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Evening girls and guys! I'm currently finding it a little hard to come to terms with how dark it already is, and it's only 4:30pm! However, it does mean Christmas is well on its' way! I have pretty much wasted my day away, but hey, that's just the way it goes sometimes. I snoozed for a good two and a half hours this morning, so I only managed to fit in about an hour of Uni work before I had to leave! I'm really struggling to feel inspired to write about and analyse the effects of globalisation on fashion - bleugh!

(Tunic, Topshop;
Tights, Primark;
Brooch, Primark;
Necklace, Hepwright's Vintage Stall.)

Apologies for my awkward poses ;) Today I went for a pretty demure look. I'm still loving my peter pan tunic from the tempting shiny haven of Topshop; been experimenting with ways to wear this recently, but I haven't photographed any of them yet. I popped into Primark last week, in search for a nice ring to add to my ever-expanding collection, but walked out with this adorable brooch instead. It's a little brass swallow(?), and only cost a £1! So I popped that on my collar, and tucked a set of pearls under the collar too.

Had a driving lesson this afternoon as well, which went well! I'm getting seriously nervous for my test, because even though I know I'm test-standard blahblah, it really is a case of luck and other drivers around me on the day. But all that aside, s'all going well, I just want my pink license and a Nissan Figaro, and my life will be complete ;)

Right! I'd better go and fit a bit of work in (i.e. planning my essay, or more likely planning a plan, etc.!) before dinner. Going out for drinks after dinner with the girls so we don't go completely mad from Uni work stresses! Thank you to everyone who has entered the ol' Christmas blog giveaway, I'm adding another piece to the overall prize, as I've now reached over 700 followers, which is ker-raaazy! (HUGE thank you to Lily for the link last night ) Hope you all wrap up warm and have nice evenings, we're predicted snow this week - eek!


  1. You deserve every follower, because you are amazing. Love the brooch, I never knew why that had to O's technically only needs one right haha. I didn't want to get up this morning either. GG tmrw, yey xxxx

  2. I love your dress! The Peter Pan collar is so cute x

  3. i love your broach and necklace, totally adds something else to the tunic ! xxxx

  4. Love your dress, and how you've teamed it with the brooch and necklace - lush!

    Rosie x

  5. oh wow i love that brooch and for a £1!! thats so good. Love the dress, I've been trying to find the burgundy colour but not been succesful :( it lopks great on you! hope you get the essay done soon! xxx

  6. you look great :)
    LOVE your blog so much


  7. love the dress with that necklace! xx

  8. You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! I love the peter pan collar dresses from Topshop.

    Enjoy your evening lovely! xo

  9. Love the dress, Ive got it in black and green! ;) hah. I cant wait till I'm driving! The instructor wont know whats hit him! I can see myself being terrible! ha :) xx

  10. That's a cute little brooch (: You wear Peter Pan collars so well. Mm, I'm not sure whether or not I want this predicted snow to be quite honest with you :/ You deserve every one of your followers sweet. Have a lovely week.

  11. you look gorgeous m'dear :)
    i love the peter pan collar and necklace combo!
    i tagged you in my last post to do a ten favourite things post!

    love love <3

  12. gem: YOU ARE AMAZING-ER GEM <3 oh gosh, me neither, silly unnecessary letter, wasting all ma time ;) *sassy finger click* so excited for gossip girl tomoz, only i'm staying a little later at uni, so i won't get to see it until the evening!

    vicky: thank you lovely!

    sarah: thank you (: couldn't believe it when i found the brooch, too bad its only primark, so everyone and their cat will have one by the end of the week!

    rosie: thanks sweet!

    rose: i know! i was on a primark ban at the time, but i just had to have it haha! think i'm gonna put it on my blazer, winter coat, cardys, etc. to add a little something to it!

    kate: thank you (:

    emma: thank you sweet!

