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Top, Hong Kong; Shorts (high-waisted but I didn't tuck the top in!), River Island; Tights, Primark.

I've been having a complete nightmare over where to take my outfit photos now that I'm living in the flat, which is 12th floor, may I mention?! I'm loving it at the flat right now, our windows are huge, especially the ceiling-to-floor windows in the living room! But all the light is making it difficult to snap photos! Hopefully I'll find somewhere better than the one above, once I get a tripod from good ol' eBay I'll be able to attempt the living room or hallway haha.

I've been clearing out so much of my unused and unloved makeup recently! You can shop my wardrobe/cosmetics here now, all the terms and conditions and shipping information are on the same page. I'll be adding much more to the 'shop', so please make sure you check back! I'll update it on my Twitter if new items are added, so follow me on there? I do try and follow everyone back!

I found this lipstick in my Mum's bathroom last week when looking for a nail varnish she 'borrowed' from me. It was still in its' box, brand new and unused! So Mum has let me keep it for myself. The lipstick is a gorgeous bright pink, in Lancome Le Rouge Absolu 06. Teamed with a smoky brown eye today! I also leopardised my nails a la Gem Fatale last night! It's a little skew-whiff but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I'm wearing Model's Own Slate Green for the base colour, Model's Own Misty Grey (love!) for the dots and black liquid eyeliner to finish the leopard print. Then I popped a matte top coat on for something a little different.


  1. ohh looking gorgeous as ever!i have the same dilemma when taking outfit photos too haha:)
    that lipstick packages looks fab!i often get little treasures because my mother doesn't want them,haha:)

  2. Aw you look really nice! I got a tripiod from Ebay, get some right bargins on there :) xo

  3. I am having the same issues with trying to find where to take pictures!!! Except I need a new camera and a Tripod!!!

    I am a new follower.


  4. irene: thank you so much lovely! my hair is so awful today, i slept with it a bit damp and it's just everywhere! ahh i may even enlist the help of friends and do some outsidey location shots while it's still light in the day for mine.

    victoria india: thank you! oh did you? (: i've found some right bargains on there too, but have no idea which tripod to buy. i'm assuming they're all similar and adaptable for most cameras?! *noobcake* :p

    rorie: haha i have the same problems as you! i'm saving for a better camera right now, as the quality of mine is terrible, although i'm putting that down to the fact i'm using a makeshift tripod made of books ;) thank you so much for the follow!

  5. You look gorgeous, I adore your pretty tights! And your nails are adorable, I wish I could do that! ♥ xo

  6. i LOVE your stockings. and the nail art is beautiful.

    im a new follower :D

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  7. jennie: thank you lovely! (: i never usually have the patience for nail art, but i've been curious for a while and just had to try it out! xxx

    dennicapearl: thank you for following! have just had a look at your blog, its lovely! xxx

  8. i just love that shorts with tights.<3

  9. Nice outfit :) I like the tights :) Going to check out your shop and follow you on twitter in a mo :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  10. I have those tights too. never take them off! you look so lovely and i love your outfit! oh and also loving the leopard print nails :)

  11. julianne: thanks lovely! the shorts are seriously short and a size too big so tights are an absolute must!

    half dressed: thank you! i think i'm becoming a bit known for my huge collection and love for tights haha ;) thanks lovely, have just followed you back i believe!


  12. rose: the polka dot ones are my favourite ever! they've brought them out in khaki as well which i'm going to pick up tomorrow and experiment with! aw thank you sweet (: xxx

  13. i really like this look! not surprisingly, as i love blue&white stripes to death and adore the shorts & tights look :) you have serious patience to produce such artistic nails hun! xo

  14. Michelle said...
    Have a lovely weekend away hun! We're missing you and Grace at the flat ): And aww I'm a bit jealous! xx

    18 September 2010 02:11
    Rebecca said...
    Michelle - Thank you very much, I had a lovely time and can't wait to see you both and the flat in a week! Ps, how about propping your bedroom door open and shooting against the corridoor wall? xx

  15. Those nails are pretty impressive! Very creative. It's a play on the popular jade green color.

  16. Why Hello there, Miss Super-skinny legs. I'm jealous and that outfit is cute.

    Love the nails too x


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