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I've been holding myself back on the shopping front recently. No more taking a detour through the City Centre on the way home from Uni! But I did have a really quick, purchase-less snoop around the shops yesterday, and nothing caught my eye anyway! Always the way... A few things I am currently lusting after, and secretly hoping my mother treats me to when I visit home this weekend.

Oh yes, more Topshop on the blog. I have realised that the Topshop side of my wardrobe has been making more of an appearance recently, not really sure why this is, I tend to go through phases! Something I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with are the Topshop basics range. The quality is pretty good in my opinion, usually lovely, soft jersey fabrics, amazing cuts for my shape but the prices always put me off. However(!!!): Topshop have definitely come up trumps with these Scallop Edged Vests! At £15, and in really on-trend colours, these are SO pretty and reminiscent of Chloe pieces. Wantneedmayget.

I'm after a new purse at the moment. I'm such a purse compartment geek though, I want one that is pretty and has nice sections for everything haha! At the moment, the Chloe Marcie leather wallet has caught my eye, and is right at the top of my Christmas list (which is coming to my blog in about 2 weeks!) I also spied these Team Sleep pyjamas when on my annual Christmas pyjama hunt. Not that these are Xmassy, just really cute!

I also saw this cardigan coat in River Island, which is a bit hit-and-miss. It looks lovely and cosy, with an on-trend 'waterproof' quilted lining. I think this is a strictly wish not want item as I'd never wear it! What do you think? Finally, a Daisybutter Wednesday Want wouldn't be complete without a pair of tights: bow chain patterned tights from River Island anyone?! I love the look of these, as well as their Fairisle tights and tattoo effect tights!

(P.S. Thank you so much for helping me reach 500 followers tonight, aren't you all amazing? I am currently organising a giveaway, I'm hoping for it to go live next week as I'm away this weekend to see my family at home! ♥♥♥)


  1. Love the tights! I've a new feature on my blog where I interview bloggers, check it out

    Sarah XXX

    P.S Love the Filofax-esque collage!

  2. ohh i love this weeks wants! totally in agreement with you on the crazy pricing of topshop basics! they're gorg but blergh, probs find something similar elsewhere :)
    i've been learning to spend again haha, i've saved loads of moneys;)

  3. i love these little posts of your missy! The tights are fab. And look at you with 500 followers. yay. well done poppet. totally deserved xxx

  4. The purse is gorg. I've been looking out for purses for a while now but i'm so fussy about the compartments and that ;P

    And congrats on reaching 500!

  5. i clicked to see the Chloe Marcie leather wallet and not only do I want that, but everything they suggest below as well heeh, especially the stella mccartney scarf!

  6. Loving the pyjamas, I'm the biggest fan of Team Sleep haha xx

  7. sarah: thank you lovely (:

    irene: me too haha! i can't decide whether i want to spend £15 on a topshop basic, but i am in love with the scallop detail! i might hold out until new look or h&m bring out something similar! yay for spending, can't wait to see some new hauls on your bloggy ;)

    milly: thank you so much sweetness! and thank you again for the tweet, you too nice to me y'know! it feels surreal as you were one of the very first blogs i read and followed back in the day! <3

    heymookie!: i know, i wish it wasn't so much money, i'll have nothing to put inside it :p oh i totally understand, i've been shopping around for one for absolutely ages, but a good purse will last ages (: thank you!

    nicole: oooh the net-a-porter website is a little evil sometimes! i always want everything on there! the mcqueen scarves are always calling me ;)


  8. sarah: oh me too! definitely need these pyjamas in my life haha! xxxx

  9. Hi, just came across your blog and I love it! So cute - and I love the filofax want-list collages! I'm your newest follower :)
    Would love it if you would check out my blog too and see what you think, I'm pretty new and would love the support/advice! Thanks :)

  10. I really like the scallop edge!
    so pretty :)


  11. Everything you chose is so pretty!
    I filofax is on my list of things to buy :)

  12. this weeks wants are the wants I want too, but oui, I have been trying to hold myself back too. We will get in there sooner or later :)

  13. this weeks wants are the wants I want too, but oui, I have been trying to hold myself back too. We will get in there sooner or later :)

  14. rosie: awh thank you lovely! i am following you back, love your bloggy hun! and yay for another hertfordshire girl in the bloggersphere (;

    stacy: me too, its so sweet looking, would look nice teamed with leather shorts i think!

    r may a: thank you! i'm tempted by a filofax, but i love my schedule book way too much!

    michelle: snap! yeah i'm just quite wary of prices at the moment as christmas is coming up and i need to christmas shop still! haha i am sure we will ;) i really want the pyjamas, topshop top and purse!



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