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1. The gorgeous Autumn foliage in Southampton's Hogland Park. I walk through this every day to get to Uni, and it looks so pretty at the moment!

2. Just a little something for all the typography lovers out there ;) This is the cover for my Uni photography research portfolio. Font is called "Eminent" if you're interested, and can be downloaded on

3. Made a ham and cheese toastie. It got a little bit burnt. Oops.

4. I finally got round to buying the new 'I' newspaper. Despite it being a quick read, a bit like the Metro in London, I didn't really like the style of writing and will probably stuck to the Daily Mail for my news!

5. Stories like these (found in 'I', actually) make it all worth reading news stories throughout the week! Hands up if you're excited for Harry Potter!

6. Made this for lunch on Thursday, recipe as by my lovely friend Emily! Toast with a layer of pesto and grated cheese on top, grilled for 10 minutes. Absolute. Heaven.

7. I made this bracelet last night. Keep an eye out on the blog next week for this little beauty.

8. Became a Style Councillor on The Shopping Forecast. Please head over to the website and register by clicking HERE and vote for my piece HERE! The website is a fashion trend prediction site, where you can vote for your favourite must-have piece, and I'll be contributing my own picks to it!

9. Went for a Costa coffee with Heather today. Had a lovely long catch-up, Christmas menu drinks (Hazelnut Latte <3) and a little shopping trip.

10. The Sunday Times! Mainly purchased for the Harry Potter special, but the Style section has gotten pretty good this weekend as well!


  1. yay for my brother buying the Sunday Times too, and youjust reminded me, yay! i hope you've booked your tickets, we must discuss in-depth our thoughts after via twitter please! :) xxxxxx

    (nom nom toasties btw!)

  2. I love that bracelet, i really want one now hehe and congratulations on the Style counceling!! xxx

  3. I am so excited for Harry Potter! I so want an invisibility cloak! Got the tickets booked for the 19th ;) I love The Sunday Times too!

  4. Ah so excited about the Christmas menus at Costa (and Starbucks)! Obviously the best time of year, purely for this reason haha.
    The bracelet is so cute lovey :)

    Heather-Lou xxx

  5. i am going to be so sad when harry potter is over.
    i am a huge nerd.
    have a beautiful sunday love.

  6. sarah: oh i haven't booked mine yet! going to book tomorrow i think! oh of course, i'm probably going to annoy everyone with my tweets aha! xxxx

    beautt: thank you lovely! (: so excited to get going with the style councilling!

    rebecca: me too! you have to join me in excitable post-film tweets!

    heather-louise: sameee, i do love the starbucks menu as well but it is ever so slightly overpriced for me at the moment! thanks sweet (:

    gee: oh me too ): i have the books and dvds to keep me going though! thanks lovely, hope you're having a nice day!


  7. What a lovely week you've had! xo

  8. Hun your links don't work! I was going to vote but I can't!

    I'm so excited for Harry Potter, gutted I didn't get the Times now though! I'm so sure I'm going to cry like a child at the film though!!

  9. Haha!! That Invisibility cloak story cracked me up - congratulations on becoming a style counselor!


  10. victoria: it's been lovely! so hectic though, i haven't had the chance to include more photos ):

    sarah: ahh don't they?! i've just checked and they work for me! oh god so will i, i'm terrible for crying at films anyway, i'll be a mess after part two!

    danni: me too, i cut it out and saved it haha! thanks lovely (:


  11. Looks like a fun week with yummy treats :) I'm so scared for Harry in this film, all alone (well, with trusty Hermione and Ron) without the wise that is Dumbledore! Sad times.

  12. naomi: yusss indeed! i am SUCH a food person lately haha! awh i know, i cried when dumbledore died ): so excited for the film eee!

    pink dolly: i know ;) hope you had fun at the fireworks sweet!


  13. Great pictures, number 6 actually looks like a picture from a menu! The bracelet is super cute.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  14. omg i love making pesto toast pizzas! i put chopped tinned tomatoes (but drained) on mine too yum yum. also, that bracelet is so pretttyy, was going to ask where its from but will keep my eyes open for next week instead :)

  15. Sooo excited for harry potter, but I think San Fransisco is stuuupid for taking away happy meal toys!

  16. I <3 cake too.
    I'm also loving your blog xx

  17. laura: thanks sweet! if i don't make it as a journalist/stylist, you know what i'll be doing ;)

    emma: i'm so glad me and my friend had a huge food conversation - i've got so many new recipe ideas now! awh thanks lovely, spent a good hour making it!

    rorie: me tooo! i know, that new law is crazy!

    monika: thanks sweet! thank you for following my blog!


  18. the first picture; that is a crazy amount of leaves! i could not walk past that every day and not go play in it! x)
    and the last picture makes me sad, hogwarts, nooo. :( i'm so excited to see hp7.1, but i think i'm going to cry. |:


    we could go anywhere..

  19. Sweet photos m'dear :)
    Omg. a real-life invisibility cloak would be absolutely awesome! I love Harry Potter; oh how I wish I was invited to attend Hogwarts, but one teensy problem... I'm a complete and utter muggle, tehe.

  20. chloe: haha i fully intend to jump in the leaves soon, don't you worry ;)

    spence: thank you lovely (: i'd love to go to hogwarts! i feel like i'd fit in so well!


  21. love the autumn picture, colored leaves, so pretty! & the pesto toast looks super yummie (gotta try this for lunch really soon)! & Hazelnut latte, awww such tempting photos, making me hungryy :D
    very nice post as always!
    wish you a good new week with lots of adventures ;)

  22. You're so lucky you get to walk through such a pretty park every day!

  23. Nice blog and great pictures!~ <3

  24. claudia: thank you! hope you have a lovely week summer (:

    chelsea: aaah i know, its such a pretty park in the autumn! v. cold though!

    silkybow: thank you!


  25. Lovely pics! I'm ridiculously excited for the return of HP too! Only 2 weeks till the film hits our screens :) x

  26. awww lovely pictures, i always prefer autumn photos to all the other seasons :)
    i've only just discovered your blog, and i love it!
    followed <3

  27. love the first picture...we definitely don't see that here.

  28. wintage net voodle: thank you lovely! my favourite season is autumn, it's just so pretty when it's not raining haha! thank you for following!

    oomph: thanks sweet!



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