to really like watching Gossip Girl, but they seem to just recycle their plot lines over and over. I don't think any of the characters outside of Nate are even likeable anymore. The Nutella on toast made me hungry.

  2. such a good list! and i totally relate with many of these! i adore rings also and can't be without my blackberry :) when i go to uni next year, i'm gonna miss my mum so much just like you! hopefully i'll be able to visit regularly :) xo

  3. For the most part, these are like the exact same as mine would be! But, where is Harry Potter?! Shocked and a little confused haha xxx


  4. Great post, i think we love a lot of the same things ie gossip girl! and i also spend most of my time in my bed. I wish i had a blackberry! my best friend has one and i'm always jealous of it haha xx

  5. alyse: thanks lovely (: gossip girl has got a little bland this season, but it's supposed to really pick up! i know what you mean, i absolutely hate serena, jenny, dan and vanessa!

    susanne: (:

    jennie: thank you lovely! oh gosh hopefully it won't be too bad, i don't get homesick in general, only when everyone starts talking about home, or if i'm really craving some of my parents' cooking! (they own a restaurant :p)

    heather-louise: oh my gawd. i missed out harry potter! ): i do feel my blog has had more than enough of its' harry potter exposure though!

    rose: thank you! oh i know, we have lots in common! we'd have moreee than enough to talk about if we ever met up!


  6. Sweet post to know you!

  7. Lovely post! I love tights too, and sleep of course! :) xoxo

  8. Great post as a new reader it's great to know this about you :) x

  9. I love so many of these! Especially the rings, Gossip Girl, Blackberry and of course, my mum!


  10. Love the pictures & I love almost everything you do except, I have never been to Lush, but I imagine I would love it!!

  11. Ahh I love all of your favourites! That picture of you and your mum is so cute <3 xoxo

  12. Agree with all of these. Great list! x

  13. Hey Michelle

    we are doing a UK bloggers secret santa if you want to get involved check out the details here

    xx x

  14. heya hun! I'm a new follower, your blog is great! :) hope your feelin better hun. Great list, I like yourself am a bona fide Lushaholic!!! Had the nasty flu last week so treated myself to a bath filled with lovely lush bubbles every evening! for want of a better word...just Lush! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  15. cafe boucle: thank you lovely (:

    katie: thanks! sleep is the ultimate thing in life. i could be happy living 90% of my life from my bed!

    rebecca: thanks sweet (:

    amy: rings <3

    rorie: lush is so addictive! definitely worth a mail order to try out, i'm writing an in-depth brand and product review at some point next week, so keep an eye out (:

    jennie: thank you lovely! was of me and mamabear on top of the eiffel tower, hence the extreme windswept look i am sporting ;)

    victoria: thanks darling <3

    aysh: thank you so much for following! mm a lush bath is just the ticket after any illness!


  16. Yikes was tagged in this too, but I forgot. Must get round to it! Nice picks, I knew Gossip girl would be up there :P

    L x
    Half Dressed

  17. I know exactly what you mean. I used to write all my essays from the comfort of my bed (: I agree with the ring thing. I prefer them to be all mishmashed too. I'm so wanting to try out that Korean place right now! Aww, every girl needs her mamabear once in a while I think. It wouldn't be a Michelle post if tights and Lush weren't in there somewhere ;) Haha. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to tonight's tweet-along.

  18. I love shiney heavy magazines <3 vogue & glamour

    Can't believe Ed Westwick went to your college aha.. hes my favourite in Gossip Girl mm!

    I really need to find some pairs of knee high socks to wear over the top of tights (: they do add more to an outfit especially in the winter with lots of layers (:

  19. laura: i'm constantly forgetting to post tags! i have them all saved in a folder on my laptop but i never get round to doing them!

    bee: the comfort and warmth makes me work a little better! korean food is so yummy, i'm seriously craving it now! shall speak to during tonight's x factor i'm sure sweet (:

    maddalena: thanks sweet (:

    carina: oh me too! elle, instyle and vogue are my favourites! yeah he was at my college for a year studying a-levels before he moved for acting and all that jazz! one of my friend's film studies teachers was his teacher too!


  20. I love every single thing in your post! I was disappointed that i couldn't find the new gossip girl episode on catch up for some reason. and that toastie looks soooo good.

  21. This list is almost the same as what mine would be. Napping is appropriate as long as you set an alarm :). I used to do it all the time in uni.

  22. Amazing list! I love sleeping too!!!


  23. anna: thanks lovely (: gossip girl was on a break for thanksgiving this week, which is why you can't find it! i think it's back to normal next week though!

    amey jane: yay (: oh gosh, i always oversleep with my naps! always napped last year, but i'm too stressed to nap this year!

    vikki: thanks sweet!


  24. ahh cute little tag and most of those things are my fav toooooo.........

  25. I love reading posts like this :) The relationship you have with your mum is so sweet! You're making me want to have a bubblr bath, but sadly my parents decided a 'wet room' was the way forward for us, so I don't even have a bath at home! xxx

  26. I LOVE glossy magazines as well!

  27. great post, and arrgh the rings photo = amazing

  28. I love all your favourites, especialy Gossip girl I had a marathon last night and caught up on season 4.

  29. mandy: thank you! hope your steak dinner was nicee last night (: and thank you for the christmas present <3

    hannah: thank you (: i actually have a folder saved full of tags and 'blog awards' that i haven't managed to get round to writing and posting, i don't want the blog to get cluttered with them all! awh thank you, i do love my mumma, we have the best phone conversations ever while i'm at uni haha!

    amaris: (: i have so many precariously stacked piles of glossy magazines in my bedroom at home!

    claire: thank you! i bought a lovely ring to add to my collection yesterday!

    green tea and cupcakes: thanks sweet! oh i may have to join you and have a mini marathon once my uni work is complete for the day! ;)

    supergirl: thanks (:


  30. i agree on (almost) everything on your list here! & how yumm does the toasty look (i want this)!! xx

  31. thankyou for the tag sweet <3
    i could of sworn i commented on this before :/ maybe i didn't do the capatcha right.

    you and your mum are the spitting image of eachother! it's adorable :)

    love emma <3

  32. claudia: i know! i want a strawberry and choc toastie!

    emma: you're welcome! aha i know, we look so alike!


  33. Aw you're a girl after my own heart. Bed with my blackberry next to me, flicking through magazines and watching Chuck Bass in GG. What more do you need eh? hehe. Also Blair looked incredible when she wore that dress and I too read the books and it's one of the few adaptations where the TV is just as good and maybe even better than the novels x

  34. helen: yay! oh gosh that is my ideal day to be quite honest, accompanied with some ice-cream or other yummy nibble (: i adore the book series, i love that they've gone down a different route with the tv series, it just gives the brand more to look at! i'm currently rereading the books haha, a nice and easy read next to uni readings and assignments!


  35. You missed me off the list... ;) Dude, where's HP?!


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