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1. Went to Prezzo for Rebecca's 21st birthday on Monday evening, which was really nice. I went for Fusilli alla Rusticana, a creamy tomato based pasta dish with chicken, chillis and peppers in, which I seem to order a lot at Prezzo! What are your favourite dishes to eat at Prezzo?

2. Of course you can't have a birthday without a beautiful choccy cake! I actually really liked this cake, it was nice and spongey, and had the best chocolate topping ever.

3. I really liked the plates that they gave us to serve the cake portions on! Cuteee.

4. I saw Ellie Goulding live at Southampton Guildhall. My gosh, she was absolutely amazing, and has such a beautiful voice. She even sang 'Your Song', and a new song from her album which is out next week. I think my favourite performances were for The End and The Writer, although Under The Sheets is always a firm favourite!

5. This came in the post on Monday! My ticket to Ellie Goulding (: My lovely Mumma even put a sneaky Harry Potter stamp on the envelope, as she had to endure my daily phonecalls of excitement, counting down to the release haha. By the way, I absolutely LOVED Harry Potter! I went to see it with Stacey and Becca, and did mean to take photos of us in our excitement but forgot my camera!

6. Wednesday afternoon and back to reality with a thud. Had a beautiful selection of textbooks, notes and essay plans to sift through on Wednesday for my 'Fashion and Cultural Influences' essay. Which I am currently procrastinating from finishing ;)

7. Cheeky photo from my Harry Potter marathon! I did indeed complete the whole series in a week, despite it being the busiest week ever! I'm still annoyed that Half Blood Prince was so awful compared to the book, which happens to be my favourite! *end of Harry Potter fangirling for this blogpost!*

8. Made myself some Japanese gyoza dumplings for lunch! My little sister makes these a LOT nicer than I do, and they certainly didn't compare to the ones my Mumma bought me last weekend. Gosh I can't wait to go home in two weekends!

9. Met Mandy from Pink Dolly for coffee (yes, I broke the no-coffee rule) and lunch at Pret-a-Manger, which I haven't eaten at in absolutely ages! Forgot how nice and reasonably priced their menus were!

10. Some of our party food spread that we made for dinner last night before X Factor! Asda really outdid themselves, as everything was really nice and only £1-£2 for each selection!


  1. Ellie Goulding ;o ♥
    Sounds like a fun week! I could do with some of the food you ate hehe, I crave cake now!

  2. It all looks so goood! Gosh, jealous! x

  3. Wow, this made me extremely hungry! :D

  4. So gutted I didn't get to see Ellie Goulding :-( Mmm the food looks yummy and I can't wait to see the new HP! X

  5. 1) I always order that at Prezzo too!
    2) HP7 = amazinggg right
    3) soooo jel (in the only way is essex voice) that you saw Ellie Goulding!!
    4) That pret lunch looks so good! i usually get something similar from Eat:)

  6. I've never been to Prezzo :/ I shall have to check it out! The End is one of my favourite Goulding songs - so beautiful and much nicer than her over produced stuff. HP was just amazing wasn't it?! Too many good bits to choose from. Hurry up July - Boo! Ooh, I've never been to Pret either :/ I'm so unfortunate haha. The food looks lovely though. Oh gosh, gotta love party food! Can't wait for some good old X Factor tweeting tonight (: Sorry for this essay haha

  7. YAY! :] Miss Goulding is AMAZING I need to see her again! :]

  8. Oh dear me!! Them dumplings and pret a manager food looks abso amazing!!! I literally am salivating. Can you teach me how to make them dumplings??? I want a steamer for crimbo to put over my wok. Nom Nom Nom xxx

  9. Your week looks like it has been a tasty one hehe:) a lot of food there, whish i was there !! And i love ellie goulding, your pretty lucky xx

  10. tracey: she was absolutely amazing! she's so pretty as well haha, maybe developed a gal crush on her! i'm craving anything sweet at the moment, we've run out of cake though ):

    lauren rhiannon: haha i think i love food way too much!

    jess: good ;D gonna reply to your email in a minute sweet!

    alisha: it was pretty good, SO packed but worth it, and it just sped by!

