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1. Started my week with a huge mug of coffee. I can't believe how difficult it has been to stop snoozing and actually get out of bed in time to get ready properly before Uni. Quite proud of how my make-up looks half decent in this!

2. Went for a Christmas Starbucks in between lectures on Tuesday. Tuesday's weather was absolutely horrific, so we took refuge in Starbucks with toasted (and burnt - boo!) ham and cheese croissants and a toffee nut latte ;) Start as you mean to go on and all that...

3. Returned home on Tuesday to an exceptionally bad mood, so I put 'Funny Face' on after my weekly Gossip Girl fix. Probably not many things I enjoy more than a classic film starring my favourite: Audrey Hepburn.

4. Shot my Fashion & Styling era-inspired photoshoot on Wednesday. I chose the 60's, although it eventually turned out a little 70's as well! Used my friend Kerry as the model, and she was perfect as she's petite and had lovely hair to style!

5. Classy background of Starbucks as I hadn't booked a studio and it was far too cold to shoot Kerry outdoors in a sleeveless shift dress! Fail! I still liked how these came out though. P.S. The lashes are Cheryl Girls Aloud ones!

6. Bought teacakes after Uni on Wednesday! I'd been craving them all day, and they're only 68p from Lidl, so heyho, why not?! We had a huge debate over what teacakes were, as apparently up North, teacakes are a bread roll?! Either way, marshmallow, jam and chocolate make for a happy Mish!

7. Took this on my webcam after feeling v.sorry for myself when I'd been caught in the rain. God knows why it's so bright, my room is never ever bright! Drinking a bit of Lemsip here!

8. Another Starbucks on Thursday. Why the heck not?! Had a peppermint mocha with whipped cream, choccy syrup AND chocolate sprinkles.

9. My beautiful Mumma phoned me to check if I was okay yesterday. Which I basically kind of wasn't. Won't go into details though! She phoned me lots of times throughout the day, and then surprised me by ordering a sushi dinner delivery right to my door - even though she's about 100 miles away at the moment! Lovesss <3

10. Soft shell crab hand roll, omnomnom!

11. Me. Bored + watching X Factor! One Direction were amazing this week, so glad Harry Styles got a proper part this week. Katie Waissel has just GOT to leave tomorrow, right?

12. Have you entered my Christmassy giveaway yet? I'm slightly overwhelmed and really excited that so many people have got involved and entered! I've reached just over 80 entries, so please keep them coming! I'm considering adding more surprise gifts in there as it has been so popular already!


  1. you're making me hungry michelle haha! that food looks uber delicious. your gorgeou y'know, and totally digging your photoshoot! i thought it was an editorial until i scrolled down!

  2. You're making me pretty hungry, too. You must also really like Starbucks croissants! Also, you have perfect skin.

  3. Loving this post! I am yet to have a Christmas drink from Starbucks, the toffee nut lattes are my fav!

    Photoshoot looks really amazing too :D

  4. a week filled with starbucks is a good week in my eyes! i think thats what my week is going to consist of. so much college work so i need a good break. wow that food is making me SO hungry! it looks so tasty. I might try this 'week in photos' post they're really good! xx

  5. Haha lidl teacakes and coffee make up a large part of my diet! Your photoshoot turned out really well! They look really good! :)

  6. That's so nice of your mum to do that! Your friend looks gorgeous; I love her hair!
    I know, I'm so happy that Harry was given more to sing! God, Liam's always hogging the verses!! You look very cute in the second to last photo x

  7. irene: oopsie ;D my sunday posts always seem to be full of food! i'm such a food lover thanks to my parents being in the restaurant industry! awh thanks lovely (:

    alyse: haha oops! i was craving croissants this week for some reason, i tend to go through phases a lot! oh thank you, i think i'm just really lucky with my skin!

    jessy: thanks sweet! toffee nut lattes are my fave at starbucks around christmas! thank you for the tweet as well honey <3

    rose: me too! so very very poor now though, going to have to go without next week because i have so much planned! good luck with all the college work sweety. xx


