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Afternoon all! Bit of a ramble post today, as I've been babysitting all morning and afternoon and I'm not in any condition to take outfit photos, as you can imagine! I'm so tired, I need a Starbucks pronto! Yesterday I finally got the keys to my new flat, which was exciting. I moved some of my clothes and general bedroomy, kitchen-y things in as well, and had a little bit of a catch-up with Jamie, my flatmate from last year, who is living a few floors down from me. I took my camera with all the intention of snapping photos for an Interiors post but forgot in the excitement of seeing my friend! Oops! All in all a good but tiring day!

Last night while falling asleep and watching the X Factor, I finally decided to try one of my new Models Own polishes :) I've been hearing so much about this brand, but I already have hundreds of polishes, so hadn't managed to indulge in any polishes before. When their 50% Facebook sale came around, I decided to order a couple, including Slate Green.

I must admit, I am very impressed with the quality of this colour, it is the perfect green colour and I can see myself wearing this a lot! It did require two coats for a good coverage, but this I didn't mind at all, having only paid £2.50 for it! I am looking at ordering some more colours when I'm properly moved into the flat (how annoying is it going to be to shift all my polishes and potions 90 miles away?!)

Anyway! I'm going to finish with a huge thank you to the lovely gals who have been linking to my blog, big love to you <3 And a "Hello!" to my new followers! I'll be back with an outfit post tomorrow hopefully :)


  1. that's such a beautiful nail polish color! i'm loving greens at the moment too! lucky me, got one from Eyeko ;) thanks for the sweet comment on my blog btw!
    so is uni starting soon?? i bet you're excited moving to your new place & decoration everything!

  2. This is great, i'm looking for the perfect green but because of my skintone I can't find a flattering one! I've been trying to find one close to blue-green but most have been too blue, so this one is pretty perfect! Sigh, it's going to make me spend money though :(.

  3. summer: it's so gorgeous! already one of my favourites i think, although the watery consistency needs a little more patience ;) you're welcome! chi chi is adorable! yup uni starts in two weeks, i'm so excited to get back in a good routine! xxx

    tiff: green is a difficult colour to find! i saw slate green and it just looked perfect! this has blue undertones so i think you'll like it! they're really worth the money in my opinion :) xxx

  4. That's such a lovely colour! and i do not envy you having to babysit haha! I can't wait to get back to southy!!

    Stacey xx

  5. julianne: thank you darling <3

    stacey: i know, its really unique, i've not seen another colour like this before, although i am now lusting over jade stone from models own! oh same, we will have to go out for drinks or something ;) xxx

  6. i love models own, but havent got this colour yet, looks great though :)

  7. Love that polish colour, I have a similar American Apparel shade which I recently started wearing, though I'll probably be buying more Models own in the future. Need to plan for my Uni move too, eeek! Thanks for your comment too!

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  8. such a perfectly cute colour (:

  9. emma jade: this is the first time i've tried models own as they don't have large boots stores near me that stock it! i was most excited for this and fuzzy peach, which seems to be a favourite in the blogging world!

    kb: ooh, are the american apparel ones any good? i did see that they have quite a good selection of colours (: good luck with the move sweet! which uni are you at?

    bee: i knoww, it's really lovely and unique! brightens up any dull outfit i think :)


  10. I'm always so tempted to try Model's Own...I think I might!

  11. OOh i i'm having a thing for green nails lately! This colour is gorgeous!

  12. mi: thank you (:

    gaby: thanks lovely xx

    stylefrost: it's even nicer and much glossier in real life!

    c'est freak, le chic: yes you should, they have such a huge variety of colours! ive found so many more than i want to order!

    chantel: thank you (: im loving green too as i don't wear anything green, so a bit of nail colour to make an outfit 'pop' is great!


  13. where did you get your ring? its sooo cute!!! and your last outfit post, I loved your tights! that is all :) x

  14. where did you get your ring? its sooo cute!!! and your last outfit post, I loved your tights! that is all :) x

  15. where did you get your ring? its sooo cute!!! and your last outfit post, I loved your tights! that is all :) x

  16. LOVE your nail polish, such a gorgeous colour!

  17. Ooh, pretty colour! May have to get some myself x

  18. I does look really cute! Love the ring!

    Adèle -

  19. casey: it's from a set at topshop ;) thank youuu!

    porcelain complexion: thank you darling (:

    emma: i really recommend it! such a lovely unique colour i think!

    adele: thank you honey! :)


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