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Seeing as I haven't written a feature post in a while, I thought I'd take the chance to expand upon on a Formspring question I was asked over the weekend! I've been meaning to start an advice column, focusing primarily on fashion of course, since someone suggested it to me during my first giveaway. Is this something you'd like to see on Daisybutter? Thoughts on a postcard (or comment!) would be good!

"What do you think every girl needs in her closet (beside the usual underwear, socks, etc.)?"

Being at University has given me a good opportunity to explore living with a capsule-esque wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is described in all the glossy magazines - and by Gok Wan! - as a wardrobe consisting of the bare essentials and staple garments, and nothing else. For the shopaholic, I can only say from experience, the very idea of a 20-piece wardrobe startles me! This is my idea of a capsule wardrobe:

- A thick cosy jumper: The very name of this item just screams "frumpy" when read. A thick jumper is really versatile provided you choose the right one for you. I'm also a firm believer that knitwear is an area where you should splurge when possible; I'd much rather fork out £45 for a Topshop jumper than a £7 Primark one for the quality!

- Basic jerseys: Any longtime reader of Daisybutter will know of my love for slouchy, comfy outfits that still look chic. I have countless jersey tops from the likes of Urban Outfitters and H&M. I love H&M's Divided range for basics, they're all great quality, and the perfect weight to be layered up! I think every girl should own some striped Breton tees as well as plain vests to go under other pieces - bra straps on show are never good!

- A good pair of jeans: I'm not how justified I am to tell you all that you "must" have a good pair of jeans in your wardrobes, I haven't touched mine in weeks because I find them so uncomfortable to wear! I think a nice pair of straight-leg jeans are great to have in your wardrobe as they're classic looking and a great casual look. I personally prefer dark washes on jeans.

- A silk scarf: Not necessarily made of silk, but a scarf is just so versatile today. It can be worn as a headband, tied on your bag, around your wrist (I suppose?), fastened with a brooch or just as a normal scarf! I have so much want for the Alexander McQueen skull scarf, but for now, a high street copy or thrifted scarf (found absolutely everywhere at the moment, charity shops, car boot sales...) will have to do.

- A skirt: With the huge variety of skirts out on the high street at the moment, I think a skirt is a pretty good staple for anyone's wardrobe. The current A/W trend for 50's skirts and dresses is such a great one for everyone, I really like  River Island skirts, although my bank balance won't love me so much for it!

- A LBD: I read a really good blogpost on Jenny's blog over the weekend about Little Black Dresses for every occasion. Again, if you know me and my blog, I'm a sucker for a dark colour as a "base"! I think a nice black dress is great as a staple for a wardrobe, it's almost Fashion Common Sense!

- A skinny tan belt: Skinny belts are ultra flattering to cinch in the waist. My skinny tan belt from Primark cost me £1 and features in almost all of my outfits! Tan is a nice classic colour away from black, and serves so well to match with any existing piece in your wardrobe.

- A really really amazing pair of flats: Although people have little sayings such as "Diamonds/shoes/handbags/other luxurious item are a girl's best friend", I really believe that having a few select pairs of shoes is much better than havings lots of pairs. I wear my navy blue moccasins to death; they probably don't match most of the outfits I wear, but they're so comfy and pretty! Find one amazing pair of flats and never let them go!

- Tights: As an avid Gossip Girl fan, I'm hugely influenced by Blair Waldorf and the popular culture of the fictional Upper East Side from the series. Patterned tights, even simple sheer polka dot ones, and opaque tights are great to add a different spin to an outfit. I like wearing heart or bow print tights with black dresses or an otherwise plain denim cut-offs and top outfit.

What do you think is a staple in a girl's wardrobe? Are there any pieces in your wardrobe that you absolutely MUST take with you whenever you go away?


  1. I couldn't agree more about everything! One staple I need need NEED are my Steve Madden black flats. Simple and work with everything!

  2. haha i loved this post; couldn't agree more with your wardrobe staples! i think we all need that cheap primark belt, i wear it with everything too:)

  3. The idea of a capsule wardrobe of 20pieces also startles me. Gok Wan seems to swear by it but there's no way it could ever work for me. I actually loved reading this post, I havent seen a one like it yet. Always good to read something unique. Can I also ask how you get that lovely little writing on the pitcure giving the shop name and price? It looks so cute!

  4. Aww I really liked this :) xx

  5. love this- so true!
    My top staples are a long grey cardie, good quality leggings and pixie boots! :)
    -Hattie xx

  6. aimee: it's great when you have a perfect pair of go-to flats! i couldn't go away for a weekend without taking my navy blue moccasins for sure! p.s. as if i just said 'for sure', i feel so american and mtv right now!

    irene: yesss, i definitely recommend that primark belt! at a pound, there's just no excuse really!

    ashleigh: haha it horrifies me more when i open my wardrobe and realise i have at least 3 or 4 times that! i do think i'd be okay at an extended capsule wardrobe though, especially as when i travel home and to see friends for the weekends, i live our of a suitcase for half the week! awh thanks lovely, that means a lot (: i just added the text in on photoshop when i put the collage together!

    gem: thank you lovely! always means a lot with my longer written pieces, hoping to make the wordier ones weekly or fortnightly, just to keep my writing going!

    hattie: thank you! oh you definitely can't go wrong with a really good pair of leggings! i love pixie boots too, my mum threw my favourite pair out "by accident", so she says, and i'm SO gutted! ):


  7. this post is amazing! and i agree with you on every level. a couple of other items = a chunky knit scarf, so cosy and you will rarely see me without one! and a blouse, you can dress them up, down, formally, slouchy blahhh... x

  8. Great post I really enjoyed reading. I have a draw full of tights which I love, and a cardigan is always a good stable too.

