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snuggly warm tights worn on saturday to christmas shop, my sausage from the german christmas market on tuesday, had a toffee nut latte from starbucks - i couldn't resist!, luxury chocolate melt at pret-a-manger with mandy on saturday, the beautiful carousel in southampton city centre, we saw gok wan!

Somewhat of a fail on the weekly photos post this week. Most of them were taken on my Blackberry as well, which I don't normally do. I was pretty much out of action from Wednesday to Friday, and Uni work has been crazy, but hopefully I'll get some decent snaps next week to make up for it. I'm finally going home next Friday to put Christmas decorations up at home, eat yummy food and enjoy many a Lush bath ;)

I've got a list of posts that I ideally want to put up next week; a review, wishlist, some outfits (I haven't posted one in almost a week!), a sneak peek of my latest University work, and maybe a shopping tour if I get the time to go shopping at all! I have a few driving lessons booked, my Magazines and Markets presentation to present, and the rest of my photography portfolio to finish, so it's all a bit crazy at the moment for me! Thank you to everyone who has sent me get well wishes and tips to get over food poisoning - I think I'm finally better, so my normal schedule shall resume.

edit:// Oh and tomorrow I'm going to be modelling for my coursemate Leanne, as part of her photography work! Eeek, should be an interesting one as I'm not photogenic or good at posing when someone is stood in front of me ;) I shall Tweet and let you all know how it goes!


  1. where is your cardi from? it looks snuggly and i cant even see the whole thing! x

  2. Hope you're feeling better sweets, food poisoning isn't nice at all!

    That hot choc looks super yummy, I really want one now hehe


  3. That Hot dog look YUMM!! the sausgage is well long compared to the bun !!

    Please check out my blog and follow if you like :)

  4. Oh my god, I want to meet Gok!
    Glad you're starting to feel better lovey, that hot chocolate looks amazing! xxx


  5. emma: thank you sweet (: was from hollister! its the cosiest cardigan i own at the moment xx

    jennie: thanks lovely, feeling much better now! the hot chocolate was absolutely amazing, such good value as well, was £2.49! xxx

  6. Aww I'm actually impressed you have any pictures at all considering how ill you've been!
    Love the snuggly warm tights :) Looking forward to all the posts you have planned :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. Oo, Gok Wan..Love Him!!!
    That sausage looks scrumptious and that hot choccy looks MMMM!

    Wow, you have such a hectic life at the moment. Hope all goes well.


    p.s. where did you get your tights from there lovely.

  8. ahhhh Gok!!!

    you pictures of food are always so scrummy!! yummy :-)

    please check out our new blog, you're such an inspiration


  9. ifee: it was so good! i love the german christmas markets (: the sausage is always longer than the bun on the stalls, makes them much better value for money to be honest!

    heather-louise: he's so beautiful in real life! he looked completely overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up at the signing though (: thank you so much lovely <3

    laura: most of them were taken on tuesday and yesterday! such a fail post ):

    tesh: me tooo! gosh i love indulging whenever i can, i'm expecting to eat a LOT next week as i missed out on 3 days of eating this week ): thank you sweet! the tights are from primark, i think they were £2 or £3!

    elisabeth: thank you for the comment lovely!


  10. oh wow that hot dog looks SO tasty, could really do with that right now. glad your feeling better! quite jealous you met gok wan!! xo

  11. rose: it was so good! fingers crossed that wasn't what gave me the food poisoning haha! thank you lovely (: xxx

  12. Gahhh I love toffee nut lattes, I had one yesterday! Queues were insane in Starbucks though so I had to wait aaaages.

