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(image from weheartit; don't fancy putting a snap of myself up today, I look horrendous!)

Firstly, I'm so sorry for the serious lack of blogging lately! I haven't just been slacking, I've been seriously busy with Uni assignments and looming deadlines, and, as some of you already know, I was struck down with food poisoning yesterday, which was absolutely horrific ): Thank you to all the lovely people who sent me nice messages on the ol' Twitter, it meant ever so much to me! I'm still not feeling 100%, but am going to chance it and have a little bit to eat tonight.

Understandably, I haven't shot any outfit photos this week, other than Monday's, and I've just generally been feeling awful all week. Today I shot my final photography portfolio shoot at Uni, which went really well! I'm just going to spend my weekend Photoshopping away to fit my brief, and then I'll hopefully share them all with you at some point (:

Bleugh, I can't wait to get better and be able to eat again. I'm so hungry at the moment haha, I love my food as you all well know! I feel really out of touch with everything in the blogging world as well, meh! I'll be back tomorrow with a tag post, as I've been tagged in so many award thingys recently. Probably won't be a week in photos post though, haven't managed to snap many photos this week to warrant a post dedicated to them!

Follow Friday: Gem, Alexandra, Alyse, Jess and Mandy.

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  1. All I have to say is, I love you and I hope you feel completely better by the morning. Not about missing out on toasties. Thank You ever so much for my link. Can't wait to see your finished uni project :) xxx

  2. Awww Michelle. I've had food poisoning (thanks to my ex boyfriend hmph) and it is blummin awful. Seriously never experienced anything worse. My stomach muscles were actually aching from the amount of times I was being sick. Try sipping water slowly if you aren't able to eat? And get some chicken soup down you! Even if it's just a few spoonfuls.

    Feel better soon! xxx

  3. Really hope you feel better soon, and I'm sure everyone else does as well x

  4. I hope you feel much much better soon! So good of you to do a photography shoot when you're ill! Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  5. gem: thanks lovely, i love you tooo (: god i could eat about a hundred toasties right now, i'm so hungry! you're very welcome <3 i can't wait to sit and edit them all properly, really excited about how they came out!

    alison: oh no ): it is so horrible, my stomach aches from being sick all day yesterday. i've been sipping water, but more often than not, it comes straight back up! thank you lovely xxxx

    vicky: thanks sweet (: i haven't felt this horrible since my last food poisoning bout which was back when i was about sixteen, so i'm just laying around feeling super sorry for myself haha!

    katie: thank you! oh i had to drag myself in for that, i've had my studio booked out for a while so needed to get in for my slot! i'm glad i have it done so i can just focus on resting and being lazy now though!


  6. I had food poisining last year, one of the worst things ever! I hope you're feeling better very soon! xxx

  7. Oh no food poisening sucks. Hope you feel better soon! xx

  8. ashleigh: i'd forgotten how horrible it felt! thank you sweet xxx

    dan: thank you lovely! xx

  9. hope you feel better soon! it's so cold at the moment as well so i think most people are feeling a bit poorly :(
    thank you so much for recommending me for the 'follow a friend friday' on gems blog :D so sweet of you! i'm so happy knowing that you enjoy reading my little blog :)

  10. Get well soon! ♥ x

  11. Glad you are feeling a little better. When I've had food poisoning (or when I had an ulcerated oesophagus and couldn't eat for two weeks) I usually make a list of things I am going to eat when I am better. Maybe you are not as greedy as me, but it is a lot of fun!xx

  12. I really hope you feel better, It's horrible being ill, especially as your away from your fam!! oo can't wait to see you photoshoot pictures xxx

  13. Thank you for including me in your follow Friday. I feel really flattered!

    Sorry to hear about your food poisoning. I was reading it on twitter, but I've been on pretty sporadically so I wasn't keeping up with it. Do you know what it was you ate?

    Hope you feel better soon and can get to eating again. Food is pretty central to my life, too. I can just imagine how much you are suffering not being able to eat it.


  14. Oh no :( food poisoning is so horrible. Get well soon!!! Interested to see your photos! :) x

  15. Oh I've had food poisoning, thought I was on death's door, worst feeling ever!

    Feel better, looking forward to tomorrow's post!

    Sarah from Burn the Blonde X

  16. jennie: thank you sweety! awh i know, its horrible, i think i have a cold/fever coming on as well, but hoping it's not gonna be too bad! you're welcome, i do love your blog (:

    rebecca: thank you so much hun!

    rosie: BEEN THERE DONE THAT ;) i even phoned my mum to prewarn her what to make me when i'm home next weekend hahaha! i'm such a foodie, got kfc, vanilla icecream + malteasers, toasties and french toast on my list as well! (:

    rose: thank you sweet! oh i know ): i was meant to be visiting home this weekend but decided not to in the end and i'm SO regretting it, bleugh! should get them on sunday in place of a week in photos!

    alyse: you're welcome! i love reading your blog, and seeing all your lovely photographs (: well it could be anything... whenever i get food poisoning, the sickness is over in an hour or two, but this time it lasted 12+ hours :/ thank you so much lovely, i'm such a big food person, its killing me!

    jade: thank you lovely! i'm hoping to get my photos up on sunday provided i get my bum round to doing the editing!

    sarah: haha that's how i felt! not to be overdramatic or anything ;) i rang my mum and was like "i'm actually about to die mum"! thanks lovely! hope you're okay!


  17. Ooh, cute photo. I think everyone understands how blogging has to take second place to a busy schedule so don't go apologising missy! I hope you feel 100% soon bubs. Looking forward to these shoot photos! Have a lovely weekend sweet.

  18. Hope you get well soon! :( :( bad times. Do you know what gave you the food poisoning? xxx

  19. Aww no, so sorry you've been sick, I thought you'd been a little quiet this week. I hope you're over the worse of it now. :)

    L x

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  21. aw, feel better. That hot choc looks so cute :)

  22. aww no! i hope you feel 100% very soon! x

  23. love your blog! check out mine-

  24. bee: thank you sweety (: awh i feel bad when my blog goes for too long without a proper post, i feel so out of touch with blogging right now! thank you so much hun, hope you have a lovely weekend <3

    amy: thank you so much <3 i think it was undercooked chicken, which is maybe one of the worst hitters! ):

    laura: thanks lovely (: feeling much better, the girls have said i actually look "capable of living" now which is a good thing!

    cafe boucle: thank you for following, means a lot (:

    little scribbler: thank you!

    cherry pullinger: thanks sweety!

    lizzy: thank you! i'm on my way to getting better, christmas songs and several short naps seems to have helped a lot!

    ellie: thanks sweet!


  25. awww, hope you're feeling much better tomorrow! i have an incredible amount of uni work at the moment too :( x

  26. I hope you get well real soon hun!
    Take your time with the blog and get lots of rest as well as keep yourself warm! xxxx

  27. Oh no, that is horrible! Food poisoning sucks! Hope you feel better soon! And hope you have a relaxing weekend xx

  28. head over heels: thanks lovely, feeling much better today, just hungry and coffee deprived haha, hope you cope okay with the uni workload! i'm stressing out beyond belief at the moment!

    vicky: thank you love <3

    deer little fawn: thank you so much sweet (:



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