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"How can I make checked/plaid shirts look good in the Winter? What can I wear them with?"

Although my own style is currently quite basic, casual and comfy, one of the things I love most about fashion is being able to clash patterns and prints, and being able to pull it off without looking absolutely ridiculous. I don't personally own any checked/plaid shirts, I bought one about a year ago, and my sister pinched it and it has resided in her wardrobe ever since!

I suppose I can see how a plaid shirt can have a typically summery feel to it, especially as they are quite lightweight in material! However, it is still really easy to wear a checked shirt in the Winter, the key is to - again! - layer and pair the shirt with other items, generally items you will already have in your wardrobe!

Dressed Down:
Typically speaking, the plaid shirt is quite a casual, daytime garment. To wear it in the Winter, it definitely needs a few layers underneath. I personally would wear a plaid top with a clashing leopard print top to mix up the look, and then a loose, slightly sheer jersey tops over the top. I would then wear the plaid top unbuttoned, perhaps with a skinny belt knotted at the waist. As it is the Winter, I would generally wear leggings with them, and scrunched ankle socks peeping over a pair of cute pixie boots. Finally, I really think two or three long necklaces and a snood would polish off the look, as checked shirts are SO made to be worn comfy and chic!

Dressed Up:
I think checked shirts can also easily be worn out in the evening if worn appropriately. Personally I would go for an overall darker look, with a red plaid top, a black lace body (yes, clashing prints again!) and high-waisted shorts. Add a pair of peeptoe wedge boots and you're good to go. I think with this outfit, a black felt hat would look adorable with long, loosely tousled hair!

Finally, a plethora of bloggers sporting the checked shirt in various ways! I love clicking through Lookbook and Chictopia for inspiration if I've bought an item but I'm not too sure what to wear it with! Although I'm personally not a huge fan of plaid, I am sure it can be easily styled up and down throughout the Winter, hopefully this post has given you a few ideas!

Keep your Fashion Q&A's coming over Formspring and I will pick out the best questions to feature on my blog next week!


  1. Cute styles! I love plaid shirts, they are a bit of a wardrobe staple! I love throwing one on over leggings and I'm good to go!

    Sarah XXXX

  2. i love your style advice!outfit one is so me haha(: personally i'd wear it layered, like you said. probably with a bralet, plain oversized white tee, plaid shirt, grey hoodie and a denim jacket!:)

  3. I love the way you have shown different ways to style the shirt. I would wear it with black leggings and a high boot.
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  4. love the 2nd style, deffo something i'd wear :D xx

  5. love this you clever girl
    love the idea of dressing down a lace body with an oversized shirt
    will def try that xx

  6. sarah: thank you! yeah i think they're so versatile! after writing this, i feel like i should experiment with a plaid shirt and post a follow-up outfit post!

    irene: awh thanks lovely (: i love the topshop bralets, which is what i posted in the first outfit, they look so sweet and understated! oh a washed out pale denim jacket would look so nice as well!

    funnyfacebeauty: thank you (:

    cowbiscuits: i'm really tempted to give it a go! thank you for the comment lovely!

    belle: thanks lovely (: i can definitely see you in the lace/shirt combo! thank you for your kind words as ever sweet!


  7. I love the new design on your blog! can't think of the name of it but the picture at the top? haha it's so cute! i really want a checked shirt they look so comfy and there probably so good for college. great post! xx

  8. these are some good tips & lovely styleguides!! i personally love plaid shirts (own 2 summery ones) and just came across a cute one in the esprit sale ;) i think it would look perfect with leggings/skinnies & my new boots (
    have a fab evening sweety!

  9. very cute ideas! I was staring at my closet the other day wondering how to best style it...went for extremely dark jeggings, tall flat boots, and loads of necklaces!

    Now I'm staring at my wardrobe to come up with good uses for all my delicate floral prints...must winterize! my bank account will revolt if I splash out on any more clothes.

  10. Sweet posts! I don't normally wear plaid, but you definitely have me considering it. Too bad my boyfriend hates plaid! haha

  11. i love all the boots and plaid shirts- utterly fab. i've tagged you in my blog post :)


  12. Love the first shirt, I never feel comfy in them though, always feel like they make me look bigger than I am ( I blame the boobs haha). I really wish I could pull it off though cos I love them on other people!

  13. I loved this post. The middle outfit is so cute :)


  14. rose: thank you, felt like a change of scenery for the wintery months ahead! i might change it again when i feel a little more inspired (: yeah my friend bought one in the mens' section of primark and it is the softest shirt ever! thanks lovely!

    claudia: thank you (: i quite want the plaid shirt i featured in my first outfit set!

    emily: thanks sweet! oh that sounds really nice, long boots are so perfect for the winter! florals are easy to wear in the winter as well, i tend to put a warm toned/coloured cardigan and scarf over the top and wear with boots!

    alyse: thank you! oh no, does he?! most guys love a bit of plaid, my ex-boyfriend wore it all the time!

    hannah: thanks lovely, have just had a look and commented on it!

    this fashion lark: thank you!

    dan: thanks sweet! aha i wish i had bigger boobs sometimes ): i'm sure it could be comfy worn unbuttoned though? obviously with a top on underneath aha!

    lucy: thank you lovely!


  15. the shirt in the first outfit set looks definitely very pretty! where is it from??

  16. Love the first corset and the black wedges!
    x fashionnerdic

  17. i adore this q&a post, it's very well written and really helpful. you should do more of these, lovely! x

  18. I actually wear plaid shirts in winter with jeans (one tone) and jackets. They're comfy specially when you got university to attend lol.

  19. claudia: thank you lovely, the shirt is from miss selfridge!

    nerdic: thanks sweet (:

    annabelle: oh thank you for saying that lovely!


  20. where were you last winter lol?! almost makes me wish winter was coming around again in new zealand, just so i could try the cute outfit ideas :)


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