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Totally gave up on the idea of an outfit post today! I'm having one of those days where I just can't be bothered to faff around with my camera settings, make my outfit look photograph-able. Which it wasn't, after about 50+ photos! Bleugh. I did shoot some photos of my tights though, which were the only ones that came out well. Heart printed tights from Primark ;) As a little FYI, I wore an off-shoulder top from Bubzbeauty's clothing line, a bodycon skirt, red belt and my tights.

I reached 500 followers yesterday which was amazing! I've only been blogging since about February, and regularly posting from June, so it means a lot - thank you! Also a little mention to Milly from Pearls and Poodles, who Tweeted about my blog while I was out munching on a Prezzo dinner, I had a huge increase in followers and blog views from Milly, which was incredible, as Milly's blog was one of the first I read.

Finally, I'm going home for the weekend from tomorrow morning! I haven't yet decided if I'm taking my laptop with me, I probably will because I'm going to feel like I need to do Uni work haha! But if not, apologies in advance for sporadic posts, but I will be back on Monday afternoon. I haven't been home since I moved back to Southampton, which has now been 6 weeks today, and I miss bubble baths, my Mum and a fridge full of good food! V. excited!


  1. Loving the tights :D
    Also congratulations on reaching 500 followers!!! :O :D :D
    I hope yooh have a lovely weekend at home!!
    I can't wait for this weekend either because we are having a halloween party, its gonna be so much fun :)

  2. congratulations Michelle- I love your blog!
    have a good week end : )
    -Hattie xx

  3. Aw congrats on the followers and have fun at home - how exciting :) x

  4. Congratulations on reaching 500! More than 500 now! Another pair of tights I'll need to add to my collection... x

  5. when i lived in halls last year coming back to having baths and "free" food was so good i stayed home this year ;)

    have a nice weekend x

  6. Congrats. You totally deserve it, your blog has grown and grown over the last month or so... it's a special one <3.

    Enjoy your weekend at home, lovely! x

  7. I do love a pair of heart tights, well done on 5oo xxxx have a great weekend xxx

  8. well done missus. you sure as hell deserve it as i've been telling you since forever ;) i love your blog, you a little more though :P xx

  9. Congrats on 500, that's amazing! I totally know what you mean, i can never seem to manage taking decent photos of outfits! x

  10. hannah: thank you sweety! aaah that'll be so much fun! i'm just spending mine with my family, otherwise i won't be able to see them again until christmas most probably, and i don't know if i could handle that! hope you have a great party (don't forget to post photos!)

    hattie: thank you! hope you have a lovely weekend!

    helen: thank youuu (: i'm so excited, can't wait to have a few days of no cooking for myself! much as i like making food, it always tastes better when someone else makes dinner for you!

    jade: thank you lovely!

    emma: haha! i went home a LOT last year when i lived in halls, but i haven't wanted to this year as i'm living with three of my best friends, and weekends are much better! but yesss, baths and free food are calling me this weekend ;)

    alison: thank you! oh i know, this past month has been crazy, i'm amazed and shocked and proud at the same time - my blog is like my baby :3

    vintage and cake: me too, they're so sweet looking and not too loud! thanks lovely, hope you have a great weekend :)

    milly: (: xxx

    abby: n'awh thank you abby, i do love you majorly!

    susanne: thank you!

    gem: thanks sweety!

    laura: thank you! i'm usually okay with it as i'm used to taking them, but i'm having such an 'i-feel-ugly-and-horrible' day today haha!


  11. Aw congratulations on the followers lovely :)
    when i read your blog, i really hope that i can become as good as you one day, you're a proper little inspiration. fingers crossed!
    You'll definitely be at 1000 soon enough :)

    Heather-Lou xx

  12. Congrats on 500 followers! I might have to visit Primark for some tights because Topshop's £8 ones will just do my purse no good! Are they good quality?

  13. cute tights, congrats on the followers!

    Hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke


  14. Congratulations on all the followers - well deserved :)

    Love the tights - adorable.

  15. wow congrats for you followers!!
    but you blog is really amazing ~
    from now on you'll have one little follower more :)
    your thights are so cute =3

  16. Congrats on all your lovely followers, very much deserved! Love those tights lots xo

  17. Yay I love heart tights! Have a good weekend at home, and congrats on the followers.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  18. what a creative blog!luving ur posts!!
    visit mine! !!

  19. New Follow-ee!! Nawh look at your tights, their sooo cute! WOW congrads on the followers! :)

    Check out my blog?? ;)


  20. love the tights, congrats on your 500 followers ^^ wish i could get as many followers *sigh* lol (:

  21. cute blog!! i love your stalkings, congrats on reaching 500 followers, i'm definitely going to start following! :)

  22. heather-louise: thank you so much lovely! am following your blog back hun (: oh that'd be crazy, 1000 is such a huge number!

    winny: thank you! i buy a mixture of topshop and primark tights, but find the quality is about the same to be honest, topshop just have a bigger range!

    minnie: thank you lovely, will have a look at it in a minute!

    heartshapedbruise: thank you hun (:

    purple-munkey: thanks lovely! thank you for following!

    jennie: thank you sweety, i still can't quite believe it!

    laura: me too! oh thanks lovely, its so nice being home and in a warm room hahaha! really need to get mine sorted at my place aha!

    kiara: thanks lovely (:

    cassie: thanks for following!

    fiona: thank you! ah i'm sure you'll reach 500 in no time sweety!

    beverley: thank you so much sweet!


  23. i love your heart print tights :)


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