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Oh it feels like it's been ages since I last blogged properly! I seem to have all of my blog features over the weekend and Monday, and it feels quite strange. My outfit posts are usually my opportunity to talk to you all a bit better! I had major issues with the wind and rain today ): The weather today has just been ridiculous! The wind woke me up at 5am and then I got absolutely drenched on the way in to my 9am lecture this morning. To make matters worse, I have nothing warm in my wardrobe so ended up opting for jeans, and you all know the situation when rain meets denim. Fail!

(Top, H&M;
Jeans, Miss Selfridge;
Socks, H&M;
Boots, River Island;
Necklace, Primark.)

I picked this tunic/dress up in H&M on Sunday. It's that basic H&M piece that I've worn countless times, only in a different colour! Speaking of which, this colour is a bit beautiful in my eyes: a lovely neutral but buttery colour, which I'm hoping will be quite transitional and versatile.

Due to my lack of any form of trousers, I was quite literally forced to wear jeans today. Funds permitting, I would have opted for a pair of tailored hareem trousers in navy blue, but nono, I definitely wore denim on the soggiest day this year! Adding to the denim theme of today's outfit, our University course has been invited to the Ralph Lauren digital fashion event tomorrow in London - e x c i t i n g! I am SO tempted to go, but can't afford to get into London at such short notice and I'd have no-one to go with ): I'm sure the event would be absolutely fabulosa as well! I'm so jealous of those who are going, as so many influential writers and stylists from the British magazines and newspapers will be attending.

Bit of a "rushed" and short-but-sweet post today, but I'm off for another driving lesson after a whole day of Uni lectures! I have so much work to complete still, it sickens me a little, but I'm sure I'll somehow get it all done after Gossip Girl later! V. excited to watch that (: On top of my normal Uni work and reading, tomorrow I'm shooting an on-location styling shoot in a 60's style! Right-o, 3:30pm is nearing... Hope you're all keeping warm! ♥


  1. Gorgeous! Oh, crap. I really wish we had a Primark in the states, or that they at least delivered here! Because they are amazing and that necklace is so preeeetty.

  2. You look good in jeans so don't worry (: I hope driving goes well. I hate it when I have a lesson but I'm not in the mood for it :/ I love the look of those Miss Selfridge hareems too.

  3. I love your blog!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you like it...follow me!I wait you and your tips!Kiss Kiss ^^

  4. Good luck for your shoot and driving, I had one this morning in the rain...

    Hating the weather atm, I don't know what to wear! All I have been wearing is leggings and dresses/skirts. I think I'll have to dig my jeans out too :( xxx

  5. This outfit really hot. I would so wear this!


  6. Oh god you must have been drenched! I spent the day at work so atleast I was dry, but to be honest I'm not sure which is worse.

    Hope the driving is going well lovey :)

    Heather-Lou xxx

  7. i agree on the weather, utterly horendous! as soon as i got out the car the wind just didn't allow me to see anything haha, my face was probz quite funny for the people walking the opposite way i suppose (; go weather!

  8. Seeing you in jeans makes me wish i had a pair! But i know i'd never look like you in them!

    Hope driving went ok! xo

  9. Love the outfit! The weather is being such a pain at the moment! Good luck on your driving test :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  10. Sweet boots! I find it difficult to style jeans sometimes.

    Also, is it just me or does Gossip Girl recycle the same plot lines over and over each season?

  11. aimee: thank you sweet! oh primark should totally deliver, it'd be so dangerous for my bank account though, if i ever find a similar necklace, i can pick one up for you if you fancy! (:

    bee: oh thanks lovely, i never really wear jeans because they're so uncomfortable! driving went really well today haha, which was surprising considering i couldn't be bothered in the slightest. hope your driving lessons are going well!

    la mi: awh thanks hun! will have a look at it later x

    vicky: thank you! my lessons always seem to be in the rain as well, so annoying but i suppose it's good practice! my leggings just aren't warm enough, so i've resorted to jeans ): might wear tights under my leggings and then boots as well!

    tesh: thanks lovely!

    heather-louise: yup! even armed with my brolly and lovely winter coat! aaah i would have done anything to be warm, but i was cold all the way through when the rain was drying!

    pinkyliciousvita: thank you (:

    irene: haha the wind situation wasn't fun either! i spent half the day eating my own hair :p

    victoria: n'awh! i have quite a few pairs of jeans, but i never wear them! i'm so glad i finally fit back into them after a summer of, ahem, good eating! driving was fine lovely, went really well!

    laura: thank youuu! i had another sleepless night! ):

    alyse: thanks lovely! ugh my jeans look horrendous in these photos! i took them after the rain! yesss i find that, they use the same storylines with different character pairings!


  12. your life is so super exciting!
    and you look as lovely as ever my love
    refreshing to see you in jeans for a change! i actually bought my first pair in about 3 years last week!xx

  13. Love the outfit Michelle! I have internet so i'm baack!!!

    Stacey xx

  14. I absolutely adore your outfit today !!
    I love how the cream fur on the boots matches your top, it looks gorgeous !!
    I want some boots like that but in a dark brown but i have no idea where to get them from !!

    help ??

  15. loveee the colour of that top, it goes with everything! xx

  16. belle: oh it's not usually, everything seems to be happening at once at the moment though, tres stressed out! thanks honey <3 i do want to try and experiment with jeans, i just find them restricting and uncomfortable!

    stacey: thank youuu! ahh i'm so glad you're back, you've missed quite a bit in the blogging world!

    beautt: thanks sweet! river island recently brought out my boots in dark brown actually, or new look and urban outfitters have them in brown too, hope that helps!

    dan: me too! excited to start pairing it with other pieces!


  17. Aw this outfit is so cute. I also would love to be wearing some tailored trousers instead of jeans, had my eye on a few pairs. Those Miss selfridge ones are gorgeous! x

  18. ah but at least you look wonderful in them jeans! balances out the drama of wet denim aha :) & I love the boot/chunky sock combo! I've seen a lot of that going around and i'm lovin it! will have to give it a whirl! so gutted for you about the ralph lauren even :/ maybe next time? :) xx

  19. Not gonna lie - it's extremely weird seeing you in jeans. Have I ever even seen you in jeans? lmao

  20. kim: thank you lovely! i'm really lusting after a pair, but can't afford to spend £35 on more clothes right now ): wantwantwant the miss selfridge ones so much!

    jenny: awh thanks hun (: wet denim is so traumatic hahaha, that awful feeling stays with ya forever! oh definitely! i love socks and boots!

    sharon: haha i never wear them! you musttt have, but like, years ago :p as in, chinese school days!


  21. you look fabulous in jeans and i love those boots too :)

  22. lydia-lee: thank you!

    emma jade: oh thanks lovely, i generally avoid jeans unless i physically have nothing else to wear!


  23. I love this outfit! i really need to start wearing my jeans. Cause i get too cold in leggings or tights!! need to work out what will work with them though, i almost bought that top too but i wasn't sure how it would look! but i think i might go and buy it cause it does look lovely :)

  24. h&m is so good for basics. pure love <3
    + i agree thats its a beautiful colour xoxo

  25. i have to say it again: i'm a fan of your style! & you rock the jeans!! xoxo

  26. rose: thanks sweet! i got so used to my tights or leggings, it felt seriously weird to be in jeans! even the flatmates were like O.o" michelle's in... jeans?! oh definitely do, the colour is so lovely!

    laura: ahh i know, the cut is so nice as well, really suits me for once!

    summer: thanks honeyyy <3



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