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I've been settled into my new flat for a few days now, so as promised, here's a mini tour around my room! We still haven't managed to decorate the place yet, I'm doing an Ikea haul with the girlies to pick out throws, cushions, candles and other homey things next week! I have lots of plans for my room already, all keeping to a minimalistic and clean, light feel, but I'll have to wait a while to get them in place.

P.S. Sorry for the horrible lighting! I've tweaked all of the photos because it was so cloudy by the time I got round to taking the photographs. Damnit procrastinating habit!

1. My desk and work area. I'm lucky to have a huge desk which faces out of an even huger window. My window gives me a panoramic view of the river which I love, especially by night with all the city lights.

2. Customary makeup storage area. I'm thinking of getting rid of these drawers soon but haven't yet found the perfect replacement.

3. A trinket box, mini photoframe of the sister and I, a photoclip of me and Dad ♥ My phone and my blogging notebook (:

4. The first Post-it note of the year! Some little bits and bobs I'm going to be picking up tomorrow when I pop into town.

5. My top drawer of random objects and sweet stationary.

6. Now Playing: Taylor Swift - Superstar.

7. The marina and sea from one side of our living room. SO beautiful when the sky is clear!

8. I took this the other night. This is the view from the other side of the living room. We get gorgeous sunsets over the sea and docks and a clear view of the city as well.

If you want to see anything in more detail, pop it in a comment or Formspring and I'll note it down for my next interiors installment, when I'll hopefully be able to show you my walls, bed and storage, post-decorating! I'm busy preparing to start back at Uni, keeping the flat pretty and clean, planning a giveaway and trying to make my hair look relatively presentable now that I'm sans hair straighteners! Busybusy!


  1. Oooh I did enjoy having a nosey at your room etc!
    That sunset is incredible, very jealous xx

  2. oh wow, michelle, it all looks lovely. the view especially, how brilliant! :)
    aha, and your eiffel tower/paris photo frame is just about the cutest thing ever.


    we could go anywhere..

  3. Oh wow! The view is just beautiful! You're so lucky! xxxxx

  4. Woww great photos--makes me want to organize my desk!

  5. photos look like the stuff in weheartit!so fabb hehe(:
    and i have that storage box, snap!such a lovely place:)

  6. omg are those whsmith cake drawers? i really wanted them but the damn stock was all damaged in my local one! x

  7. The views are amazing. I had a desk & big window, just the same, when I was at uni. Brings back memories. Hope you're having a good start to the new year :)

  8. mm ikea haul, gotta love that!
    looks like such a darling place.<3

  9. you have really cute stuff in you desk :)

  10. I've just found your blog and spent the last hour stalking it. I love it!
    The view from your window makes me so jealous, as does the thought of a trip to Ikea!!!

  11. belle: thanks sweet! i love reading interiors posts so i'm starting to bring them in a bit! the sunsets are beautiful, had the prettiest pink and purple one the other evening xx

    agatheloff: thank you lovely!

    chloe: i really like it! its not a house or anything crazily fancy but so cosy, i'm loving it! awh thanks, i bought it in the little gift shop under the eiffel tower, was such a tourist that trip! xx

    caroline: the view is the best thing ever! especially at night with all the city lights!

    emma: thanks lovely! i can't live in mess, organisation is key to no-headaches for me haha! (:

    irene: ahh i wish! my inspiration folder is full of photos from there! aw yay, i love it but its just so bulky, which isn't practical in the slightest!

    emma: yup! oh no really?! this was the last one, i bought in their sale early this year but they brought it back and whacked an extra £5 on the price haha! so glad i snapped it up when i did!

    sofia: thanks lovely! my first year uni room was minature so i'm just glad i've got some room to spare in the new place! xx

    julianne: i'm geekily excited! thanks lovely (:

    popdisorder: thanks!

    lottie: awh thank you so much, that's made me smile! am following your blog back, it's really sweet, i'm so curious to read about your dance degree, i loved dance but had to stop about two years ago! xxx

    pink lady: thank you so much!


  12. wow I can't believe that sunset picture is a view from our flat!! Cannot wait to see it myself! :) xx

  13. rebecca: i know! it's beautiful in the evenings! gets really hot though xx

  14. Are you in one of the Liberty Living accoms? Don't want to seem to creepy but my best friend was in one last year and you certainly have a far better view than him!
    I'm at Portsmouth Uni and your Wednesday Wants post is making me a bit to hyped for when my student loan finally comes through x


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