  9. Definitely on all you said; as someone else said, definitely a nice pair of leggings, although I tend to wear tights more often these days. I love my skinny tan belt though and wear it almost every day! On a related note, did you know they are opening an Urban Outfitters in Southampton? Exciting!

  10. loving that jumper! topshop is such a joy for knitwear! xx

  11. Yep, yep, yep! I'm yet to purchase a knitted jumper but the ones in Topshop are too die for! All of this, throw in a tonne of heels, bags and some comfortable PJ's ;-) X

  12. jessie: aw thanks sweet! it always means a lot to me when people enjoy my longer written posts! OH a chunky knit scarf is an absolute essential, i completely agree with you on that front ;) ahh a blouse is also good, i love those pussy bow blouses out at the moment, saw a beautiful one in tesco, of all places, the other week!

    gypsy: thank you so much (: ooh a cardigan would have been a good thing to include, i'm a bit slow on the uptake i think! yes, a cardigan is crucial!

    rosie: i tend to wear tights more often too, they're not as heavy looking! saying that, i'm in leggings today as it's far too cold to even consider just tights! OH EM GEE! really?! whereabouts will they be opening it? there goes the rest of my bank balance... ;)

    cowbiscuits: i know, most of the knitwear just feels so soft and lovely! i love cosy knitwear!


  13. naomi: i love topshop's A/W collection this season, almost all of it is absolutely beautiful! SO with you about the pjs, i love my huge collection of pyjamas (ahem, lazyyy!) and handbags are my absolute love! i'd hate to impart on people my love for them, i have over 30 bags - total shopping problem!


  14. perfect answer! i have a total shopping problem, but would love it to be this simple!

  15. emma: haha oh i totally understand ;) a capsule wardrobe is such a good idea, but putting it into action is much more of a task! xxxxxxxxx

  16. Such a fab post!
    I'd love to see more fashion advice type posts, I really enjoyed reading this :) xx

  17. This post is great and I wouldnt agree more about your staple wardrobe, I think you have just convinced me to buy some knitted jumpers though!
    It's not a good winter piece but i cant live without my dresses and cotton tights :)
    xx Winnie

  18. great post. i definitely think a scarf has to be on there! so many different ways to use it, and a big headscarf can completely save bad hair days! oh and skinny tan belt. good shout! xx

  19. Henry Holland tights.. a must have! xx

  20. I'm stocking up on lots of patterned tights this winter <3 They go with everything! Great post. x

  21. And thank you for the link at the side of your page <3

  22. I would love to stick to a capsule wardrobe but I highly doubt that I could!
    I would also add a classic white blouse and a trench coat. =)

  23. I love the topshop jumper! Nothing better than a nice long sleeved jumper to hide in over winter :) thanks so much for linking to my blog ^___^ xx

  24. lauren: aw thanks lovely! will definitely try and make this a regular thing, i just need to await the questions and work out which is the best way to receive the questions!

    winnie: thank you! oh i love dresses as well, i'm going to keep wearing them with cardigans layered over them, little waistcoats and thicker tights!

    sian: thank you so much! haha yesss, scarves are so versatile i think, and you can get them in so many styles and prints now (:

    lauren: definitely! his latest collection is beautiful, i wish i wasn't on such a tight budget, but unfortunately i feel i may not physically cope if i don't eat this week ;)

    kim: my tights collection is HUGE! thank you so much sweety, and you're welcome, i do enjoy your blog quite a bit!

    sarah: i might make it a blog challenge for myself at some point, and see how long i last with it! oh a trench coat is a definite british classic, i've been wearing mine a lot recently!

    spookshowbaby: i know! they're so snuggly and warm :) you're welcome lovely! really liked that post, i'm a sucker for a good dress!


  25. brilliant post hun! loving all the items you picked out in the image. the jumper and scarf are my favourites. xoxo avs

    ps you'll be lucky to find a jumper in Pri for £7! more like £13 these days! :P

  26. Lovely blog. I think you always need a cute comfy dress to throw on whenever you're just not in the mood. ^-^

  27. Oh love this post esp the Topshop jumper its so pretty! Awesome blog!

  28. thank you for your darling comment :) your blog is just lovely, i am following you now! xxx

  29. alana: thanks schweet! we can so afford mcqueen scarves ;) ugh i'm on a primark strike at the moment! our one angers me!

    C: thank you lovely! oh yes definitely, like a simple tunic/shift dress, perfecto for layering with a cardy!

    emma: thank you lovely! they never seem to have my size in my local topshop, i really want that jumper!

    claire: you're welcome sweet, i love your blog (: thank you for following back!


  30. great post. i definitely think a scarf has to be on there! so many different ways to use it, and a big headscarf can completely save bad hair days! oh and skinny tan belt. good shout! xx

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