    naomi: oh she was really good! i think she's still touring so maybe you can still catch her somewhere!

    belle: awh yay for prezzo! i feel we should meet up over christmas for blog related geeky talk, italian food and you can show me the ways of charideee store shopping in our beloved town! HP was beyond amazing, i'm still giddy with excitement from it all! roll on july ;)

    bee: you should! they have offers on all the time which are good (: i totally meant to put a video of her singing 'the end' on here, but i can't work out how to! HP made my absolute life! im missing x factor tonight, as im going for drinks with prospective students at uni haha!

    emb: she is so good live!

    gem: its really easy! you can buy gyoza pastry sheets from chinese supermarkets, then its a filling made of pork mince, coriander, a bit of crushed garlic and fish oil, close up, fry on each side for a minute, steam on a low heat for 4 minutes and fry on medium for another minute!

    ifee: it has been! i love food way too much haha!


  11. Tesco cake? They're so soft and yummy! A very foody week which is now making my tummy rumble xx

  12. wow the food you had this week looks SO nice, i still need to watch Harry Potter! and very very jealous of you seeing Ellie goulding, I am obsessed with her cover of 'your song' it's always on play. seems to get me through doing college work! xxx

  13. I didn`t realise you were on a no coffee thing...ops my bad!

  14. I
    i literally always get it
    even when it's not anyones birthday :)

  15. mmm is that cray fish from pret?! Look scrumptious! I look forward to seeing your 10 loves :) x

  16. I'm so jealous you got to see Ellie Goulding - I love her music :)
    I love these kinds of posts too :)

  17. I love that cake! Whenever there's a birthday in my family we get one :) xx

  18. looks like you had such a lovely week! ellie goulding looked great! haha, when i went on this post google said it was in norwegian. woah momma someone needs to sort that out haha;) lovely post as ever!

  19. lots of yummy food :)

  20. Just stumbled across your blog, and I love it! Now following x

  21. I'm really jealous of your week it looks like so much fun :) x

  22. Oh my gosh that chocolate cake looks amazing! Seems like you had a really fun week.

    Sally x
    Louder than Silence

  23. sarah: YES! it's always a foody week with me haha, i've replaced nights out with eating inane amounts of food, which is probably just as bad for me to be quite honest!

    rose: oh gosh, you should definitely watch it! that's been on replay in my room too, in between christmas songs obviously ;)

    mandy: haha that's okay! i probably couldn't have coped without coffee for much longer anyway to be honest!

    voodle: oh i might have to follow suit and pick one up for the sake of it, it's just so big!

    lydia: eee harry potter was so good!

    kim: yess the crayfish and avocado salad omnomnom! i'll try and post it on thursday or saturday (:

    caz: she is really good live, definitely worth seeing if you ever the chance to go!

    dan: me too, its so lovely and soft! and you can never go wrong with chocolate cake ;)

    irene: thanks sweet! i did mean to post a video, but i'm such a noob, i couldn't work out how to, and didn't fancy doing it via youtube which was being ridiculously slow! oh gosh, norwegian?!

    amey: (:

    vicky: awh thanks lovely! i love your blog!

    helen: (:

    sally: it was! i have such a chocolate craving right now haha!


  24. Ellie Goulding and Harry Potter in one week is totally ideal! I think I know what you ate at Pret and if it is what I'm thinking, then it's super yummy! I always get that when I'm there!

  25. I love food picture!

  26. love this idea of posting photos from your week! I may have to try this out :)
    harry potter 7 was SO great! I am seeing it again soon hopefully. And I like the DVD cover for the british version of HP so much better! I'm jealous.

  27. Waaay to many nice food shots in this weeks photo's! Makes me hungry!!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  28. bex: oh totally! it was such a perfect week! yess the crayfish and avocado salad? absolute heaven! (:

    dc: haha thank you!

    betsey: thanks lovely! the idea was from abby at (: oh i want to see it again, my brother went last night, so i want to see it again at some point next week!

    laura: me too haha, i keep staring at the top one hoping that prezzo pasta will appear in my room somehow!



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