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Cardy, Hollister; Mint green lace top, Topshop; Shorts, DIY; Belt and tights, Primark.

I ventured into the City Centre with my lovely housemate today, for some retail therapy before Uni starts. Being the massive idiot that I am, I don't actually even access to my bank account at the moment! But I did spy a LOT of things that I'll be considering buying in the coming week, I'm in two minds about this Topshop Peter Pan tunic, it looks so adorable and is the perfect length - I'm thinking quite cute with patterned tights, ruched socks and my shearling boots?! Someone help me decide!

Photo quality is getting worse by the day! My student loan came through early, which is making me happy. The fact I can't access it is probably quite good as I'm getting tempted to splurge and get my camera situation sorted. I can wait til Christmas though... or so I keep telling myself!

Anyway, my outfit is a bit of a mishmash. I'm 99.9% everything has been shot already, but I like this little outfit! I'm slowly introducing colour to my wardrobe, this time in the form of mint green. I think it works really well against my sheer tights and oversized cardy. I popped my navy blue moccasins and Luella satchel on for my shopping adventures after!

What have you all been spotting on the high street? Let me know, I'm desperate to buy a yummy pair of slouchy, pixie ankle boots and have no clue where to start looking! Link me to some places in the comments? I'm off for a nap and then we're making Mexican for dinner, mmm.


  1. Oh the topshop tunic is lovely. Think that's definitely gonna go on my list of things to purchase - very versatile and basic enough to get lots of use out of it.

  2. alison: its so sweet! i think im gonna try it on to make sure, probably will be mine by tuesday haha!

  3. mm that topshop tunic is sweet!,as are you shearling boots!:)
    i think how you're pairing it now sounds cool,it would be such a nice outfit:)

  4. i just ordered that tunic off the topshop website! i love it when people wear jumpers and then make the peter pan collar stick out.. so cute! pixie boots... actually, river island are doing very good shoes at the moment.


  5. irene: ohh you're seriously tempting me now! think i'm gonna have to do an in-between lectures shopping jobby!

    claire: awh did you! (: i know, peter pan collars are adorable! ive seen some from river island but i don't wanna spend too much money on them!

  6. this outfit is sooo adorable.
    i love the sweater, and i just LOVE the shorts with tights.
    i really need to do that.<3

  7. julianne: thanks lovely! i still can't quite bring myself to wear jeans, no matter how cold it gets! (:

  8. I loooveeeeee your outfit. I am a huge tights person!!!
    Your photos really don't look bad!!!!
    I am hoping to get a new camera for christmas too!!!

  9. rorie: thanks lovely! was just a simple im-in-a-rush outfit haha! i love tights as well, i have an awful habit of laddering mine though (: the quality of my photos used to be so much better! hopefully i'll get some christmas money to add to my savings to go towards a new one (:

  10. the photos aren't too bad. You can always use photoshop to sharpen them up a bit!

  11. alyse: thanks lovely (: ive already sharpened and changed the lighting in these photos! i just miss how sharp my photos were when i first got the cam!

    cowbiscuits: theyre so lovely and comfy aren't they?!


  12. i saw that peter pan tunic and fell in love too, but i think i need to see it in reality and try it on before purchasing!

  13. sarah: its so much prettier in real life! i just want to see how it fits as i'm quite short!

  14. Ooo nice outfit :) The cardy looks so comfy! Mexican food did you make? It's all about the fajitas :P Oh and you probably won't of heard of the place I'm actually from so I'll just say I live right next to Bournemouth? If you know where that is? I'm probably like half an hour away from you :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  15. I love your outfit, especially the Mint lace top! I want it :) I think that Peter Pan style tunic would go great with the patterned tights and boots you picked out. :) Sorry about your camera. But I get what you mean, the colors don't pop that much. But hopefully soon you get a new one!! <3

  16. I've just found your blog and I have to say I love it! You're like me in terms of not wearing much colour. =) The lace top is beautiful =)

    Hope to see you soon at

  17. That cardy looks so nice. x

  18. half dressed: thanks lovely! we made chicken fajitas and nachos, was so nice! ohh nice, yeah bournemouth is only like 20 minutes on the train (: that's so cool to 'meet' someone from around here! most of the bloggers seem to be up north!

    gabrielle: thank you! i'm definitely getting it with student discount tomorrow or on tuesday after everyone's opinions! yeah the colours are all washed out and it doesn't focus from a distance anymore ):

    sarah: awh thanks! have just followed your blog back!

    kim: it's the comfiest thing i own (other than my huge pyjama collection!) haha (;


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