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Hihihihi lovelies! Hope you are all well, I feel so bad for not blogging yesterday, I was called in to work at my parents' place ): Sneaky little outfit for you today! The quality of this photo kills me... Note: 6:50am is never a good time to shoot outfits! This is the dress I picked up in the Primark sale a few weeks ago for a mere £2!! I know this dress has probably done the rounds on blogs already and isn't new at all, but £2! Paired with ribbed tights which kind of clash with the polka dots, but oh well. I can't decide if I actually like this, but am already making big plans of how to style it up for the Autumn. I've had images of this with a chunky knitted scarf, grey tights and ribbed knee high socks with some boots. Exciiited for Autumn!

On a slightly more negative note (I've never had to write this on my blog before which saddens me more!), I've noticed recently that there have been issues with blog copying in the bloggersphere. I completely appreciate that of the millions of people online, you can't be fully 'unique' anymore, but c'mon now. There is a fine line between inspiration and ripping off other people's blogs now, right? As Sofia, who notified me of another copying situation, and Milly rightly say, there's a point where it's no longer a coincidence! Blaaah. Although I have always strayed away from placing a disclaimer style section on here - things like this weren't something I expected at all! - I'm leaning towards putting one in somewhere... I'm not going to delve into this any more as I like my bloggy to be positive!

Finally, I came across this post while doing my usual blog reading last night after work and was very impressed by Katie's hard work at her blog Sugarpatch. Katie is currently making paper fashion dolls, which is so unique and she's really good at it too! Make sure you pop over to her bloggy as she is offering style bloggers a chance to have their own paper dolls made. How exciting! ;)


  1. What an adorable dress!

    You look lovely at 6:50 am... unlike me xD

  2. Love the dress! What a bargain!
    Aw thank you so much for the shout out! Much appreciated :)

  3. julianne: thank you! im not too keen on it, it doesnt sit well on my figure :/

    gaby: thanks lovely! i barely even slept last night, so hard to sleep even though i was exhausted!

    katie: i know right?! ;) you're welcome, im excited for my paper dolls! like a kid at christmas!

    yvonne: thank you! i love your blog, made my night to see this comment haha!


  4. Super cute! I love your polka dot dress! xx

  5. that dress looks beautiful on you (: it'll look great styled up for autumn with some chunky knits!!

  6. d'aaaw how very precious do you look?! VERY. :) love it all.
    oh and so sorry that you as well have experienced this 'copying' marlarkey too. :( it's a sad affair indeed. Hope you're ok.
    Thanks for the wee mention.
    mwah xxx

  7. michelle u look stunning in your new dress! i wish i was as confident a u to wear all the different things you do. love your blog :) x

  8. So cute ! Love the dress so much ;)

  9. You are so damn cute Michelle. That dress is gorgeous on you!

  10. thy lady: thank you!

    bee: thanks lovely (: i'm so excited for the autumn! my scarves and thick knitted cardigans have been hidden away for far too long!

    milly: awh thank you my sweet! hope you had a good time at thorpe park earlier!

    sarah: thank you so much, that means a lot! i'm not really that confident, i just like playing around with different patterns and trends and looking a bit different to everyone else with some sneaky accessorising ;)

    becky regina: thanks doll :)

    sarah: thaank you! (; yay for innernetz!


  11. I noticed some copy-catting too michelle. To the extreme of word-for-word title copying and even pictures! It's infuriating as blogging is supposed to reflect you as an individual not someone else. I love your new blog header with the cute cartoon :) xx

  12. rebecca: i know! sofia found one girl who had the same pages, font, twitter background and posts as me! it was more creepy than annoying though! and its frustrating because i spend so long on my blog :/ thanks! xxxx

  13. Oh my god that's soo cheeky! Some people must not have much imagination, but then I suppose you can't blame them as your blog is lovely :) hope your last week at eyeko went well xx


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