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What are the main colours you will be/are wearing this Autumn/Winter season?

One of the things people frequently comment on regarding my style is the lack of colour. I tend to gravitate towards the same colour palette when I'm not feeling inspired, resulting in neutrals, greys and blacks a lot of the time! However, my favourite seasons are the Autumn and Winter, which means I am much more inspired by colours and prints and different ways of styling outfits (it is so cold that layering is absolutely essential!)

an idealistic autumn.
Vivienne Westwood, Wallis, New Look, Acne
an outfit full of rich, warm berry autumnal colours.

autumn leaves inspired.
Topshop, Marc B, Topshop, House of Holland
a look inspired by the colours of the changing leaves during the autumn, with rich burgundy and toffee orange colours.

Colour-wise, I think my Autumn wardrobe is inspired by warm toned colours and things that look quite luxurious. I could easily delve into my Fashion Styling knowledge and tell you all the historical influences, but I'll save that for my essay ;) I like rich tones for the Autumn, as they really warm up my complexion. The first outfit is one of the outfits I styled for the Clotheshow Live contest. Got everything crossed that I somehow get through to the next round! I like burgundy colours in the Autumn, especially paired with a deep emeraldy green in this outfit. Also, not forgetting the colour of the season - camel. I'll probably be injecting camel into my outfits through shorts.

For the Winter, I play on what I wear for the Autumn, but like to lean more towards petrol blues, emerald greens, a subtle hint of gold (it's festive 'n all that!) and some creams and pale greys. I also like the Christmas knit/Fairisle trend at the moment! For the Winter, I look to colours that "would look good in the snow"! Not gonna lie, that is my genuine mindset when I shop! I also find that because it is SO cold generally, I wear block dark colours, accessorised with hints of red or pale blue and grey, maybe in a scarf of gloves. Accessorising is such a key to the colder seasons, both for warmth and that "cosy" look, so keeping everything else dark is a good option, meaning you can play up the socks worn over your boots, hats, mittens, etc.

What influences you in your outfit choices and accessorising for the colder seasons? Celebrities, the weather(!!), colours around you?


  1. love this :) such a fan of this year's autumn palette! x

  2. Perfect autumn items and colors!! Very festive♥

  3. I tend to stick with greys, blacks, and navy's during the colder seasons. This year im really into burnt oranges, golden yellows, and deep reds.
    I love simple pieces that I can mix and match together, and throw on a great pair of boots and some accessories

  4. great outfit choices :)
    and lovely blog

  5. Ah I want some camel shorts... have found a couple in topshop but I'm finding it difficult getting the perfect camel colour, the perfect style and perfect material all in the one pair of shorts!

  6. -points- My boots :3 Omg. I want that Marc B bag ;lkja;ksdfja;dkf

  7. We must have similar taste :P I love colour palette!
    Really want that Nica bag, I've also been eyeing that Topshop dress and shirt in your first pic and that blazer!
    Can't wait to get my Topshop order! I got the toffee colour Peter Pan Tunic :D xxxx

  8. haha i love that you look for things that go with the snow in winter! i really hope we get snow again this year. i am loving fairisle too, i think i need a fairisle cardigan.

  9. I actually adore everything you have chosen and would wear it all. You really do have a great eye you lovely woman. Hope you are warm and cosey, after your five hours of hard graft! lol xx

  10. Good luck in the competition! Your look is great! Where is the tan satchel from? I love it! What influences me - umm deffo the weather. If it's rainy and cold I just want to wear cosy clothes but when it sunny I love dresses and florals x

  11. rach: thank you! me too, really nice warm colours that aren't too heavy! i really didn't like when florals dominated everything, it's nice to go back to basics a little (:

    rorie: i love the autumn and winter fashion season! i always keep christmas in mind when i dress, it makes it all a little bit more fun! just like in the summer, i shop like i'm going on holiday!

    nicole: navy blue is such a nice colour i think, teamed with burnt orange is really pretty! aaah simplicity is probably my signature style at the moment, i've gotten really lazy ;)

    megan: thank you sweety :)

    alison: oh i know what you mean about the colour/style/material situation! i have a lovely pair from zara! but i did spy a nice pair in topshop, only the material felt a little velvet-like which i cannot handle!

    sharon: haha have they come yet? i'd so buy the marc b satchel if it was in a buttery tan colour!

    vicky: i think we do actually, we have the same shearling ankle boots as well ;) i want the whole first outfit, when i styled it, i was SO styling for myself haha! i have the toffee coloured one, it is beautiful beyond belief!

    helen: i'm a bit of a dork in that sense! i tend to go really casual (think pyjamas and joggers!) if i'm not outside, and when i am, i want to look a bit different in comparison to the landscape!

    gem: awh thank you lovely! (: well, i am kind of! my flat is warm, but my room is not sadly! uni work was so bleugh, glad my presentation is almost finished though!

    helen victoria: thank you sweety! the tan satchel is from i think! oh me too, i'm quite practical when it comes to clothes or i'll spend my whole day complaining that i'm cold/hot like a small child!


  12. Im loving burnt orange more than anything, im looking for a jumper to go with black skinnies for an easy look

  13. dan: me too! i want a burnt orange cardy but can't find one ): i'm thinking uniqlo or h&m?! xxxxxxx

  14. Love this post - so inspiring!

    The weather definitely influences my outfit choices!

    KF x

  15. Lots of classic fall colours I see! I think I'd go towards the darker tones this season. Black, gray...oh, or maybe camel!

  16. what a fab idea! more of these please:)
    i love all of these colours and am really into camel and burnt orange at the moment! xx

  17. I LOVE everything you picked out! You have a great eye for fashion=)

  18. kenziefaith: thank you!

    anonymous: i really like warm colours in the autumn, i usually go for a darker palette but thought i'd switch it up a bit (:

    belle: i shall try to keep them coming!

    rocio: thanks lovely!


  19. I love your outfit! And I love those topshop dresses, they sat a bit weird on my chest so I didnt get one, but I may have to nab one of the asos ones :)

  20. cupcake_couture: thank you! i haven't ordered from asos in absolutely ages ):


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