    lydia: thanks doll <3

    dan: thank you! was quite hard getting it to stay like that, the collar kept going funny and folding over on itself, not ideal!

    jess: thank you sweet <3 hope you have a nice evening too!

    jenny: oh the bottle green looked lovely as well! aha i'm sure you won't be too bad sweet, i'm the most uncoordinated person in the world but turned out to be a pretty decent driver :O

    bee: thanks lovely! oh me neither, i have no clothes suitable to wear in the snow! i'll just be housebound until it stops if it gets bad! have a lovely week lovely (:

    voodle: thank you! i shall have a look at that in a minute (:


  13. I love this dress, I wish I had one! It is getting dark early, even just after I've finished college it is already so dark! Scary :(
    I tagged you in a blog award on my blog btw, if you want to do it :) X

  14. I love this :) I am in need of one of these TS tunics, will be on my wish list!
    you look lovely as always xx

  15. Love this outfit! :)

    Nic xx

  16. Cute outfit :).

  17. You are adorable!! That LBD is perfection and I love the broach on it!!

  18. naomi: thanks lovely! oh its horrible when its dark and you just leave college! i remember having to do that two years ago, giving in and going to the boyfriend's house cuz he only lived 5 minutes away compared to my 40! thanks sweet, shall have a look in a minute!

    steph: oh you should definitely buy one! only £28 which is pretty reasonable for a dress! thanks m'lovely (:

    nic: thank you!

    amey: thanks sweet!

    danielle: awh thank you (: couldn't believe what a bargain it was when i found it! my primark have got really good with their accessories section!


  19. You look so pretty! I love that dress but I've banned myself from topshop as i tend to spend far tooo much money in there!

    Arrg I know it's so dark! It makes me depressed that I get up in the dark to go to work and then come home in the dark :( X

  20. love this outfit, its so very cute, yet stylish! and your ever so pretty!
    courtney xx

  21. love this stylish outfit, very insipring :)xoxo

  22. Beautiful outfit, I LOVE the tunic and necklace especially! xoxo

  23. lovely oufit & i love love your blog! you're adorable!

  24. loving what you did there with the necklace & wee swallow brooch. laaaaavly jubbly. also i'm so sorry about our missed coffee date, i had to go home for the weekend in the end. reschedule? xoxo avs

  25. tilly: thank you lovely! oh gosh i totally know the feeling, especially with christmas coming up! i justify my spendings in there with my lovely 10% student discount (: haha i generally finish uni at about 1pm nowadays, so i see a bit of daylight!

    courtney: thank you! (:

    tatteredflorals: thanks sweet!

    pearlslaceandruffles: thank you darling <3

    betsey: awh thank you!

    the craft: thanks!

    3ate4: thank you lovely!

    alana: thanks sweet! oh bum yeah i totally forgot about that! can do thursday or friday this week if ya fancy it?! xo


  26. lovely outfit :) you look very cute. i remember back in winter and i'd leave work at 5 and it'd be almost fully dark :( i'm glad summer's finally arriving here in Aus !

  27. Gotta love that peter pan collar! You are so sweet.

  28. Beautiful dress!!!!
    I <3 your collant!!!!

    I'll follow u ^.^

    Kisses, Carolina

  29. Ahh I have this tunic too - Love how you've styled it here, espeically the brooch! Cute.

    Sally x

  30. Oh gosh *embarassed face* I have this dress in Navy, Cream-with black colour and my Gran got me the green one for Christmas- I think I'm obsessed I want the red one aswell they're so comfy and easy to style you look gorgeous ♥ x

  31. chelsea: awh thanks lovely! i hate leaving the house when it's still dark! i'd love to visit australia someday (:

    louise: n'awh thanks sweet!

    carolina: thank you!

    sally: thanks lovely (: thought i'd try and accessorise it up a little!

    rebecca: haha i love it ;) i have it in a burnt orange colour as well, so gorgeous, although the green is beautiful as well! thank youu!



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