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Dress, Pussycat London @ New Look.

Firstly, I've reached over 400 collective followers! Exciting! Today has been so beautiful and sunny in Southampton, I'm currently sunning myself in the living room at a lovely 20°C as I write this. Minus the Internet as we don't have Wi-Fi, so I'm typing in Notepad, which is generally how I write my blogs, because Blogger has a tendency to randomly delete my posts while I'm on a roll! I wore my Pussycat London lace knit dress as my recovery outfit; pyjamas just make me feel worse on a morning/day after!

Yesterday I went to a Freshers event in town at a club/sports bar called Wahoo. It really does make for a good night out if you've already had a few to drink ;) I went with Jamie, my friend and flatmate from last year, and Katie, and their flatmates and bumped into Stacey from Oh I Love You Pretty Baby! Cue the above customary tipsy photobooth photos...

So while I sit here and lounge about in a hungover state, I'm racking my brains for new features and specific reviews to feature on the blog in the coming weeks. I'll be keeping up my outfit posts of course, but just wanted to hear what you all fancy seeing! Leave me a suggestion in the comments *points below* or over Formspring?


  1. Wow look at all those nail polishes!

  2. I love your dress!!
    My freshers is so expensive, but definitely worth it!! Enjoy your second freshers :D xxx

  3. Such a cute dress on you, love your hair too :) jealous of the nail varnish collection, I keep spotting lots of Eyeko/BarryM polishes that I want. Student loan needs to hurry up!

  4. That dress is very elegant but cute! :} oh and I think you have the same laptop as me and it looks like the same theme! Have you got the chloe theme? <3

  5. Love the dress & the nail polishes lined up in front of the books!!

    You also have the most perfect little bob hair cut ever<3


  6. yay at freshers week!
    those photos look amaze xx

  7. victoria india: i know! i gave about a third of mine to my mum before i moved because i just have so many!

    emily: thank you (:

    lottie: thank you! yeah it definitely will be, i loved freshers last year! feeling a little too old and knowledgeable about the venues this time round though haha! xxx

    sequin this: awh thank you! i actually cut my hair myself this morning in a tired and hungover state - oops! oh the eyeko ones are really worth it! definitely look at getting the brit cool set, my favourite three polishes!

    sophia: thank you! ahh yay (: yep the chloe theme, its so cute!

    rorie: thank you lovely (: i was bored & tried to make the colours all match up haha! such a dork at times!


  8. belle: i know! i do feel a bit too old to be doing all the events though :p i loved the photobooth a bit too much, look a tiny bit too tipsy in the photos! xxx

  9. cute ring. and i noticed your hills collection haha. i love that show. is it real is it fake? no one knows. xxx

  10. I love posts like these - a collection of images from your day! So cool that you bumped into Stacey!

    Ah, I'd love to be a student again :)

    Sofia x

  11. fucking love that dress && ring.
    so adorable.<3

  12. Pretty dress I love that collection. I love how you have all your nail polishes lined up!

    L x

  13. LOVE that dress! WHat a cute post :) Thanks for sharing!



  14. caitlin: thank you lovely! haha i love the hills, i don't care if it's real or fake, such a guilty pleasure!

    sofia: (: i thought i'd play around with different styles of posts and this seems to be quite popular! my recovery day in photos ;) yeah it was lovely seeing her!

    julianne: thank you sweet!

    half dressed: i think i need a bigger shelf! (:

    gem gem: thank you!

    michelle: aaah same name :D thank you so much!


  15. Ooh, the photobooth pictures are really funky! I love your "M" ring - been trying to find one with my initial but didn't seem to have any luck.

  16. alice: thank you sweets! (:

    daisyulliel: i know right! i look awful in the photos though, they were taken at the wrong side of tipsy-ness :p you can order them from!


  17. Oh my gosh! You're so pretty! That dress is so cute too ha ha my recovery outfits are normally what I was wearing the night before! ;) he he

    Your ring is so cool too where's it from if you don't mind me asking? :) xxx

    ps count me as a new follower ;) X

  18. tilly: n'awh thank you! haha i can't sleep in clothes i've already been wearing all night, and then sitting in pyjamas makes me feel x1000 worse! (; its from! thank you so much for the follow sweet! xxx

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  20. that dress is wonderful!
    i wish I could keep my room clutter free xx

  21. Your room looks really good! Assuming this is your uni room?


  22. congratulations on 400 followers lovely. i love that dress on you and the ring is too cute!
    loving your room setup too x

  23. i. need. your. polishes.


  24. a i love that ring - i have a necklace the same!
    new follower here xo

  25. cowbiscuits: thanks sweetie! and thank you for the follow as well (:

    evz: thanks! yep, i still have my shabby chic room at home, this is my little home away from home at the moment xx

    tennille: thanks hun! i never thought i'd reach 100 followers let alone 400, it feels crazy! (:

    claire: haha, eyeko and barry m are cheap as chips so its too easy to end with so many polishes!

    sara louise: thanks lovely! i've seen it on your blog before! thanks for following, that means a lot, i love your blog (;

  26. lovely blog!
    in need of followers :)

  27. ashleigh: thank you! have just started following yours, some lovely posts but i can't comment? x

  28. Aww, I want that dress D: Looks cute~ My brother has that laptop btw - just thought you might wanna know :D You have way too many nail varnishes. And oh, I'm really hoping that GG Season 3 will come out soon. And that you'll buy it on DVD. And then let me borrow it lawl


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