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Top, H&M; Shorts, River Island; Tights, Miss Selfridge; Rings, Primark and Dolly Bow Bow.

Firstly, an apology for not posting yesterday! I would love to be able to tell you a long-winded story about some manic adventure, but honestly, my First Day Back was quite uneventful: lecturers are all a bit crazy but lovely, the semester looks... challenging, shall we say?! Oh and my campus card photo still looks awful! Today's lot of lectures went okay though, my Fashion Styling unit looks amazing, I'm so excited to get to grips with it all!

After much effort not to ladder several pairs of tights, today I wore my khaki striped H&M top again, high waisted shorts to make it look a bit more fitted and my trusty cable knit (?) tights. I did change into 15 denier sheer black tights, ribbed cream socks and my shearling boots, under Abby's guidance, but decided it'd be too warm and changed back. All this for my first fashion styling lecture!

I've indulged in some new purchases this week that will probably crop in outfit posts over the next few weeks, hence the lack of Wednesday Want this week, as I've just gone out and bought without a second thought! I really have to curb my spending from next week, I've got planned two trips into London over the weekend and a night out with the Writing Fashion and Culture gals on Sunday night!

Finally, a huge thank you to all my followers! I reached 400 over Blogger alone yesterday and had the hugest grin on my face ever. In true me style, I celebrated with a mug of coffee, some sneaky choccys and my dressing gown ;) I will be doing some sort of giveaway when I have the time and money, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, a huge congrats to my housemate Rebecca who hit the big 5-0 this week (follower-wise, that is!), she's currently running a giveaway, so be sure to enter that!


  1. I'm loving your jewellery in this outfit! very nice :)

    I gave you an award on my blog:


  2. Very cute outfit, your facial expressions are always so cute in your pictures.

  3. hattie: thanks lovely! thank you for the award! (:

    renu: thank you!

    rorie: haha thanks, i never know what to do in front of the camera!

    lizzy: thanks lovely!


  4. i have ultimate hair envy! i always think to get a scrabble ring but never do! x

  5. girl you are so gorgeous!sounds interesting,your first day!my picture for the 'cashless canteen' is terrible haha i look like a startled hamster!and dont get me started on the sports awards pictures plastered all over the school haha.glad you hand a nice day:)

  6. I'm alwayssss laddering tights! It's so frustrating. I love the knit of these ones though. And how gorgeous is that daisy ring?

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. i love that striped top and that scrabble ring is adorable!
    I tagged you in my newest post, i hope you don't mind><! x

  8. I do love those tights!! Good call on changing back.. though i think both would look equally as stunning. maybe tghts socks and boots next week if it's colder :P

    Looking forward to seeing these new purchases & congrats on the much deserved followers!! lotta love xxx

  9. well done on the google followers! (i follow on bloglovin' though). LOVE the shorts and the scrabble ring - very quirky.


  10. I love those tights with the shorts. Great photos.

  11. lois mae: awh thank you! i actually need my hair cut, ive been cutting it myself since about april which is so bad! you should get one, they're less than a fiver on dolly bow bow!

    irene: thank you lovely! haha my photos is so bad, i'm kind of swaying off to the right for some reason :S i'm not very photogenic at allll! thanks sweet, uni is already getting stressful though aha, hope you're good xxx

    half dressed: ahh same! i literally go through SO many pairs, its ridiculous! thank youuu! i had to get it, a daisy ring to go with the whole theme of my blog! ;)

    sp: thanks sweet! i've just had a look and commented! can't wait to see what you do with the blog!

    abby: i dithered and changed four times this morning! then it turned out it was freezing and raining, so i should have gone with your option! definitely will be rocking that next week if things carry on this way! thanks lovely :) xxx

    claire: thank youuu! never thought i'd reach 10 let alone 400, it's mad! so grateful to everyone though (:

    helen: thank you so much! was a bit of a cold choice of clothing though, it rained all day and uni had the blimmin' air con on in lectures! ¬__________¬"


  12. really pretty, michelle. those colours really look lovely on you. :)


    we could go anywhere..

  13. love the rings and the shorts!! xx

  14. chloe: thank you! i'm really into khaki at the moment! not quite sure why, but i do love it (:

    cowbiscuits: thank you lovely!


  15. Loving the tights honey! And the scrabble ring is gorgeous, I may have to invest...
    Loving the home making going on in the previous post. Love the blank canvas you had to work with and you made it look so girly! :) xoxo avs

  16. I absolutely LOVE this outfit :):).
    Really nice jewellery too.

  17. Nice outfit, cute rings and I LOVE the tights!

  18. I love your outfit, the shorts are so nice and the jewelery is lovely too. xoxo

  19. thank you for the mention michelle :-) xx

  20. laura: thank you!

    alana: you should! they're like a fiver and so cute (: thank you lovely!

    emma: thank you so much!

    high on high heels: thank you lovely (:

    pearlslaceandruffles: thank you hun!

    rebecca: that's quite okkk!


  21. I like this look! :) Those rings spruce up the outfit.


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