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Jumper, Mum's; Shorts, River Island; Necklace, Handmade by me!; Knee highs, H&M; Flats, Topshop.

I've been finding it really hard to put together an outfit that I love recently. I usually just get up in the mornings, open my wardrobe and find it quite easy to pull pieces and accessories together to create a look that I enjoy wearing. After writing yesterday's Wardrobe Staples feature, I definitely think I'd suffer if I had to live out of a capsule wardrobe! I'm too much of a shopaholic, and love having 'fresh' pieces to play with! Thanks for all of your lovely comments yesterday, I'm definitely going to look into a regular Fashion Advice feature for the blog, so keep the fashion Formspring questions coming!

I'm pretty sure I've never worn an outfit like this before. I've always wanted to try the knee highs and flats look (preferably with brogues, but my mesh ballerina flats have worked well) but haven't had the confidence to! This is probably something I'll be experimenting with a lot in the coming weeks! Also, thought I'd put a mini disclaimer in, as I didn't actually wear this out in the end *ahem wimp!* I just wanted to hear what you all thought?

Got such a busy week planned, and I'm still ill ): HOW annoying?! I'm busy finishing up some features for various publications, working/slaving away on Uni pieces, I'm being photographed for a magazine on Thursday (EEE! Still need to choose an outfit!) and then popping to see my clumsy best friend at the weekend. Going to get lots of rest and Lemsip in tonight! Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!


  1. i love the knee high look but also havent worn it out... :P

  2. love the outfit!i think they'd look rather silly on my little legs though, aha xx

  3. beautiful as always!
    i wore knee high socks and shorts this summer when it was too hot for tights, but i was too much of a scaredy cat to get my legs fully out!


  4. I braved it and wore my knee highs out at the weekend - I don't know why but I always feel a bit like 'Oo i'm wearing knee highs *shifty eyes*' when I wear them?? You know kind of like the first time you wear a hat in winter and its like 'goodness, i appear to be wearing a hat...' uh yeah, maybe that's just me, either way I'm going to stop rambling!
    What I mean to say isssss, this looks loverly! :) xx
    (p.s. sorry for how essay-like this got - who'd have known I had so much to say about socks..) ^_^

  5. Such a lovely outfit! I love anyone who can pull off knee high socks, one of my favourite looks :)

  6. this is lovely! and I hope you get well soon x

  7. Your outfits are seriously so cute! I adore your style.

  8. i love this outfit
    the socks are a really cute touch! xxx

  9. You should of worn this out! it's lovely. I also thought about trying the knee high socks look. but got too scared haha! maybe i will try it xx

  10. carlinn: me too! i'm way too scared to wear it out, i study fashion so i'm worried the other course girls will judge my outfit haha!

    irene: thanks lovely (:

    heather: thank you! ohh that's a good idea! if i was to wear these out now, i'd have to pop a pair of tights on underneath, its so cold!

    spookshowbaby: ooh! maybe i will try it soon! yeah that's exactly how i felt when i was wearing them (: hahaha 'oh goodness, i appear to be wearing a hat' - your comment has made my day a lot more happy and funny! i know just what you mean! thank youuu (:

    victoria: thanks sweet! i normally just scrunch them around my ankles, knee highs seem a bit out there, but i guess it can be easily pared down!

    sp: thank you honey!

    aimee: thank you lovely, means a lot!

    belle: n'aw thank you! good luck at the vintage fair tomorrow, wish i could be there but i have a joyous styling lecture and photography workshop to be attending ):

    rose: aw thanks sweet! yes, definitely try it out! it feels abnormally "dressy" as spookshowbaby mentioned, but i quite like it... maybe its something i'd have to just get used to!


  11. Love the knee highs. Don't think I'd be rbave enough to wear them out though either. I am seriously lacking in the clothing inspiration department at the moment. I blame the cold weather! x

  12. hannah: thank you! oh god i know, i'd much rather have the extra 10 minutes in bed and just wear a really basic outfit :p xxxxxxx

  13. I do like the knee sock look and it really suits you.

  14. i think it looks fab! i've done that before though too, worn things but not gone out in them haha. especially knee high socks, i'm always worried they make my thighs look big but you look so cute in them.

  15. I love the socks. Wow get you, good luck with your magazine and all your work. Hope you feel better soon. Everyone seems to have the flu, hop I don't catch it xxx

  16. as cute as this outfit is... i'm so glad you didn't go out like this! it's bloody freeeeeezing!
    im currently sitting in thermals, hoodie and a hot water bottle :) and love the knee highs! x

  17. Cute outfit, it goes together really well! And I'm a big fan of knee-high socks and shorts/skirts! And James would like you to know that he is a big fan of knee-high socks too!
    PS:thank you for reading my blog!

  18. gypsy: me too, i've never been sure of how it looks on me, so thanks for saying that, i'm a little more confident in it! (:

    helen: haha i wanted to wear them out but 1) i was a big wimp and 2) it was quite chilly outside today! thanks lovely!

    gem: thank youuu! i'm so busy this week, but going home the weekend after for some rest and to see my mumma so it'll be worth it! oh i hope you don't catch it as well, it's horrible!

    jessie: haha I KNOW RIGHT! i was in my cosy snood earlier so it was all good ;) still freezing though! oh you sound so cosy... i'm in a jumper, slipper boots and my pyjamas aha!

    casey: thank yaaa! haha say hi to james from me!


  19. I love what you're wearing! You should definitely do this combination more often and I adore the socks! They are the perfect colour for Autumn too! Although, I don't know how you managed to wear that today, I was shivering even with a coat! X

  20. you have the cutest style ever :)
    i <3 your blog x

  21. Great look, I've been wanting to try the knee high socks look too but have just not got round to it. They look great with your flats :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  22. you can really pull this look off! it suits you a lot. i say wear it out and show it off :) xo

  23. naomi: thank you! its definitely something i want to experiment with, perhaps with tights underneath as well because you're right, it is absolutely freezing at the moment!

    g: thank you!

    laura: thank you (: oh definitely try it soon, and link me so i can see how you wear it!

    mi: thanks lovely! great to see you blogging again!


  24. I love your little socks you big cutie! x

  25. ohh, i also love you in socks and shorts! way to rock it x

  26. boo: n'awh aren't you the sweetest?! x

    tennille: thanks lovely! x

  27. BIG fan of this outfit - loooove the socks!! So cute.

    Your blog is pretty amazing by the way.

    kimashleyclarke.blogspotcom xxx

  28. kim: thank you! i might even pluck up the courage to wear them out one day haha ;) awh thank you so much! xxxx


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