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Yesterday was my housemate Grace's 21st birthday! Sadly, we all had Uni throughout the day, which meant we couldn't celebrate much in the day. However, Rebecca, Ellen and I all sneakily popped into town to pick up more decorations and party food, and spent the afternoon decorating the House of Herts for the evening's festivities! We ended up having to hide all of the party bits in Rebecca's room, originally thinking that Grace would be at Uni by the time we got home... Oops! Nevertheless, we decorated the living room and hallway, and this is what ensued:

milk bottle sweets, gummy bears, "grace" confetti, birthday banners, cocktail parasols, party food, triple chocolate birthday cake.

We spent the evening eating mini cupcakes, party food bits and fajitas with wedges, which was just lovely. It was a proper little tea party, only with some sneaky Malibu and Cokes instead of tea! We spent a good half hour snapping silly shots on self-timer as well, which was hilarious, shall try and sneak some of those into my weekly photos post on Sunday. We also ended up spending a few hours at Uni in the photography studios, finishing our Studio and Fashion Portrait assignments, which was pretty fun. I always enjoy the styling and make-up aspect more than actually shooting the photographs, but maybe I'll learn to love the camera in time. Hopefully I'll get some of those Photography photos up on here soon!


  1. Milk bottlesssssssss!! yumyum :D I miss cute alcoholic tea parties :(

    looking forward to seeing the photography and silly shots up :) x

  2. It looks like you had a really lovely evening! I hope she had an awesome birthday but with friends like you I'm guessing she did. I need more girly nights like this.

  3. oooh fun how fun!
    Your place (kitchen) looks like where I stayed - mercury point!!!
    Have you decided if you are going to watch the fireworks? If you are at mercury point you should be able to see most of it from your kitchen.

  4. aw sounds like you had great fun :)
    Look forward to the silly self timer shots, hehe

  5. Toooo cute!!! I love the personalized confetti!!

  6. abby: i love milk bottles, definitely ate about 10 too many last night! we shall have an alcoholic tea party when we finally manage to meet up! i'm probably going to put some in my sunday photos post ;)

    bee: it was really good! not a typical 21st but still really sweet, grace loved it aha! awh you're so lovely! p.s. girly nights are the best!

    pink dolly: it was really fun (: yeaah we're in mercury point up at the top! i don't think we're going to, the girls and i decided to make bonfire food (mini burgers, hot dogs and marshmallows!) and watch x factor on saturday instead, so excited!

    steph: it was so fun and cute! oh dear, i hate to think what they look like, we'd had a LOT of sugar and alcohol!

    rorie: (: oh me too! rebecca found some in a shop in town, and it just adds the sweetest touch to everything! we currently have it ALL over the hallway and front door - oops! confetti and carpet is not a good idea ;)


  7. aww thats sweet! and looks yummy too! can't wait to go to uni it looks so ufun haha x

  8. Aww that all looks lovely! oh my god, now i want an alcoholic tea party, but most of my friends are big burly boys that wouldn't agree haha
    hope you're well lovey :)

    Heather-Lou xxx

  9. looks like she had a great birthday! thats like my ideal tea haha xx

  10. rose: it wasss! we ate way too much food and were all still full in the morning :p oh i think you'll love uni (:

    heather-louise: it was so sweet (: haha oh gosh, that would be my situation at home, it would turn into some beer party!

    dan: grace loved it! awh, tea parties are just so cute haha, i loved going to them when i was younger!


  11. You are the nicest housemates ever!

  12. victoria: ^___^ thanks sweet aha (: xxxx

  13. yummy the cake looks delicous :D

  14. claudia: it was so yummy but seriously sweet!

    linh: it wasss!


  15. ha looks awesome! i love those black and white cowprint tumblers


  16. dottie: thank you aha ;) xxxx


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