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I was tagged by Hannah at cyrillawest to fill this tag in and pass it on! I haven't posted a tag in absolutely ages, but thought this one looked really cute, and gives me a chance to let my followers learn more about the person behind the blog! I'm going to tag Chloe, Victoria, Gem, Jennie, Beth and Lauren in this, but please feel free to fill this in on your blogs too, and let me know in the comments!

i like my bed
i like watching harry potter
i like christmas menus at costa and starbucks
i like ed westwick
i like dairy milk chocolate
i like eating happy stars for dinner. because i'm clearly 5
i like being an utter geek
i like my friends and university girlys <3
i like christmas
i like taylor swift
i like blogging
i like my blackberry

i love my family!

today, it's saturday. weekends at uni are boring aside from x factor

i hate cringeworthy facebook statuses and wall posts
i hate having broken hair straighteners
i hate when the lecturer leaves remnants of pen marks on the board
i hate laddering my tights (LOL!)
i hate reaching the last sweet in the pack
i hate embarassing myself
i hate being unorganised!
i hate not being to eat my dad's homemade dinners while i'm at uni ):
i hate having to end this tag with so much hate!


  1. Hi cutes, I did this a while back, you can find it here Thanks for the tag though you beautiful person!! Great choices, I'm quite tempted to do a new one as some of my picks have changed, hmmmmm. I so agree with Ed Westwick NOM xxx

  2. I LOVE EDWESTICK, also love this post :)

  3. Love this post :) Finally a cute & enjoyable tag! Cringey Facebook statuses are the worst -___- xx

  4. gem: oh indeed you did, just had a little read, i cannot believe certain things i missed out (: ed westwick is my loveee, and my current desktop wallpaper!

    rose: me tooo! thanks lovely, think you should post one of these too!


  5. laura: thanks sweet! oh god i know, i always end up hiding people from my news feed because some things should never be broadcasted online! :p xxxx

  6. Aww i loved this post! As I type I'm waiting for a harry potter film to load! :D xo

  7. BIG MASSIVE OMG YES for Harry Potter! I am toooooooooo excited! Thanks for the tag honey xo

  8. jennie: i'm glad you liked it hun (: we're having a harry potter film marathon soon, in preparation for the release of deathly hallows part one! ;)

    victoria: yaaaay! SO SO excited, make sure you buy the sunday times tomorrow! you're welcome, can't wait to see your answers!


  9. Ditto on the facebook and unorganized hates. When things are unorganized, I just itch to straighten them!

  10. This was so lovely to read! I hate when lecturers leave marker pen remnants and cringeworthy Facebook statuses too!

  11. alyse: me too! i always end up taking the extra 5 minutes to organise things :p

    lucy: oh thank you lovely, i'm glad you enjoyed it! pen remnants are so annoying in lectures, my mags & markets lecturer ALWAYS does it haha!


  12. I loved this post!! & the photos go perfectly :)

  13. this is really lovely, michelle. merci for tagging me, i'll definitely give it a go tomorrow, i think. :)
    harry potter, hehe<3.
    love love love that last photograph, too. xxx

    we could go anywhere..

  14. may just try this too, i love and miss magic stars so much haha!

  15. zaira: thank you!

    influence: i'm glad you enjoyed it (: weheartit is my loveee for stock photos, they always look so whimsical and appropriate!

    chloe: you're welcome lovely! can't wait to read your answers!

    hurricanes12: i'll keep an eye out for it!



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