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Cardigan, Boutique in Hong Kong; Purple sheer top, Urban Outfitters; Leopard print top, Topshop; Leggings, New Look; Moccasins, Topshop.

I'm back on the outfit posts! I'm starting to think about timing outfit photographs around my early morning lectures for the best natural light because I hate flash. It is a bit ridiculous to be standing around at 8am snapping photos though, but I'll somehow get this issue resolved! I'm finding myself prioritising blogging over Uni at the moment, which can't be a good thing in the long run!

I went for a layered tops and leggings look today. I haven't worn my leggings out in over a month, but y'know, looked cold outside 'n all! Leopard print is really on trend for the Autumn/Winter season, but I'm definitely not confident enough to wear it as a full on print. It can look totally garish and tacky, or nice and subtle, which is where I tend to be a bit iffy on buying into it all. Wore my Topshop leopard print top underneath a sheerish Urban Outfitters jersey. Both are pretty old items, but just styled in a different way! Again with the prices at Toppers, this top cost me either £18 or £22 two seasons ago, when today it would probably be in the £28-£30+ region! I quite like the print paired with my purple top, I love Autumn colour palettes!

EDIT: This outfit kind of unintentionally takes inspiration from Lily in her post here! God I wish I had a leopard print playsuit, I'm a bit wary of the top and leggings situations recently. I keep seeing gals attempt to wear a T-shirt and tights. Just no, girls.

Finally, just a little pimp of my blog sale. I'm selling some make-up/cosmetics bits on there at the moment, so go and have a look? Almost all of them are unused items, and are really reasonable prices! Also, thank you and HIII to all my new followers, I've been browsing and following you all back :D I'd love to see what your favourite blogs are, so leave me a link below in the comments? And also, this is my 200th post :O Mustmustmust get to finalising my next giveaway prize! Happy Tuesday all!


  1. aren't moccasins just the comfiest shoe ever? i used to practically live in mine! i love the little flash of leopard print - very quirky. & i totally love autumnal colours too. my new plum cardigan rarely leaves me!

  2. Wow! It's a lovely Blog you have here. I love this Outfit post! Your Moccasins are sooo pretty!:)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: Feel free to check out my Blog and if you want to follow I would be glad :)

  3. bee: yess! my moccasins are probably my most worn shoes at the moment! aaah plum cardigan sounds so lovely (: i'm needing to stock up on coloured cardigans at some point, i just need a random influx of money first ;)

  4. i pretty much need those moccasins! i rocked a similar look here:

    sometimes its nice to tone down the leopard a bit and still look good!

  5. love love love how you wore the sheer top of over abitta leopard print!i agree, it can look subtle or tacky, on me its usually the latter.sad times!:)

  6. alice: thank you! the moccasins are pretty old now, but i never stop wearing them, even when the navy doesn't match haha!

    lily: good ol' topshop! love your cardy in that post sweet, i really need more colour in my wardrobe haha (: i think this and a scarf is the only leopard print i even own!

    irene: thanksss (: i usually just wear a plain cami underneath, so thought i'd mix it up a little bit! it's so good that leopard print is all over the magazines at the moment; i've been looking to them for inspiration lately!

  7. I love moccasins & am wearing them today =] Love your outfit, the leopard print looks too pretty!!!

  8. Ohhh i know what you mean about lacking uni work but doing the blog! So much more fun :)
    That purple works so well, i love it! xo

  9. rorie: snap! mine are so bashed up and really worn in, i've had them since february/march time! thanks lovely ^__~

    victoria: blogging is such a big part of my life now as i did it all over the summer, uni has taken a backseat :S


  10. Love how you've toned down the leopard print - looks great :)

    I, like everyone else it would seem, am totally taken with your moccassins!
    I used to have a beige kinda colour pair - man I loved those shoes.. Literally wore them to death :( I really feel like I need to keep my eye out for some new moccassins now!
    Those are perfect - so easy to wear - they must just go with absolutely everything :)

  11. Love love love this outfit. x

  12. heartshapedbruise: thanks doll (: ahh really? i want another pair in tan but they wouldn't do well in the rain at all! haha definitely, i'm getting another pair "just in case" i think!

    daisychain: thanks lovely!

    alison: thank youuu!


  13. Are the shoes in topshop now? I want a pair... they actually look really good! I brought a boot pair from warehouse last year and I love them to bits!

  14. I really love this outfit! The bit of leopard, the cardigan and moccasins are all so cute!

  15. i love the skirt!!! print animal rules!!


  16. Hi michelle! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and for sporting my link on your page, you absolute love!
    I love this outfit, the hint of leopard print (didn't mean to rhyme, honest!) looks so good especially with the purple. It works so well!
    my favourite blog atm is llymlrs, but you already have that one linked :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  17. i want moccassins! i have been scouting ebay for months trying to get a bargain, it may be time to resort to topshop!
    love the splash of leopard my dear xx

  18. pink dolly: not sure if they have them in navy anymore, i bought these in february/march, but i've seen them recently in other colours! they're so versatile, i wear them with most of my outfits as i'm more of a heels person when it comes to buying shoes, not that i wear heels in the day!

    gabrielle: thank you lovely! i never wear leopard print, but thought it might be nice under this slightly-too-short-for-me top haha!

    henrich: it's actually just a slightly longer top! this is the only leopard print item i even own i think, other than maybe a scarf and hairclip!

    daisy kate: hey sweet! you're very welcome, i am rather partial to your blog as you know ;) thank youu! i literally never wear colours or prints so thought i'd give it a go and see how it all panned out! i love lily's blog too, love her sunday portrait posts!

    belle: get themmm ;) they're so ridiculously comfy! i think they're a good 'investment', cost me £22 i think and have now lasted me over 6 months which is good for toppers! thank you doll!


  19. What a pretty skirt! I love how you paired it with the rest of your outfit (=

  20. the leopard print looks goooood :3


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