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Hey bellas! I'm back with another Friday Favourites post! I don't know about you girls, but this week felt ridiculously long and tiring. I feel completely exhausted, and I'm more than ready to have a massive lie-in tomorrow and a relaxed weekend! Tomorrow is West Quay's Fashion Weekend in Southampton, so I may venture over to that for a nosy if I arise before midday!

Topshop's Heavy Duty Make Up Collection
I haven't bought anything from this range yet, but I keep going on Topshop's website to have a snoop at the pretty new items on offer! I mean, gel eyeliner for £8?! I'm not sure if it is any good, but I'm probably going to pick up a liner in Ravine when money allows me to! I also really like the look of their duo eyeshadows. If the quality of Topshop's cream blushes were anything to go by, this collection will do well!

I love looking on interiors websites and weheartit for inspiration of how to decorate the bed. I have a love/love relationship with my bed, it's way too comfy, meaning I can never get out of bed in the mornings - not ideal for 9am lectures! I really love the LOVE pillowcases in this photo, something I'll definitely be DIY-experimenting with at some point!

Had my first Nando's meal in over a month last night! I've been such a food person since coming back to So'ton! I had a Medium Chicken burger with chips and Perinaise, if you're interested ;) SO good! What do you all order at Nando's? I think I may have tried everything but the veggie and bean options!

Dressing Down
As predicted, my outfits have gone right back to basics now that Uni is back in full swing. Today I am wearing my Urban Outfitters jersey top, leggings and a host of jewellery. And a bun in the hair. I'm a tired Uni student, its allowed!

Belle Vintage
If you don't already follow Ella at Belle Vintage, then go and do so now! I've known Ella in 'real-life' for about three years now, having met her at college, and I just adore her blog. It is a completely different read and focus to mine, but I love it all the same, she finds the best vintage and secondhand goodies ever and blogs about it in a simple, easy read format.


  1. Hi!:D I hope you have a relaxing weekend and that bedding is really pretty.:D

    Even when dressing down, you still manage to look cute.:D

    Happy Weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Ohh, the topshop makeup looks great! I must try and check it out soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. eeeee:) thank you ever so much for the mention. i was reading through nodding at everything and then got to me and actually let out a little squeel! xxx

  4. Oh those LOVE pillows are so cute! White furniture and bedding are my fav. And your hair looks lovely! :)

  5. marie: thanks lovely! pretty bedding changes the whole feel of a bedroom, doesn't it?! haha thank youu, i'm just so tired and feeling really lazy today! hope you have a good weekend!

    daisychain: i know! too bad my local store doesn't stock make-up, i may order a few pieces in next week!

    belle: you're welcome lovely! i do enjoy your blog, especially the daily focused posts you've got going on at the moment!

    katie: i love fresh, light colours! thanks sweet (:

  6. the mushroom and mozzarella wrap it is to die for, nom nom nom

    my veggie boyfriend all ways orders this, and always lets me have a bite yum! i think i prefer that to the chicken. Oh you must try the spicy rice, yum!

    (as you can tell,i always go to nandos, i've practically filled up three loyalty cards to date!) xxx

  7. Ughhh!!! I can't wait to relax this weekend (even though most of the time I will be reading for class).
    However, thanks to Christopher Columbus (in theory) I have Monday and Tuesday of no class too!!

    I looove the bedding.
    Sleeping on the work love would be so cute!!

  8. I have a love-hate relationship with my bed for the same exact reasons! I still can't decide how to decorate mine and what colors I want!

  9. sarah: i think i'll have to try that next time! omnomnom i love their spicy rice! but if i order chips, i always feel like i can't have rice too haha (: i have two cards on the go at the moment, because they keep going missing, but yay for free chicken ;) xxx

    rorie: oh no! i'm up to date with all of my reading now, thank god! just a lovely long weekend before i start all the madness again! i know, its such a romantic thought, isn't it?

    aimee: (; i've gone for pale colours to brighten my room up and make it look even bigger! not good for nights when i forget to take my make-up off though hahaha!

  10. SO up or a lazy weekend too. Knackered! I love the picture of the bed. wish mine looked like that. I Think i'm in need of a trip to ikea! I'm abit obsessed with cushions you should see my bed!

  11. I love West Quay in Southampton! Well I love the shopping in Southampton, not just there. Especially the Zara, we don't have one here! Or Primark! xxx

  12. Great post! The new topshop make up collection looks amazing, I need to check it out for sure xo

  13. rose: yay for laziness! i hope college picks up for you soon lovely, i'm sure it will once you start specialising into what you really want to do! i remember feeling the same (: ahh same, my duvet is really thin, so i'm asking for a thicker one as a christmas present! mmm i need to get some cushions for my bed, i've got my eye out for some union jack ones!

    amy: me too! bobbi brown are the make-up sponsors tomorrow which is tempting me beyond belief! i love the zara, its such a huge store! i'm thinking you and me need a shopping trip if you're ever around southampton ;)


  14. jennie: thank you, even though it was a bit of a makeshift post (; i know, i'm seriously tempted by the gel liners! xxxx

  15. looking at bed dressings and designs is like, my favourite thing.
    makes me want to snuggle up under big fluffy sheets and go to sleep though, haha.

    i'm always curious about my friends fascination with nandos,
    and contemplated going with them, but it seems kind of pointless and out of place for a vegetarian to go to a chicken resteraunt. xD


    we could go anywhere..

  16. ah! I need those pillow cases, how gorgeous are they :)
    Great post hun xx

  17. oooh the West Quay fashion show looks good! I will def pop along and watch the bobbi brown demo - may see you aound!!!!

  18. chloe: same! i'd love to become an interior designer if i hadn't chosen the journalism route! oh gosh same, i've been napping on and off all day! my best friend is a vegetarian and one of favourite restaurants is nando's, so i'd assume their veggie options are really good!

    steph: so adorable right?! (: i wanna make some, and another set to spell MISH, which is my nickname. such a dork... thank you lovely!

    pink dolly: aaah do you live in southampton?! i may indeed see you around, that would be so good!


  19. totally agree, nando's is amazing! ♥

    & dressing down is always fun, but i prefer dressing up because i'm always wearing casual clothes.

  20. I would live on nandos if I could, but it's best I don't for my bank account and my waistline. I did however nearly die of excitement when Aldi started selling peri peri roast chickens. Or is it piri? Anyway they were incredble.

    The Topshop heavy duty make up is insane, I do love a gel liner.


  21. Hi there,

    Really lovely post , I really enjoyed your blog.

    Stop by mine too if you can and if free to follow it if you enjoy it!

    Hope to see you soon.
    Pretty Portobello Blog

  22. hurricanes12: i'm craving nando's as we speak from replying to my comments haha! aha, dressing down is just so comfy though!

    beewaits: so true! omgg do they?! i always buy the marinades from supermarkets, and apparently tesco sell the perinaise now. excellent! (:

    eri: thanks lovely (:

  23. those LOVE pillows are so cute!


  24. Your soooo pretty !!!
    And i love interior designs aswell !!

    Please check it out :

  25. nav: thanks lovely (:

    beautt: thank you aha!


  26. I want those pillows! I have seen that photo somewhere before. I also want that headboard. I love when your bed comforter is somewhat plain and your pillows are what add the character. :) I want to steal/copy that room!

    Cute picture of you! My everyday go-to hairstyle is usually up like that too. It's sad :( lol


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