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Dress, Primark; Tights, Topshop.

Happy 10/10/10! I feel all out of sync with my blogging routine at the moment! I don't think I have ever posted an outfit on a Sunday before! Then again, the weekend didn't feel too much of a weekend either, I was convinced that yesterday was a Wednesday until Saturday night television got good again! Speaking of which, what are everyone's thoughts on X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing?! I personally liked Belle Amie, One Direction and Cher last night, please don't hurt me! Belle Amie's styling was so good and they have such potential. One Direction are just the sweetest thing ever, hiya Harry Styles!

I wore my polka dot Primarni dress today. I dithered about selling this in a blog sale, but have been convinced to keep it for now. I'd probably love it a lot more if it was a tiny bit more cinched at the waist, but I think this is down to me dropping a dress size since I bought it! I then teamed it with my 'Love' seam tights from Topshop; lots going on from the back of my outfit! (Which was notoriously difficult to photograph, gr!)

I'm going out with the girls in a little bit! We're going to see the new Zac Efron film (guilty pleasure of ours!), and then having a meal in Prezzo. Then going to settle down with X Factor and more TV most likely! I'm turning into such a weekend TV slob at the moment, even though I hardly watch TV throughout the day, I guess I'm just making up for it all!

P.S. Title is from Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott, which I downloaded today and have been listening to for the past two hours ;)


  1. That dress is super cute; I love the cutaway heart, and those tights are brilliant too, I think I may have to be a copycat and pick some up myself. If you go to Prezzo a lot you should pick up the Taste Card - -there's a free three month trial on them at the moment and it gives you 50% off at Prezzo and Pizza Express. I am always at Pizza Express now!
    I am loving Saturday and Sunday night TV at the moment too; I wasn't sure about Belle Amie or One Direction but Cher is (annoyingly) good and I actually quite like Storm!
    Have a great evening,

  2. Cute dress...certainly not a look I can pull off myself!!
    So did you make it down to west quay? I have been so lazy this weekend, spent a lot of time clearing out my flat/wardrobe. Free listing on ebay this weekend so I have been busy listing all my stuff!!!

  3. I love that dress- it's so cute!
    I've been listening to broken arrow loads today, love it :)

  4. This is such a cute dress, I love the bow and polka dots.
    I'm loving the X-Factor this year, my favourites are Cher, Katie and Matt, but I think most of the acts will get better throughout the show.

    New follower here btw, love your blog.

  5. Happy 10/10/10 to you!!! I am in loooove with your dress so adorable and the open heart back is too cute<3

  6. The back of that dress is amazing! You look so cute in girly dresses, I wish I could.

  7. aah cute outfit :) i tried the dress on but it didn't fit me properly - gutted much. have a nice time out with your friends :D oooh and i love that song (L)

  8. Ooooh, I rather love your Primarni dress (:

  9. love love love the detail on the back of the dress, primark have improved so much in the past couple of years!

  10. rosie: thanks lovely! the cutaway heart is so luella-esque i think! haha yesss you should, they're amazing (: oh i think i'll have to do that, thank you for the link! we love italian food in the flat! cher is seriously good, but kind of lacks personality and presence off the stage?

    pink dolly: oh i'm sure you could sweet! nooo i never made it, i just spent my day cleaning the flat and doing uni work, did you?

    r may a: thanks love! me too, plays are at 100+ now! i get obsessed with songs pretty quickly!

    gypsy: thanks lovely! my favourites are belle amie, cher and one direction aha! i can't wait to see how everyone develops and changes! something needs to be done about cher's awful eyebrows + make-up haha

    rorie: ;) thank you hun! the loose waist is annoying me though, definitely getting on the ben and jerrys tonight!

    aimee: thank you (: i've bought so many dresses recently!

    gem: thank youuu! it is a bit of a strange fit, it doesn't sit on my waist very well so i might whack the sewing kit out! i had a great time thanks, film was so sweet and dinner was amazinggg (;

    mandy: thank you!

    bee: aha thanks lovely! haven't found anything amazing in there lately though ):

    emma: thanks sweet! oh i know! although this week's offerings were a bit rubbish in my opinion!


  11. Haha. Love it that you are getting on the ice cream so it fits better :D
    As for your comment on my blog, I thought I worked out where you lived from the snaps of your view when you first moved in your flat, but telling you I can see your flats from my balcony is so unbelievably creepy and stalkerish I didn't mention it, haha. Still, Southampton has some nice views from its high rise flats huh? :)

  12. rosie: of courseee, waste of ice-cream otherwise! i did actually eat like half a tub by accident during x factor out of nerves! LOL! its crazy how close we live to each other! yess, the views are unbelievable! xxx

  13. That dress look so lovely on you! xo

  14. It is so easy to eat half a tub... or a whole tub! Especially during something as tense as X Factor. You need it as emotional support! I don't think the right people got booted out this week, I thought Diva Fever should have gone. What do you think? It is crazy how close we live - you are lucky as you have marina views whereas I can only see the ships if they're really big! Haha.

  15. I bought that dress in Primark a while back, washed it once and now it's too short to wear :( so now it's a long top with jeans dress :(

    You wear yours very well


  16. victoria india: thanks lovely!

    rosie: i know! i'm saving mine for another evening though ;) definitely, i wanted diva fever and wagner out! not generally a fan of katie, but her 'saving' performance was SO good!

    laura: awh no! that's the only problem with primark, my other dress has totally shrunk in the wash now ):


  17. LOVE that dress! Looks so cute on you hun :)

  18. so adorable!!

    stop by sometime<3

  19. you got this dress from primark?! it reminds me of one alexa chung wore. love it. and happy 10/10/10 for yesterday!

  20. awe what a cute dress you have! :)

  21. Great outfit. :) I love those tights they really add something to an outfit :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  22. hey i love your blog!

    thanks for following.

    i read about your wishlist, MAC venomous villains edition. i got the same lipstick color!!

    keep in touch dear

    following you too now


    let me know if you want to exchange links.

  23. you look gorgeous as always, the dress is amazing!
    Still so jealous of how tidy you can keep your room you'd die if you walked into mine!
    Xfactor was awful, the right people went but i wish katie left ! xx

  24. emma jade: thanks lovely! such an old, overworn dress now, i bought in the sale last month haha!

    anna katrina: thank you (:

    little monarch: yess indeed! i know, it's very luella-esque i thought! and very alexa, teamed with ankle socks and tan brogues! happy 10/10/10 to you too!

    michelle: thank you!

    half dressed: thank you! mm i love them as well! quite risque if you wear them with the wrong things though haha!

    silviasiantar: thank you so much! oh i'm jealous, i haven't managed to get my hands on it just yet ): i love your blog, means lots for you to follow back!

    cowbiscuits: thanks sweet! haha i like keeping mine organised, and i'm scared of my carpet so i hate leaving things on there! oh god same, hated katie, but i quite liked FYD!


  25. Thank you for the lovely comments :) This outfit is gorgeous! LOVE those tights! x


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