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Evenin' lovelies! I've got a spare 20 minutes and I've reached 1400 out of 2000 words on my Styling essay, so I thought I'd write a quick blog post for a bit of a chat with you all! This is just going to be a one-off, catch up post to let you all know my current plans. Aren't you lucky?! ;) Also, you get to see a v. dodgy and blurry photo of my hair yesterday!

une. Seeing Ellie Goulding live tonight at Southampton Guildhall! Gosh, I'm so excited to see her play, I wasn't a fan of her at all when I first heard Starry Eyed on the radio. So. Overplayed. But then I gave her EP a good listen and fell in love with her! I'm still a bit iffy with her album actually, it sounds so horribly overproduced in my opinion, which is why I'm excited to see her play properly!

deux. Handed my first Uni assignment in (early) today. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! Well, not exactly, I do feel tense still because I'm like an old woman with all my aches and pains! But I do feel a lot less stressed now that I've handed an assignment in and I can focus on my other assignments.

trois. Today I popped in to town to buy hair conditioner - my life is so exciting, I know ;) - and found a gorgeous little piece from Primark to add to the giveaway! I won't be revealing what it is, think of it as a Christmas bonus, but I know I have a lot of international readers who will probably be interested in Primark goodies!

quatre. Finally booked my Harry Potter tickets! Yay! I'm going with my friend, and fellow bloggerina, Stacey - beyond excited, if you erm, hadn't worked out from my obsessive Tweets with Gem, Rebecca, Victoria, Jess and a few others! I totally think we should organise a bloggers meet-up for the final (sob!) premiere in London, however manic it'll be!

cinq. Going to finish this post with a pimp of my Formspring! I've had some really good questions on there lately, and I feel great that I can help people with things Uni and blog related! Also, I'm hoping to get my lazy bum round to photographing all the clothes that I'm selling soon. Would you prefer I did it over eBay (shudder!) or just on the blog in a blog sale?


  1. number four is my point, whooo. i'm so freaking excited about the premiere!

  2. Yeah HP ftw. I like you hair mannnnn. Have fun at Ellie, I booked my tickets for HP today, going Friday at 1pm, we will converse afterward about our views. Woop. Love youuuu xxx

  3. aw i'm so jealous that you're going to see Ellie Goulding! Have a lovely night and let us all know how it was in another post :) xxx

  4. I can't wait till Harry Potter comes out, I'm excited!!

    I think you should have a blog sale, I prefer those to ebay sometimes.


  5. your hair looks gorg! your uni work will be fine, your a genius with how you word things with your blogg!xx

  6. Aw well done on your uni work... must be a relief. For a little while at least!

    Have fun at Ellie goulding! I think I'm probs the only person IN THE WORLD not v interested in HP :O

    Oh, and I muuuuch prefer blog sales. Hate ebay, it scares me!

  7. Thanks for commenting my blog again :)
    that first picture is cuteness!

    Rosie x

  8. Jealous about Ellie Goulding! Have a fab time :) xx

  9. I love Ellie! Im so jealous!

    Your hair looks hella cute xo

  10. Enjoy Ellie Goulding! Really like her version of 'Your Song' at the mo.

    Im looking forward to HP too. Been waiting forever for it to come out! :) xx

  11. Ooo you have a awesome time at Ellie Goulding's Live!
    Enjoy Harry Potter too, the final next year will be HUGE!:D

    Well done on your essay and good luck on the final few hundred words! Go Michelle! ^^ <3

  12. love how you did your hair & the red nail polish looks gorgeous on you!! xx

  13. Well done on getting there with your university work! Mine just seems to be continuing to pile up :(

    I am so unbelievably excited for Harry Potter on Friday, we can exchange views on Twitter once we have both seen it ;) Going to the final premiere would be AMAAAAZING!

    Hope you're having a good week so far my lovely :) xo

  14. <3 LOVING YOU GALSSSS. xxxxxxxx

  15. I love that first photo! Your glasses are adorable :)

    KF x

  16. Omg Ellie Goulding! I hope you enjoyed yourself!!

  17. Love your hair!
    I think a lot of ellie gouldings music is overproduced too, but she has a lovely voice and can imagine shes fab live!

  18. Totally agreeing with you about the whole Goulding thing. She's amazing in her demos. Oh my, if we went to the premiere I think I would pass out!

  19. Great blog! Very jealous that you're going to see Ellie Goulding! I have a 20 page essay to write by the end of the month and its bloody impossible so i feel your pain about essays!

  20. I love your red nails :) You're so lucky you get to see Ellie Goulding!

  21. kenziefaith: n'awh thank you sweet!

    diane: she was amazing, i had a really good evening! (:

    emma jade: oh thank ya doll <3 she was SO good live, her voice is just so beautiful and endearing, was so good to hear everything properly as opposed to from a studio!

    bee: her EP and demos are lovely sounding, i have them on my ipod! hahaha i think we would too, it would too manic to meet up and battle the crowds now that i think about it all realistically!

    succeeding at failing: thanks lovely! ouch, i do feel your pain! completed a 10 page essay tonight though ;)

    ann: thank you! she was really good live!


  22. Oh I hope you have fun at Ellie Goulding! I saw her at Beach Break festival for my 21st and literally feel in love ha. She is brilliant live - such a soulful voice! And ahhh so excited for HP :) x


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