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Today was my last day at Eyeko. ): I had such a good time there, I'm quite sad that it's over! I do realise that my intern diaries kind of stopped, but this was mainly because I wanted a variety of posts in the blog over the past few weeks! I spent the last few days organising mail-outs, sorting out the sticker competition, writing the latest Eyeko blog, and organising sponsors for an event. All very exciting and tiring! I'm really proud of how I got on with contacting my selected list of bloggers, and especially with contacting companies and sponsors, the event is looking set to be amazing, but more on this later! ;)

As promised, here are some nail swatches for you! I wore Fuzzy Peach today, which I was excited for, as Fuzzy Peach has been continually raved about in the bloggosphere. But I'm actually not such a big fan of this.. it makes my skin look a bit grey and washed out. So, if anyone is interested in buying this, I'm selling it for £5.50 inc. P&P within the UK! Comment or email me if you're interested!

And this is Eyeko's brand-spanking-new Military polish, which is a dark khaki green. I was so ridiculously excited when this got shopped to the office on Monday! It is quite a lot darker than I had been expecting, but goes on really well as with all Eyeko polishes (: You can purchase this here or here as part of our (oh god I'm gutted I've left now!) new Brit Cool set, which I highly recommend, they are my three favourites! If you decide to purchase, don't forget to use my code E10884 for a special gift!

Finally, just a quick question for my lovely readers, as I do want your opinion! I'm going to be starting my giveaway extremely soon, probably once I'm moved into the new place. What direction would you like me to go down for this one? Fashion, jewellery, beauty, interiors...? Let me know in the comments!


  1. The top one is such a cute colour!

  2. I think the jewelery/interior route would be really cool :) Ive never see an interior based giveaway before, what were you thinking for that? Hope you had a good time at Eyeko! And I've also sent you an email with your paper doll :)

  3. kim: its beautiful in the bottle! but really doesn't go with my skintone at all, i'm gutted ):

    katie: i've got a few things in mind for it! i get a lot of interiors related interest from the blog so thought it might be a plan! and thankk you, i lovelovelove it!

  4. such a cute orange nail polish :D

    I would say fashion, jewelry, or beauty :)

  5. I'm loving that fuzzy pink color! I think the green looks good on you, but my on my skin it would look a bit off.

    It sounds like you had the best time while at Eyeko.

    I think fashion would be lovely to see! And I love your new header as well! What program do you use?

  6. julianne: (:

    bree: thanks! im not sure what direction to go down! i had a lot of people complaining my giveaway wasn't fancy last time, so im reluctant to do beauty!

    the divinutus: its a dark khaki green, i really like it!

    genny: thanks sweet! i had an amazing time there, its opened up so many opportunities for me so im really grateful for the time i spent there! aw thanks (: i used photofiltre for this one!


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