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I'm supposed to be on a train, heading home for a weekend with the girls in Newmarket, but due to my lovely student loan being at an all-time minimal since I started Uni last year, I can't go anymore! ): So I'm currently facing a weekend on my own in the flat, which I've done many a time before, so I'm sure I'll cope! I'm going to take advantage of the weekend to catch up on Uni work so I don't feel guilty when we go out next week.

(Cardigan, Topshop;
Minnie Mouse vest, New Look;
Skirt, H&M;
Tights, Tesco;
Necklace, Handmade by me.)

Today I was only in Uni for an hour, for my Fashion Styling seminar. We had to present our era specific inspired photoshoots in front of the seminar group, which is embarassing as ever! I'll include some of the photos in a post next week, as well as photos from other shoots that I've done so far this semester!

I wore a Minnie Mouse vest that I bought from New Look, before I started my love/hate relationship with New Look! I did a major wardrobe clearout this week, but can't bear to part with this, even though it isn't something I typically wear. If you track right back to my first (lame) outfit post, this is what I wore back last October! Paired with patterned black basics. My necklace is part of a design I created, I'm waiting on my necklace chains to be delivered. Still unsure about whether to eventually sell my jewellery online, is this something you'd be interested in?

Finally, my blogging Follow Fridays: Stacey, Sara, Romina, Milly and Emily. And also, a huge thank you to everyone who has entered my Christmas giveaway! Don't forget to read the rules before you enter, and make sure leave a contact address. Enter HERE!


  1. i love your minnie mouse top, you look cute :)

  2. YAY for Minnie Mouse :) love the necklace & tights xx

  3. Love that necklace, what other kind of designs do you do?

    Sarah XXXX

  4. caroline: thanks lovely (:

    steph: i know right?! you can't beat a bit of disney to brighten up a horribly rainy day! thank you cutie xx

    sarah: thank you! i haven't launched a 'collection' or anything yet, they are a range of vintage/eclectic inspired necklaces and bracelets, mostly brass-looking charms!

    emma: thank you!


  5. I love the Minnie Mouse, it's a perfect combination of cute and classic!=)

  6. love it ALL precious pops, and thank you for the follow friday. mwah xx

  7. rocio: thank you!

    milly: awh you're welcome honey, congrats on reaching 2300! <3


  8. Look at you you skinny minnie!! [see what i did there? ;)]

  9. this top is so cute! i had a minnie mouse jumper when i was little and was addicted to it i never took it off! i want a top like this to remind me of it :D xo

  10. That sucks that you can't go with your friends :( Rubbish student loans! They seem to be the thing to talk about at the moment though! Love the outfit, the top is super cute.

    L xHalf Dressed

  11. I adore this outfit and not just because I'm a Disney junkie! Looking forward to seeing your photoshoot shots (:

  12. That necklace is gorgeous!

  13. The necklace is beautiful! I would love it.
    I also really like the vest, and to be honest I rarely like anything out of New Look.

    Hope your weekend turns out ok love.

    Heather-lou xxx

  14. That necklace is adorable! Handmade stuff is definitely the best :)


  15. wth do i comment so late haha. well m'dear looking beautiful as ever! needs to stop ;) the necklace is beauts. i hate doing my coursework with no noise (uni work for you hehe) such an annoyance when i'm just on my own but i get so much done! :D

  16. You always have such gorgeous outfits.. So jealous.

  17. victoria india: haha v clever ;) unfortunately i am not! seriously, you should see the ridiculous amount of food i've eaten today purely because i did a full food shop this morning! hello diet tomoz!

    jennie: thanks lovely! awh i had a minnie mouse jumper when i was little, it was a shockingly bright pink colour though haha! good luck with finding one, i'd assume h&m or new look will have some in at the moment?

    laura: owh i know! i'd already paid for the hotel and stuff, so that's £30 down ): just couldn't afford to spend another £100+ on top of that to get there and go out for drinks, dinner and club! thank you my lovely!

    rebecca: thanks sweet! i love a bit of disney, i didn't bring any of my disney dvd's to uni - gutted! i'm hoping to have them all photoshopped and ready to post next week lovely (:

    dan: thank you!

    heather-louise: thank you! i might make a limited selection of them for my followers for £6/£7 soon? not sure yet though, gonna see how much time i have to make them! new look is so hit and miss, mostly miss :/

    lucy: thank you (:

    irene: oh that's okay lovely <3 thank youuu! oh i always have to play music! cannot work in silence or i get fidgety and start singing to myself or something! majorly jealous of your forever 21 experience!

    aimee: aw thanks! <3


  18. Aw I love this Minnie Mouse t-shirt I think it looks really cute! Oh gosh I'm so silly I can't believe I forgot to leave an email address! I've just sent it to you at the address you gave me. Thank you! Also thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower :) x

  19. i love that necklace :) utterly gorgeous!



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