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I ordered Lauren Conrad's 'Style' book last weekend after a little persuasion from my friend Florence. Who is a bad influence on me! It was, and still is I believe, on offer on Amazon for £7.49, which is half of its' RRP price. I've received a lot of questions about the book, my opinions on it, and whether it is worth buying, so... this is my mini-review of it for you, as you all know I love Lauren Conrad!

The book itself is probably best described as a coffee table read. You know, one of those big, chunky, hardback books that needs no sitting down and concentrating to read. It is a style guide, NOT a novel, although Lauren also has a series of novels which I admittedly also love. I can't think of many people more justified to write about style than Lauren, she has a gorgeous, effortless chic style, is constantly written about in fashion columns (and most blogs!) and she writes about it all from the point of view of being on TV.

Firstly, the book is really well made, and the paper is seriously good quality, nice and shiiiny! It is really well presented inside, with nice, sleek typography, and all divided into logical sections. Not only does Lauren share her fashion tips on what to wear, how to organise your wardrobe, tips for online shopping, vintage shopping and styling an outfit in different ways, she has great hair and make-up tips and even lifestyle tips.

Overall, although about 50% are probably common sense, or things I had previously heard of, I love this book! I do really recommend it to my fellow Lauren Conrad loyals, and to any The Hills fans. It's full of gorgeous photos, behind the scenes info and some seriously handy tips!

Rating: 8.5/10

RRP: £14.99 (although on, it is currently priced at £7.49!)


  1. Oh! The book sounds really interesting, I'd probably take a look at it when I drop by Kinokuniya/Borders ;)

  2. I have so much respect and love for Lauren Conrad.
    I am definitely going to check out this book.
    Thanks for sharing xxx

  3. You know, I never thought anyone on reality television would have the firing synapses to piece sentences together.

  4. Ooh it looks pretty good. Think I may have to purchase it as I am pretty obsessed with all things The Hills. x

  5. Ugh so jealous. Mines still not here but I'm excited after reading this! X

  6. interesting review:)
    id to see what she would say about vintage! xx

  7. i love Lauren Conrad, me and my sister absolutely adore her! to see her work in a blog is sensational, i can relate so much to this post <3


  8. the book looks amazing! i've never been crazy about lauren conrad but this book looks pretty fab:)

  9. Sound like a great book and will definitely be going on my Christmas list.

  10. Is this the girl from the hills? I have actually no idea. Or anything about her lol
    but 8.5/10 isn't bad at all! xo

  11. I was very close to buying this the other day! I shall after my next paycheck :)

  12. I honestly don't really like most of the girls from The Hills, but you gotta give Lauren that her hair and outfits always look amazing.. >_>" Also she seems to be one of the only girls (spite the drama and bitchiness) with some brain activity going on..

  13. i may have to get this, love buying shiny books to flick through! x

  14. Ooo I'm so glad you reviewed this as I was wondering whether or not to buy it. LC is a legend. Also I stumbled upon your blog and I love how Ed Westwick just casually crops up in your list of things you like ha. He would most definitely feature in mine too! Love your blog! *New Follower* x

  15. I actually hate Lauren Conrad so much, I could rant for hours, but nothing is better than a good new read :)

    R x

  16. daisy: firstly, massive hugs for your sweet comments on LJ, thank you for all your advice giving (: ♥ i do think it's worth having a flick through! it'll be a very 50/50 split, because there's so many reality tv haters!

    nicole: me too, i think she is one of the only genuine and intelligent girls on the hills! its sad when people don't realise she is incredibly smart!

    alyse: i think lauren conrad is the exception... she was always the smart kid on laguna beach and always had perfect grades, so i don't doubt her writing skills for a moment! (:

    caitlin: i wasn't going to buy it, but it was a really good purchase in my opinion! (and i can now finally apply individual lashes aha!)

    naomi: oh i'm excited for you to get your copy!

    belle: i didn't expect her to talk about vintage at all! she does have some great points and tips in there though, i didn't even realise a lot of her current wardrobe is vintage!

    victoria: oh me too! thank you for your lovely comment ^____^

    irene: i'm a sucker for these types of books! i have an audrey hepburn one, obviously not written by her though, and it is one of my favourite reads! i wish i'd bought a mary-kate and ashley "influence" book!

    gypsy: awh yay (: my christmas list needs cutting down haha, i've added way too much on mine recently!

    victoria: yep! haha i don't blame you, it's something you either love or don't bother with (: i've loved lauren since laguna beach though so i'm a bit biased!

    aimee: i wouldn't have bought it if it was £14.99 because i hadn't read any reviews, but at half price, i felt i may as well give it a go!

    나니: i only like lauren and lo! the others really annoy me, especially stephanie and her awful hair and wannabe status! haha i do know what you mean, at least lauren went to university there, the others did... nothing? ;)

    emma: do ittt! ;)

    helen: i do really like the book, worth buying if you've been thinking about it! haha i do enjoy ed westwick a LOT! thanks for following lovely, just popping over to your blog now!

    robyn: haha fair enough (: i really like her! and definitely, i love the feeling of buying a new book! i haven't bought any novels recently, and definitely need to take the time to do so soon!


  17. great review! i'm planning on ordering this book very soon & also Lauren's Sugar & Spice ;)

  18. Aaaww really like Lauren!! Her style is pretty safe though but it works for her!

  19. Looks like a book worth reading! More fashion tips are always good to know :)

  20. Oo I was tempted by this, brilliant review. It's on my to-read list

    L x
    Half Dressed

  21. summer: thank you! has sugar and spice been released yet? i really want to read it haha, such a guilty pleasure book series!

    wunmi: me too (: yeah i do agree her style is 'safe', but she always looks lovely and i adore her make-up!

    rita: oh definitely! there are so many little tips that i wouldn't have thought about trying before!

    laura: thank you lovely! it would make a really lovely christmas present i think (:

  22. Ooo I do love a bit of Lauren Conrad so I couldn't resist ordering this last week...and I love it too! I agree that half of the tips are common sense, but they are things that I forget when I get into a fashion rut and this book will be a good kick out of those ruts! I love the way it's been put together and would def recommend it too. Thanks for the review, glad someone else shares my love :) xxx


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