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I haven't written a proper Friday Favourites in a while :O *slaps wrist* I'm in two minds about continuing this little feature, because I have a couple of plans in mind for regular features, but I suppose we shall see!

Sugarpatch Paper Dolls
I mentioned Katie's blog a few weeks ago when I changed my blog header. I commented her post about paper dolls asking about having one made, just because they look so cute and artsy, and ended up featuring one on my header. If you haven't already, have a look at her blog and post, I think they add a really cute twist to a blog, and I believe she is still making them if you want one!

I have a love/hate relationship with Primark at the moment. Everyone seems to be finding the loveliest things in there and I'm just... not. Although they seem to have a huge range of items in at my local store at the moment, I just need to find the patience to sift through and find things! Heeled brogues, here I come!

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LFW: Burberry Prorsum SS11
I didn't want to clog everyone's dashboards up with another catwalk notes post, as I'm sure you've seen enough over London Fashion Week! But just a quick round-up of my thoughts on the show of the season... I really loved Christopher Bailey's fresh spin on all the classics, cinching the classic trenches with bright cyan and lime green belts, and the gorgeous fitted-but-still-floaty leopard print dresses. I have so much love for Christopher Bailey, I'm in absolute awe of how he manages to bring so much talent and fresh ideas to the brand, season after season!

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara
Major apologies for the lack of product reviews on Daisybutter recently ): I've been getting general requests for reviews but just feel that my blog is taking a different direction right now, and so many other blogs do it better than me! For now, I'll keep a little place free for product squees: right here. :) SO! That aside, one of my current favourites is Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara. Regular/long time followers will most probably know about my absent eyelashes! This is my HG mascara right now; it curls, lengthens and stays on forever! I've also noticed that my eyelashes have grown significantly since using this which is making me happy! Gals with short lashes: BUYBUYBUY!

Nerdy Blog Chatter
Although I've not managed to make it to a blogger meet up or planned my own before, being back at Uni has meant that I can sit down with a coffee (or indeed a glass of wine!) and talk about nerdy blog related stuff! Most specifically, my housemate Ellen and I like to cook dinner, have a chit chat and discuss things to blog about haha! What could be better?!

Uni Life
It makes me happy to be back in Soton, settling into a vague routine and breaking the flat with my housemate! I've had such a good week, filled with seeing friends, the odd glass of wine, making my own meals again and generally enjoying Soton again. Am loving the casual dinnertime gossips with Ellen and getting excited about having Rebecca and Grace back too!

City Lights
I'm loving the view at night out of our flat. It's so dreamy looking at the flickering lights and river/sea/marina!

K well I'm off to await a sneaky takeaway, choccy cake and general lazy Friday night in with the housemate. Sometimes it just has to be done! Hope you all have lovely Friday nights!


  1. What a cute post :) Loved it. I love my nerdy blog chat hehe xx

  2. Redgarding your point about primark - story of my life!

  3. those paper dolls are just the cutest, michelle! :)

    heeled brouges are on top of my must-buy-shoes list. they're so darling.
    but i only just bought a new pair of heels a few weeks ago, so i think i need to wait. ):


    we could go anywhere..

  4. Those paper dolls are too ute!
    Love the detail on the clothes, you wouldn't think it could be acheived with paper dolls.

  5. Aw i loved this post! And that drawing is so lovely. she's talented! :) Im loving Primark, but then i always am! lol xo

  6. ohh you're lucky to have someone to talk blog with! No one in my life knows about mine, apart from my boyfriend! xo

  7. gem: thank youuu! gosh i get really nerdy and start talking about things that aren't relevant haha! and i even mention it to people who don't blog! oops!

    alison: i know! i'm going to london (again!) next weekend though, so maaaybe i'll find something decent and in my size, which would be a bonus!

    chloe: i know, they're lovely aren't they?! katie is so talented. mmm i can't wait to buy a pair, probably will end up as my most worn shoes this autumn! once my student loan is in, i'll be looking for a decent, cheapy pair!

    miss kimmy: thanks sweet (: i know, katie put so much detail with my tights and everything!

    victoria india: (: at the momentttt i like their range, but the quality has got even worse!


  8. Aw thank you so much for the shout out, again! I'm popping in to Primark tomorrow, I hope I find something! But usually when I am looking I find zilch :(

  9. Nice choices. I have the same kind of relationship with primark. Sometimes I walk in and around and out with nothing and actually feel disappointed when I see so many people walking around town with huge primark bags and I don't have one! Anddd you're at uni in Soton? You're the first blogger that I've found that lives anywhere near me :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  10. Aw i love blog chat, i really want to go to a bloggers meet-up! x

  11. I definitely have short lashes too, if you speak cantonese (which I think you do) it's called dan ngan pei I think... very annoying! I will need to try out this mascara :)

    Have you ever thought about doing a feature containing fashion bits and bobs that other people find? I know that kind of defeats the point of your own blog, but if anyone ever sees a cute bag or something they'd love to show and don't have their own blog, maybe e-mail it to you and you could blog it if you wanted to? Just a suggestion! :)

  12. Hey! I am sorry I have been so lax on commenting. I was moving blogs - again! My new blog is at if you want to check it out.

  13. katie: s'okkk i do love mine a tiny bit too much! ooh let me know if there's anything good in! i may pop in later when town's not too busy! nothing worse than a packed high street!

    half dressed: i know! it makes me sad when i think everyone else must've bought out all the good things haha (: i am indeed! where abouts do you live sweet?

    cowbiscuits: me too! i'd love to go to one in london as its easy for me to get to, and i'd be fangirling everywhere if i met some of my fave bloggers haha (:

    winny: TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YA MEAN. it sucksss doesn't it?! but yeah, big eyes is the only mascara, as well as maybelline false lash effect, that has worked for me in a long time. i don't have money for lancome mazzies anymore! awh yeah that's a good idea! i'd be worried if no-one emailed in though ):


  14. gabrielle: that's okay lovely! following the new blog now, looks so pretty! xxx

  15. Love the fashion photos! Especially the outfit with the silver jacket!

    Stop by our blog and enter our giveaway!

  16. great post :)
    i wish i could talk nerdy blog talk with someone i know, and the paperdolls picture is just too cute!

  17. i love those 4 collection item!
    so fab!


  18. Awww Michelle your so lucky, I wish I had a friend to discuss blog stuff with!

    Lovely post btw :)

    I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog, make sure you check it out

    Have a great weekend! xxx

  19. Awww Michelle your so lucky, I wish I had a friend to discuss blog stuff with!

    Lovely post btw :)

    I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog, make sure you check it out

    Have a great weekend! xxx

  20. Oh my! How did you make that very cute paper doll? So creative.

    Btw, I have a monthly giveaway over at my blog called PINK MAGALINE. Joining is pretty easy. Just follow and drop a comment. A red suede hobo bag is the item for the month. Hurry and enter soon! :D


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