    I think Gok Wan was in Bristol too this weekend but I missed him :(

    Hope you're feeling better now darling! xo

  13. Adorable tights!

  14. jess: omnomnom, they're so good! oh gosh, starbucks on a saturday must be so manic! yeah he was in bristol in the day and came to southampz in the evening! thank you sweety, almost back to normal tweetaholic, procrastinating self now! <3

    cafe boucle: thank you (:


  15. gok wan! <3

    i love the cream on top of starbucks mmmm

    very xmassy photos! love it!

    check out my giveaway on my blog

  16. nice photos))
    and cool tights)))

  17. i'm so jealous of your starbuckular activities!
    and i love the tights with the bows on :)

    i tagged you in my last post sweet <3


  18. love love love these pictures, especially #1-3!! i'm so looking forward to Christmas at home & Germany Christmas market ;)
    aww you're going home too, that's so nice! wish you lotsa fun!!!

  19. mmm hawwt dawg and gok wan! you had a bloody good week haha:) glad you are getting bettter sweetie!<3

  20. Ek, very sad but I love Gok! Just wanna take him home with me.


  21. That's a lovely looking weiner Michelle. I even managed to type that with a straight face - well done me! I still haven't had a christmas coffee yet :/ Boo. Oh lovely Gok. Oooh, gunna be nice to be home, eh?! I'm looking forward to seeing these posts! I've got driving next week after a two week break. I'm so nervous. I hope everything goes well with your uni work. Shall no doubt converse tonight through the weekly tweetalong?! Haha.

  22. lydia-lee: haha i love gok wan! oh me too, i love whipped cream in general though, i have such a sweet tooth!

    viktoria: thank you!

    emma: haha starbuckular ;) thank you sweet!

    dami: me tooo!

    claudia: awh thank you! i hope you have a good time at home for christmas!

    little scribbler: ;) indeeedy!

    irene: it was quite good other than being horrendously ill! :p thank you love <3

    the dandizette: oh me too!

    bee: haha i didn't read it with a straight face! oh gosh, you have to get down to starbucks or costa for christmas coffee lady! i'm so excited to go home, it's been almost 5 weeks since i've been home now ): you'll be fine with driving lovely, i went for a month without driving but it was all good ;) aha yes, i shall see you on twitter!


  23. My goodness, that hot dog looks so delicious! And Starbucks, eeee! Sounds like a great week hehe :)

  24. Omg that hotdog actually looks amazing. Yum! And I LOVE Gok - very jealous that you've seen him. Oh boo poor you getting ill - hope you feel better soon x

  25. daisy: it was so good! im praying it wasn't that sausage that gave me food poisoning though! not allowed any more this year 'just in case' ): it was a pretty good week i suppose!

    vere: thank you (:

    helen: omnom it was amazing! thanks lovely!


  26. :O at Gok but the biggest :O is for that hot choc, oh my friggin gosh, it looks immense!!! So glad you are feeling better lover, good luck with your crazeeee schedule xxx

  27. gem: that hot chocolate was the best of my life! i'm technically not allowed dairy until tomorrow, but it was worth the risk ;) thanks darlin' <3 xxxx

  28. Lovely pictures :). You met Gok Wan? I ran away from him once on HTLGN (or attempted to)....slightly embarassing nonetheless...

  29. Im glad someone got to see Gok! ahaha xo

  30. Cute first photo! And that hot dog is insane! Biggest one I've ever seen. Have fun modeling! I'm sure you'll do great!

  31. have fun modelling and oooh that hot choc with the cream looks really yummy

  32. I adore carousels. So much!

  33. haha that hot dog couldnt fit that bun much less!!! have fun modelling make sure you post pics!xx

  34. that hot dog looks SO GOOD


  35. amey jane: thank you (: yep! he was doing a book signing in the shopping centre in southampton! haha oh gosh, did you end up on tv?!

    victoria: haha, he was late! i didn't go specifically to see him, but by the time i'd finished food shopping in marks and sparks, there was the hugest crowd outside!

    angelica ng: thank you!

    tatteredflorals: it was a lot of fun! omnomnom, most beautiful hot choccy ever!

    cupcake couture: me too, they're so pretty!

    sian: haha i know ;)

    dottie: it was!



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