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Top, H&M; Skirt, H&M; Tights, Primark; Necklace, Primark; Boots, River Island.

Another simple outfit today, but one that's been really easy and comfy to wear, and one that I've enjoyed wearing, if that makes sense?! I'm really loving H&M's Divided section at the moment, and have totally gone back to basics lately. Basics are so easy to layer up as well, which is what I'm planning to do if it ever starts getting cold. We've been getting 20 degree heat all week! Paired with 15 denier tights, and a simple bodycon skirt, and my beautiful ankle shearling boots.

My wardrobe is definitely getting darker with its' colour palette at the moment! I'm seriously going to motivate myself to photograph all the pieces I've set aside for my blog shop and eBay this weekend! Although the rest of the girls will be moving in over the weekend and we'll be buying some bits for the flat and decorating, so I'm not sure how much I'll have to do so!

Finally, I spotted a sweet Alexa satchel in Internacionale for a mere £9.99 earlier! It came in black but I didn't hang around long enough to see if there was a tan version. If so, Alexis (as I am going to christen her!) shall be mine! Monday 27th just cannot get here quick enough in my opinion! My rent has all been paid off, so I'm excited for my lovely loan to get here to fill the gaping hole in my life account haha ;) Right then, I'm off to make myself a veggie pasta bake for dinner!


  1. Hi!:D I am loving the Divided section too.:D

    Good luck with the shopping and decorating!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. love this outfit. and i know what you mean, it looks enjoyable to wear! x

  3. do i spy those shearlng booties you wear telling me about?;),
    hehe gorgeous honey!<3
    i totally love h&m divided,so cheap and so..'chic'.haha sorry a tad cheesy,couldn't think of anything else(:

  4. beth: thanks sweet (:

    marie: its so affordable but still really nice! they have cute skirts in at the moment!

    alexandra: thank you lovely! i'm gonna call this my happy outfit haha! /nerd ;)

    irene: you do indeed! thank you again for the mention on your blog by the way, been seeing so many visitors coming through from there! <3 haha s'fine, i would describe it in the same way! ;)


  5. Love the top :) Cute outfit. Hope you end up getting the bag, sounds like a steal :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  6. i love your top - it looks so comfy! & i love 'divided' too.

  7. half dressed: thanks lovely! i'm going to pop in next week and look when my loan's in and when i get paid from work! (;

    bee: thank you!


  8. This is lovely. Those boots I can spy looks super flurry and cosy. Perfect for the impending rain and chilly days... xx

  9. Hello,

    I work in internacionale and the 'lola bag' does come in tan which I have. Not sure if all stores have it in. It also comes in grey as well. Its such a cute bag and a pretty good copy of the Alexa I think.

    Lovely outfit as well :)

  10. milly: thanks sweety!

    amey: ooh thank you lovely! will definitely be popping in to get one! yeah it looks like such a good copy if not a little small, which i don't mind at all! thanks (:

  11. what a pretty top, love it! very cute outfit! xx

  12. awww what a lovely outfit! I love the top and we wear very similar glasses :D Btw I tagged you for a blog award, if you're interested! Kisses from France!

  13. Lovely OOTD huni :)

    Love your blog header!! How did you do that clever girly?! xx

  14. summer: thank you lovely!

    abby: why thank yaaa hun! (:

    cha: thank you! ahh high five for glasses! i keep getting told to take them off for outfit posts waaaa ): have just commented on it, thanks darling <3

    claire: thank you m'love! i just had a little play around on photoshop, i love making graphicy things! *nerd*


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