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Is it a no-go to wear a blazer under a coat? It’s like wearing two jackets, and I wondered if it’s OK to wear that combination in the Winter without looking like an idiot.

The age old question of whether something is ‘OK’ to wear is constantly cropping up lately. Fashion is very much a way of expressing your personality and individuality, whether through customising your own pieces or throwing together that is unexpected but that suits you. In most cases, I think wearing what you feel confident in is the main objective. In the winter, fashion is more likely to be more about warmth over most other factors, so layering is key.

Although I’m not going to rule out a blazer-under-a-coat completely, I do think that winter layering all depends on the pieces you’re wearing The main problem with a blazer underneath a Winter coat is that it will look bulky. For example, a Rihanna/Balmain statement shoulder number just isn’t going to work underneath a pea wool coat, is it? There is a huge range of blazers on the high street at the moment, so I think a loose, jersey blazer like this one could look good under a coat! Primark usually have a lot of these jersey blazers in as well, and I think they look fine under a coloured coat. The only thing that wouldn’t be ‘okay’ about a blazer and coat combination is if you look noticeably bulkier afterwards, as this won’t be comfortable underneath for you and it will look unnatural! Also, I personally feel, and like wearing, a blazer is a statement piece, so a coat would completely take away the meaning of the blazer in that respect.

(Look 1 by Andy - Look 2 by Yannick - Look 3 by Nathalie)

For alternatives to wearing a blazer and a coat, for extra warmth in the winter, try a thicker, cable knit cardigan on top of your outfit, with an oversized fitted blazer over it all. The cardigan peeping out will look cosy as well as keep you warm, and cable knit is really on trend this A/W. It also means you can experiment with different colours for different looks, and still look really smart and classic, as the blazer is fitted!

I would personally wear the blazer as my outerwear, with a cardigan and my usual clothing underneath, with a chunky knit scarf for added warmth. This season is all about the statement coat (post coming next week hopefully for coats!) and wearing a blazer underneath would deter focus and make the all-important coat look unshapely. What are your thoughts on blazer-and-coat combinations?


  1. Love the idea of wearing a thick knit cardie under a blazer - might have to try it out and test the warmth factor!!


  2. Agreed on the blazer as a statement piece. Especially with any form of shoulder padding at all you want it to be on show, not only does it look the best it shows that you don't actually have american footballer shoulders ;) And I get cold so easily I almost always have a cardi of some sort under mine :)

    I own a couple of smaller thinner blazers, a chiffon, a lace and a silk one with layers or ruffes. These work especially well under bomber and aviator jackets. So like you said I wouldn't rule it out completely. It depends on the style of blazer.

    Keep these posts coming miss :) <3 xx

  3. heather-louise: it definitely is warm! i've worn it a few times and think it looks quite good (:

    gem: thanks lovely!

    abby: i always think of a blazer as a statement piece (: haha footballer shoulders! thank you miss <3


  4. I really want to start wearing my blazers again, but I always worry that it looks a bit too masculine! I think I need to pair it with something lacy to girly it up :)
    And just to let you know, the link for one of the pictures of Nathalie doesnt work! It just links to Yannick's again! :)

  5. for me i feel self concious enough in a coat, as I always feel really bulky, so a blazer and a coat is a definate no!

  6. see, i had to wear a blazer under a coat for the past seven years - aren't school uniforms boring? as long as you're comfortable and it doesn't look odd, then i don't see the problem with it...

    1. I don't like the blazer under jacket combo for school uniforms. :-(

  7. I agree...a blazer is a fabulous jacket on it's own...layering is key to keep warm!


  8. Sometimes I wear a basic hoodie beneath my blazer for extra layers.
    I think the blazer / coat combo can work depending on the style of the coat... if it's very fitted the blazer will make the coat appear bulky, if the blazer fabric is lightweight and contrasts colours with the coat I think it could look quite nice layered over, maybe with a scarf too for the chily winter months ;)

    Cool blog m'dear!

  9. katie: i think the blazer look should be a bit masculine! you can always pair it with a dress (and tights of course) and a pair of boots! oh thanks for letting me know lovely!

    dan: i definitely know what you mean! i always tend to buy my coats a size bigger to allow layers underneath as well (:

    rebecca: exactly! i think as long as you're comfortable and feel "good" then its fine to wear! i never got to wear a blazer at school ):

    bubbs: i love a good bit of layering aha!

    spence: oh yeah, a hoody under a blazer is a cute look too! thank you sweet!

    chan: thank youuu (:


  10. I think layering is pretty essential especially for winter. I love the post :)

  11. Great picks, I sometimes have to wear blazers under coats as it's just too cold and I hate not wearing them for 6 odd months. It could make for an interesting double layered effect depending on the shape.

  12. teacups and buttondrops: me too! much better and cuter than slinging on a huge unflattering piece! thank you lovely (:

    kb: thank you! yeah i've worn loose blazers underneath coats before, i just don't wear them together if they're uncomfortable, and tight around the shoulders! H&M have some gorgeous patterned waterfall blazers in at the moment which would look great under a coat!



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