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As everyone probably knows by now - good old Twitter and my slight addiction to Tweeting! - I went for an Ikea dash with my housemates today! We were up pretty early so as to not get caught up in the madness that generally ensues in any large shopping place in Southampton. The girls and I have been waiting for this day for absolutely ages, just to make the place more homely while we live here! So, what did we get up to?! Well, this: Welcome to our humble abode! ;) We aptly named the flat, the House of Hearts, as we are all from Hertfordshire.

I then picked up a cute little gingham cushion (with angel wings, may I please add?!) for the mere sum of £3.99. It was from the children's section, but was just so incredibly cute, although it kind of clashes with my bedsheets at the moment.

Also bought a berry scented candle for my room! You can't go wrong with a lovely candle for the Autumn and Winter! It smells unbelievable, I can't wait to start burning it. I love scented things in my room! My lovely housemate Rebecca bought me some Lush goodies today as a thank you for helping her with her blog, which I thought was so sweet and thoughtful!

I'm quite aware of the mini influx of interiors and life photographs recently. I'm hopefully going to make this into a weekly feature, and outfit posts and other normal posts will return tomorrow as I'll be back at Uni full-time - eek! I have that strange little girl feeling, where I feel all the jitters and nerves on the night before the dreaded First Day Back. I'm sure I'll be fine once I'm back, I'm excited to see everyone again and get into a routine again. So on that note, I'm going to finish my Oreos and milk, pack my bag and get prepared - have a lovely Monday evening girls!


  1. what a bargain cushion its cute! x

  2. what a bargain cushion its cute! x

  3. what a bargain cushion its cute! x

  4. I love scented candles, trouble is I light them a lot and they runout quickly.

  5. I love scented candles, trouble is I light them a lot and they runout quickly.

  6. Ah love it, I stayed at home whilst at uni so never got to experience this stuff, so cool that you've made it all homely, hope your year goes well :~) xoxo

  7. I love their candles! I used my Vanilla one in less than a week! Looking lovely girlies :) xo

  8. mm, nothing beats a fresh new candle for autumn/winter- and berry is even better!
    though mine from last year never got totally finished, so i'll probably be economical and finish that first. :) :)


    we could go anywhere..

  9. i've literally just finished all of my ikea candles. so sad. they smell soo yum! x

  10. Aww great post, I love ikea! Their candles are gorgeous xoxo

  11. Ikea always delivers! Your flat looks lovely Michelle! Nice and co-ordinated :)

  12. ooo, i love ikea (: bet its nice to have it all a bit more homely?! good luck with your proper first day back sweet. i'm sure it'll be fun!

  13. aww how cute and girly! i'll come up and have a nosy at some point! x

  14. cowbiscuits: i know! i think it was because it's from the kids section! definitely going back and buying the other two from the range so my bed will all match, in a very 5 year old manner ;)

    helen: oh i know! i won't light mine for long though, as our smoke alarm is probably quite sensitive being in a high-rise building - floor twelve, eek! i'm expecting our living room tealights to run out pretty quickly though!

    gem: awh did you? i can't imagine uni + home going together now that i've been living up here for over a year without the parents! i'd imagine its a lot cheaper and less stressful though! thanks lovely (:

    victoria india: less than a week?! oh gosh! mind you, at £1.19 its not too bad and so worth it because they smell so lovely!

    chloe: we have rose petal ones in the living room haha, i love it! the berry one smells SO yummy. haha good plan ;) i never seem to finish candles either actually, that'll be my mini challenge with this one!

    jessie: nooo ): they all smell so good! i dithered for about 10 minutes over the candles alone! we spent 2 hours at ikea because they have such a huge range!

    jennie: thank you sweet (: mm they have so many to pick from! the little tealight range is amazing at the moment as well, so many sweet tealight holders! i am a huge dork, i know!

    victoria: i know right! our throws were like £1.50! bargain dot com! thank ya! we need more cushions but we're being fussy and waiting til we find the right purple hahaha! (:

    bee: its so much nicer now! i loved it before, but now we actually don't mind just sitting in the living room for ages because it's more "us"! thank you lovely, hope you had a really good weekend with the boy!


  15. Ooo lovely buys. I love scented candles too, I have loads in my room, they are so great to keep your room smelly lovely.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  16. so much prettiness! i can't wait to play around with my new place :) and i am really craving oreos now... xo

  17. katie: cheeyurs! haha yup, you're welcome up whenever, although we have a stash of rubbish at the moment which we can't be bothered to take out, oopsie!

    half dressed: thanks lovely! i never light the candles in my room at home, so thought this would be a nice change! excited for autumn!

    mi: thank you! hope you're settling in well, i can't wait to read all about your new start (: haha my bad! i hardly eat oreos, but i've been constantly hungry all day, so had to whack them out!


  18. Your house name is adorable and that cushion is so cute! :) I love scented candles as well!

  19. beth: thank you! we're planning to theme it with hearts somehow soon! such dorks i know ;) mm they just make a place feel much more homey! love your blog by the way hun! xxx

  20. House of Hearts...I love that! And I love the pillow you found. It's so cute, and it would clash with my stuff too, but oh well! I love scented candles, especially for the cold months. But I usually use them pretty fast.

    Good luck on your first day back at Uni!

  21. This is such a cute blog. I followed :)

    What camera do you use? These pics are on point.

  22. love it! so nice!
    pass to my blog!
    kisses francesca

  23. aww what a lovely stuffs! all of them look cute! :) nice blog here!

    check mine

  24. i love viewing photos from people's days! this is a great post and blog, glad i just found it :)

  25. gabrielle: thanks haha, we're so dorky, naming the flat! thank you! my first day went well, i had three lectures and campus card collection but i'm home now!

    alee: thank you lovely! i use a nikon s51 which is just a simple point-and-shoot!

    francesca: thanks lovely (:

    agustina: thank you!

    a: thank you so much! i'll be making these weekly i hope/think! thank you for following!

    renu: thank you love!


  26. I love those candles from Ikea, they don't last very long in my flat so I usually buy about ten at a time. Southampton Ikea is my local too, it can be absolutely hellishly busy at times can't it? Don't ever go on a bank holiday, I learnt that the hard way!xx

  27. I am a fellow Hertfordshire lady! The House of Hearts looks wicked, have fun! scented candles all the waaaay. Em x

  28. You did a great job creating a fun and feminine space!:D

    I agree, a good candle can never go wrong during fall and winter.:D

    Have a lovely week, Michelle!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  29. rosie: i have a feeling ours won't last long either! ooh yeah ikea gets manic at weekends and bank holidays! wasn't too bad yesterday though, it's just a little awkward to get in and out of, trolleys left right and centre!

    emlou: awh yay! whereabouts are you from lovely? in a totalllly non-stalkerish way ;) thank you, we're having a bit of a girly evening/night out on sunday which should be interesting haha!

    marie: thanks lovely! hope you're well sweet (:


  30. How lovely does House of Hearts look! I love Ikea (:

  31. did i buy you that mug? it looks really familiar... lawl


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