  8. beth: haha mine too ;) thank you lovely! i have hundreds to sort through for my portfolio now!

    jade: i know, she's so amazing <3 aha liam is good, but harry is a tiny bit better! thank youuu (:


  9. Looks like a good week! So jealous at the amount of coffee you've been conusming though!
    Super cute picture of you in the orange top :)

  10. Aah this looks like an awesome week! Think I might start doing a feature like this at some point as it's one of my favourites.
    Your photoshoot looks beautiful, I wish my work would deem it acceptable for me to look like this all day every day, but no. Speaking of work, I'm doing 9-6 monday-friday this week, so a few Starbucks pick-me-ups will definitely be in order.

    Hope you're ok lovey
    Heather-Lou xxx

  11. I have the first mug :)

    I have had a lot of starbucks goodies this week too! Including a turkey and all the trimmings panini and a toffee nut latte <3 mm! I'm feeling festive!


  12. mm your making me crave a starbucks now!.Your so pretty and such a good photographer!.

  13. I love these posts from you! How nice is your mum, aww! Hope you're feeling better now my lovely <3 xo

  14. I always love your weekly photos! They always make me really smile :) xo

  15. Lovely pictures, they made me so happy and fuelled my craving for a Gingerbread latte!

  16. Aww wow, what a lovely mum you have :)....I saw the hand roll pictures and now really want sushi.

    Yeah - teacakes are like sweet bread roll (can't really think how to describe themm) which are yummy toasted and with butter. However, Tunnocks also make teacakes (mallowy ones)....i think its just two versions - one more savoury than the other.

  17. nice blog! i love your suitcase necklace ( a few blogs down) i would be interested in buying one xoxo

  18. kerry's hair is too-die-for. ahhhh i want a fringe now. you're a coffee addict my dear! xoxo avs

    p.s i hope you're feeling better now (check your twitter dm's)

  19. Yum yum yum :D I want Starbucks and Sushi now! :P

    Your photoshoots looks amazing! Love the outfits!
    do you know where the shift dress is from? It's gorgeous!
    Hope your feeling okay now :) xxxx

  20. Erm are you trying to put me out of a job with that shoot!! So good!!! fantastic lighting! Xxxx

  21. Oooh, looks like you enjoy coffee! I definitely do too.. I'd live at Starbucks if I could!!

    KF x

  22. ally: SO so much coffee haha, i've had so much that the caffeine doesn't affect me now, which is probably really bad for me! thank you lovely!

    heather-lou: oh you should, i've always loved reading abby's week in photos which is how i started posting mine! awh thanks lovely, the feedback has made me much more positive about my uni work! ouch, hopefully the workload isn't too bad lovely <3

    kim: awh yaay for matching mugs haha! oh my, i'm going to have to get a turkey panini when i'm not so low on money!

    lauren: thank you sweety! i don't class myself as a photographer at all, i just know my settings and composition techniques quite well aha ;)

    jennie: thank you lovely <3 i know, my mum is such a darling, i love her lots! thank you honey, feeling a bit better now, no idea why i was in such a bad mood last week, probably just the stress of blimmin' uni work!

    victoria: thank you sweet! i'm glad you enjoy them (: XO

    lucy: thank you! i haven't tried the gingerbread latte yet! going to add that to my list along with the turkey panini haha! i'm such a sucker for starbucks!

    teacups and buttondrops: i know, i love her lotsss :D aha yeah that was the big debate we had, it's all so confusing!

    typepeace: thank you lovely! i'm going to work on some designs soon, you'll be the first to know via the blog when i start selling them (: xoxo

    alana: i know right! ahem, i know ;) thank you for the DM sweet <3 major lovesss.

