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This week's Wednesday Wants is a beauty and cosmetics inspired one! I've had more than my fair share of clothes shopping sprees lately, so thought I'd give the wardrobe adding a rest and think more to my overcrowded bathroom. I'm a huge skincare junkie, but don't tend to spend much on cosmetics on the whole.

However, Southampton's John Lewis store has recently undergone a revamp, bringing in many well-established brands that hadn't been available in-store before, including the likes of Bare Escentuals, Liz Earle and Neal's Yard. Of course, on a student budget, I can hardly afford to splurge on lots of new products, tempting as it is, so here are my current Wants, both high-end and low-end.

1. Eyeko Fat Balm in Frosting - this smells unbelievable, I'm definitely ordering this when it is released. I remember having one of the old Fat Balms, but I'm so excited for all of the new flavours to be released. As well as this, lots of new products have been added to the line, with blushes, lipsticks and bronzers coming soon, so don't forget to visit the online store. Enter E10884 at checkout for a free gift with orders over £10!

2. MAC Venomous Villains Lipstick in Innocence, Beware! - This is sold out now! I'm gutted that I dithered over it when the collection was released, but hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one. I do need a new dark nude, and the packaging is so pretty.

3. Bare Escentuals Multi-Tasking Minerals - SO tempted to buy this. I haven't read any reviews about it yet, so point me towards some?

4. Neal's Yard Toners in Rosewater and White Tea - I'm a bit of a skincare obsessive, and these sound so amazing. I love the feel of a good toner on your skin after a hard day. But again, around £10 for one bottle?! Maaaybe best left on my Christmas list for now.

5. Laneige Snow Crystal Powder - I've wanted one of these since I started watching Lindy's videos on Bubzbeauty over a year ago. I'm currently using a Lily Lolo powder and just want to compare the two!

Any fabby new products that you would recommend me as an alternative to the ones mentioned before I accidentally splurge?


  1. I managed to pick up a Innocence lipstick, will be showing as soon as it arrives!
    I've never tried Eyeko fat balm, I don't wear any blush so I'm a little scared haha

  2. I love the venomous villains collection! That lippe looks fab!

  3. Neals is brilliant so def go for that one xx

  4. The venomous villains is so pretty. I was going to buy some when it was released online but the ones I wanted were sold out:(

  5. thats so cute how you do that - your so talented !

  6. The Neal's Yard Toners in Rosewater and White Tea sound lovely!:D

    Would like to try that line too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. I love the picture you posted to go along with your post! Is that actually your planner?

  8. mmm the lipstick looks gorgeous, i love cruella de vil haha!
    hope you manage to snap one up from somewhere, i bet it looks great :)

  9. I'm super excited for the Mac launch today at my local Mac store. I'm going in between lectures and I hope it's really as amazing as it looks online!

    Love your want lists!

  10. Hello!
    I found your blog the other day and added you to my G-reader :-)
    I'm going to post a Bare Escentuals review next week (sooo busy at the mo) I love their products!

  11. Fab products!! i really want the mac lipstick! :) x

  12. cowbiscuits: oh you lucky thing! haha they're quite sheer but buildable in terms of colour, and you can use them as tinted lipbalms as well!

    emma jade: i really love the packaging of it all! i only own one mac item, so can't really justify any other opinion on it ;) hopefully will be able to nab something from this collection though!

    gem: i'm definitely going to look into it, hopefully one of the SA's will assist me so i don't spend loads on things that won't work on my skin!

    amey: i know, me too ): all of the things i'd been looking at were sold out online, so i'll have to chance it at a counter somewhere i think!

    sara: thanks lovely! (:

    marie: the white tea one sounds so good. i love rosewater products, they smell lovely and are so refreshing!

    aimee: thanks sweet (: nooo, it's just a stock graphic that i play around with on the ol' photoshop every wednesday!

    hurricanes12: haha she scares me! thanks hun, got my fingers crossed because that shade looks beautiful!

    ally: oh you lucky gal! good luck in finding what you want (: i don't have a mac counter anywhere near me!

    misssearles: thank you lovely! oh niceee, i will keep an eye out for that!

    vicki: me tooo, such a nice darkish nude colour!

  13. Great choices, I've used Laneige's Snow Powder and it looks really nice. It also helps if you already have flawless skin though because it doesn't do much for coverage. It's a good product though=)

  14. I need some of those fat balms, they look really good. And 2in1 is always good! I remember the old ones, I saw them at a manga exhibition in Manchester and still have the photo of the Eyeko products in their little display!

  15. rocio: ooh i'm going to get my auntie to buy me some in hong kong and send it over! i just want something to set my make-up, i have quite flawless/clear skin!

    sequin this: i'm going to get one i think! the old ones were adorable, i'm excited for the new flavours/shades and packaging though (:


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