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The weather, my mood and lighting was absolutely awful today, hence the lack of outfit post as I usually would post today! FYI, I just wore my burnt orange peter pan tunic, chevron knitted tights, my pom pom coat, satchel and flats, I looked like a little girl haha. I will definitely get an outfit up on here tomorrow though (: I'm also going be bringing in 'Follow Friday' within Friday's outfit posts, because I always get asked to recommend blogs!

As promised, here are some unedited photos from some of the location and studio shoots that I've been shooting recently for Uni. I don't claim to be a photographer at all, I just know my camera settings and composition techniques fairly well! Hope you likey!

Location Shoot
"Using one model, wearing the same outfit, take two location photographs; one expected location, and one unexpected location."

Styling Assignment
Style an outfit inspired by an era of your choice. I chose the 60's.



  1. Isn’t it annoying when lighting isn’t your friend :( I really like what you’ve done though! Amazing 60s inspired too. I so should have been born in that era! Haha nice work honey xo

  2. oh wow nice pictures! love the second set of pictures especially! and you get a pass haha! didn't expect the model to be in a grocery store:P

  3. Oh my Gosh I love your sixties styling!!

  4. Gorgeous shoot!
    Loving the outfits, especially for your styling assigment! I need those tights and shoess! :P

    Well done you! xxx

  5. Brilliant styling hun, did you have fun at Ellie Goulding? xxxx

  6. those 60 inspired photos are AMAZING! love love love them, and the styling xxx

  7. Really good styling. I like the two locations you chose for the Location Shoot. I would never have thought of a supermarket! And the 60s styled shoot is just brilliant!

  8. i adore the 60s look! the clothes are gorgeous especially the heart tights and the peter pan tunic! :) xo

  9. Love these :) gorgeous hun, very well done

  10. These are stunning, I love the cream lace dress in the sixties shoot! :) xx

  11. victoria: bleugh yes ): if i got out of bed 20 minutes earlier, i could take them before i leave for uni, but i'm much too lazy for that unfortunately! awh thanks sweet, so excited to sit and photoshop them ready for my portfolio! xxxx

    irene: thank you! haha we got so many strange looks while shooting that part!

    steph: thank you so much (:

    alison: thanks lovely!

    vicky: thank you! oh the brogues are lovely aren't they?! i'm v tempted to get a pair for myself!

    gem: thank you sweet <3 yess she was amazing! i got some decent photos and videos as well so going to try and get one of them up to share with the other goulding lovers! xxxx

    rose: thank you! i'm really inspired by the 60's and 70's at the moment! (:

    alyse: thank you so much! it's really good to hear positive feedback about my work! i also shot some in a kids' park and construction site which i didn't upload on here!

    jennie: me too, i love the fun and dolly girl look about the 60's era!

    steph: thank you sweet, that means a lot!

    spookshowbaby: thank you! the shift dress was from topshop (:


  12. those sound like great briefs! I love the 60s shoot :)

  13. I love the second models outfit! so retro, reminds me so much of twiggy! amazing tights too!

  14. Your shots look really great, I especially love the supermarket ones. The 60's styling looks fab

    L x

  15. luuurrrrvely, you really do know how to point and shoot m'dear and there's nothing wrong with a little confidence :)

    love love xx

  16. These pics are gorgeous! And I love the supermarket ones - they are so everything that fashion isn't yet you've made them become fashionable. I think you may be onto something there. Good stuff :) x

  17. gorgeous photos! you did a lovely job!


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