    vicky: what a killer combination, right?! thank you honey! i think it's from topshop (: thank you, feeling a bit better now after reading everyone's lovely messages! hope you're okay xxxx

    gem: awh thanks m'love! i'm not a photographer by ANY standards haha! <3

    kenziefaith: i do indeed! a little too much hahaha! <3


  23. I love the 60s/70s style pictures. The hair and makeup is wonderful and that dress is gorgeous, I'm umming and ahhing myself, wether to pick it up from topshop or not :) xx

  24. one just can't resist christmas starbucks ;) i went there last week too (and already planning on going the upcoming week again) not sure if they have the toffee nut latte in Paris which sounds super yumm, i guess i'll try the white chocolate mocca next time...
    how sweet of your mom to order sushi dinner for you!!!
    & i have to watch 'funny face' (haven't seen it yet)
    very pretty photos again! enjoy the sunday night & have a good start in the new week!!

  25. jenny: thank you darl <3 oh you totally should, its THE basic dress of the season for bloggers ;) i'd recommend trying it on first though because the sizing and length is totally crazy!

    claudia: oh i know! i don't think they have white chocolate mocha's in england ): i'm so jealous, they sound amazing! funny face is one of my all-time favourite films, definitely worth watching! hope you've had a wonderful weekend <3


  26. Your photos for your project are so lovely. I really love the hair. :D

  27. okay, so I'm totally jealous of your Starbucks jaunts. I still haven't had my first Christmas coffee of the year - big boo! I am loving your era-inspired shoot and your model is beautiful. Yeah, you can get like teacakes which are the ones like with the dried fruit in..and you grill them then put butter on them. Haha but I also know about the choc, jam & marshmallow ones! That peppermint mocha sounds so so good. Your mum sounds so thoughtful!

  28. heymookie: thank you!

    eva karen: thanks lovely (:

    rebecca: owh sorry sweet, the temptation was just constantly there on the random hour gaps inbetween lectures! thanks lovely, kerry was so so perfect for my theme! ohh right, i'll have to try those at some point! choc, jam and marshmallow = SO perfect with a coffee. i'm gonna die of sugar and caffeine overload one day! i knoww, i love my mum! <3


  29. Now I have a serious starbucks craving going on! xx

  30. awh great post hun, as always.
    your friend kerry is SO pretty!
    and..jealous of all the starbucks-y-ness.

    love love <3

  31. Your mum sounds like possible the sweetest person ever - looks like a good cure for the blues to me!
    And you've definitely persuaded me to go try a peppermint mocha now... if only they were open til midnight!!


  32. dan: haha ;) i have definitely had my fair share of starbucks this week!

    voodle: thanks lovely!

    danni: awh she really is (: she knows just how to cheer me up! oh my, imagine if they were, and if they delivered!


  33. Oooh, a girl can never have enough Starbucks for that matter. And the seasonal drinks are always the best! The photoshoot looks beautiful <3

  34. haha gotta love starbucks!! yum :) x

  35. love your blog your a super cool girl :)xx

  36. just found your blog and i really like it! i love the peter pan collar tunic, i have one in black :)

    now following you!
    please take a look at my little blog if you like



  37. really in need of a starbucks now :)
    gorgeous dress x

  38. I'm craving starbucks and those teacakes! sayyy what!!! I actually haven't had coffee in maybe 6 months I might go hyper ahaha. Your post's always cheer me up :)

  39. daisy: seasonal starbucks are my favourite thing ever! it's not christmas until the red cups come out (: thank you darling, that means a lot!

    vicki: think i overdid it last week though haha!

    claire: awh thanks lovely!

    becky-may: oh thank you sweety! i have it in black as well, my favourite dress ever at the moment! following you back, your blog is so adorable!

    megan: haha ;)

    michelle: TEACAKES! oh gosh, i'm totally on a caffeine ban this week, i was up until 4am this morning singing songs at the top of my voice! and that's not even a lie!


  40. You are making me so hungry! That sushi looks delicious,yum. Aaaah and now I want Christmas starbucks too :) Hope you're feeling better xxx


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