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A bit of a typical lazy Sunday post today! My outfit is a bit a crazy; all over heart print playsuit, floral insert cardy, knitted socks and star print slippers while indoors. Rather than post another outfit post as I did yesterday, I have put together some photos from my day to day life and bedroom. I guess this means I can finally tick off another thing on my To-Do List?!

1. A huge beyond huge coffee to keep me going on this delightful Sunday. My friend bought me this mug for a birthday years back and I drink everything out of this: juice, coffee, hot chocolates, wine... You name it. I'm a bit too accident-prone for glasses!

2. My trusty notepad for to-do lists. I love the detail on the front of it, and it comes with the cutest flip-up pen. Which I wish I had taken a photo of.

3. My button collection! This is what is inside my Hello Kitty trinket box at the moment. I keep all the spare buttons from dresses/cardigans/etc. in here for some strange reason. Buttons are so cute!

4. A photo clip of my Daddy and I! I love this photo, dodgy fringe and all! This was taken in a park in my hometown when I was about six. I also love Dad's sunglasses and cap combination - a look he tends to rock quite often!

5. SLIPPERS! I wore my shearling ankle boots when I popped out earlier, but have been living out of my comfy slipper boots all week! Ahem. Mixing florals, stars AND hearts. Oops.

6. A snippet of my outfit today!


  1. awh love the photo of you and your dad;weren't you a cutie hehe!:)
    great photos hun!:)

  2. nawwwr! such a cute post :) x

  3. Love all the photos!! Such a cute idea to keep the buttons in a jar like that!!!

  4. I love documenting the day with photos, lovely post and that coffee looks so good right now :)
    Great blog.

  5. Those slippers look soooo comfy! xo

  6. irene: thank you aha! i was such a smiley kid!

    noheroinhersky: thanks lovely (:

    rorie: thank you! haha i'm gonna need a bigger trinket box soon!

    helen: thank you! mm coffee is just too good, especially on a sunday! i like to have a lie-in, catching up on blogs and sipping a coffee!

    victoria: they SO are! i've been living out of them recently, such a granny student at the moment!

  7. Aww lovely photos! Buttons are adorable and those slippers look super snuggly and comfy! xo

  8. Looks like a nice lazy sunday to me! I miss those, I always work sundays :( I have slippers similar to yours, how comfy are they?! And yess I noticed loads of english bloggers seem to be from up north, finally someone who lives down south :) I don't go to Southampton much, but if I do it's always to shop at westquays :)

    L x

  9. Awww this looks like a perfect sunday!!!

    he he you were possibley the cutest kid in the world!! xxx

  10. Hey babe.
    It's my first time on your blog :-) You are welcome to comment on my blog and follow me<3

  11. Aww you look so cute with your dad. LOL my dad rocks the cap look too :P
    I have that mug and those slippers <3 So comfyyy!

  12. I have something very similar for my buttons! Love your cosy-looking ankle boots by the way - I definitely need a pair for the long Winter ahead!:D

  13. I love lazy Sundays - I'd say mine's probably been lazier than yours though, as I haven't even got dressed :/ !

    The picture of you & your Dad is adorable :)

    I'm totally jealous of your socks & slippers combo - looks so ridiculously comfy & cozy.. Perfect for this decreasing temperature!

  14. It sounds like you had a nice Sunday! I love your slipper boots - they are an obsession of mine! And I have to have coffee/caffeine to keep me going too. Cute picture of you and your dad!! :)

  15. jennie: thank you lovely! they definitely are haha (:

    half dressed: yesss a very relaxed sunday! i used to work sundays as well, such a strange day because i'd finish early but still not have time to laze around! oh i love west quay, my favourite place to lurk between lectures :p

    tilly: aha thanks sweet (:

    julia louise: thanks (:

    vicky: thanks (: i genuinely do think its asian dads who rock this look! gotta love it haha!

    soriko: (; i'm thinking i'll have to transfer them to a glass jar soon, which will look even cuter! i'm such a dork sometimes!

    heartshapedbruise: aha i had to get changed today, did a spot of food shopping and helped my housemates move in! i'm sure my sundays will be standard pyjama days from next week ;)

    gabrielle: i love slipper boots, SO warm and cosy! thanks lovely!

  16. Aw, super cute details photos! My room's far too messy to do anything like this...

  17. cute post! that old photo is so adorable, as are your slippers :) xo


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