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Top, New Look; Shorts, River Island.

I can't believe how ridiculously cold it is today! Windows Vista is telling me it is currently 12°C, which just cannot be true! Then again, I am currently sat drinking some orange juice with the bits in, straight from the fridge... My sore throat situation has begun to develop into one of those awful dry coughs, bleugh. I can't wait to chill out with X Factor, my housemates and some ice cream!

Went on a photoshoot for a Uni assignment today. I used my friend Dulce as my model, and the brief was to produce two photographs in one outfit, using two contrasting locations! I will probably put some photos up once I've edited and picked the photos (out of about 200!) for my j-log portfolio. It was v.chilly outdoors, and I felt awful for making Dulce dress in a skirt! I'm not much of a photographer, but having a loaned DSLR for a weekend has made me want one for myself! I just think it would be next to pointless for me to have one as they're so much money and I'm not all that interested in photography.

This top is an oldoldold one from New Look. I'm talking a good three or four seasons ago here! I remember buying this for some open evening at college that I helped out at in my first year, and never wearing it haha. I'm now wearing my Hollister cardy over it because it is SO cold ): Outfit photos shot with a Canon 400D - eee! Seeing these photos kills me a little, my little point and shoot is awful compared to them and I'm not wearing any make-up, but once I'd realised, I couldn't be bothered to go and put some on just for the sake of two photos :p Enjoy!

P.S. Gem's featured me in her latest blog post, how lovely of her?! Go and have a read!


  1. i love your outfit! and how you photograph it, i'm totally pathetic with it as i've no tripod or a bloody place to take it! can't wait to see your little photoshoot assignment:)

  2. It is freezing, I agree! I'm curled up in my bed catching up on blogs with some hot chocolate and also waiting for X factor! All us British are the damn same ;-) Can't wait to see how the photoshoot went! I'm sure the outcome is as lovely as your previous stuff! The outfit is also so cute, I'm glad you've started doing more of these. DSLR quality, makes me tempted to get one but I still haven't bothered after saying I'd get one for months, they're simply too over priced!! X

  3. irene: thank you lovely! i'm going to start doing some outdoors ones soon, the parks are too beautiful not to use as backgrounds! i'm gonna try and put photos up next week of the photoshoot (:

    naomi: oh you lucky gal! i've just put dinner on, gonna scoff that and rush downstairs to meet my model for more photos! i'm excited for x factor though! oh thank you sweet, i'm always worried that i post too many outfit posts, i'm glad you like them!

    agatheloff: awh thanks lovely!

    lois mae: aha thank you!


  4. Lovely outfit! Your glasses are super cute x

  5. It is cold today, I'm about ready to get cosy in bed and watch X-Factor.
    Lovely outfit.

  6. lovely outfit!
    i certainly wrapped up today, the wind was so cold:(
    hope the shoot went well,cant wait to see pics! xx

  7. Great outfit hun, the tops really cute :) x

  8. The top is really pretty, I think I remember having a similar one but it was quite a while ago! It was definitely cold today I was so cold when I went to work and when I got out my car was all freezing up!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  9. Your top is super cute, looking loverly :) xx

  10. kenziefaith: thanks lovely! just had a peek at your blog, loving it so far!

    gypsy: aaah i had to settle for watching it on the sofa! no tv in my room aha! what did you think of it tonight?

    belle: thanks darl! did you post on the daisybutter facebook wall by the way? i remember seeing it pop up on my phone but it's not there anymore? oh it was freezing, i didn't wear nearly enough when i ventured outside!

    steph: thank you lovely! :)

    half dressed: thanks sweet! yeah, i bought this a good two or three years ago now!

    spookshowbaby: thank you honeyyy!


  11. Just found your blog and I love it. Look forward to future posts xxx

  12. vintage and cake: thank you! that means a lot! xxxxx

  13. your outfit is super cute...i like how its simple but stylish at the same time ^^

  14. ohh i'm in love with this outfit, you look amazing xo

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  16. joanna: thank you lovely!

    tennille: thanks sweety!

  17. I also have a new camera to play around with and get used to! Hope I've mastered the basics by next week when I'm going to London! :)

  18. beth: ahh you're going to london?! luckyyy, i wish i could spare the time away from uni, i miss it!


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