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Firstly, a huge hello to my lovely new followers! I'm almost at 400 collective followers, how mad is that?! I'm finally all settled in to the flat after many naps and many blue Ikea bags! Onto today's post then! I've got a bit of a twist of the standard Friday Faves post in store... I'm on a shopping ban again, so I'm finding it impossible to think about favourite products, experiences, places, etc. so I've got my favourite items of clothing for you instead!

I don't get nearly enough wears out of this little number. It is honestly the most versatile dress I own, and fits my figure so perfectly! For all those who haven't spotted this in a previous outfit post, this is from Miss Selfridge.

Jumper, Topshop, £22.

My favourite jumper! This was from Topshop in the sale last Christmas. I like to put this on over dresses and skirts, shorts, you know the drill!

I'm still so glad that Chinese families have a thing about hand me downs purely for this. My Mum's friend's daughter gave me this a few years ago and I love it! Perfect for cosying up with.

And a couple of favourite accessories. My trusty Primark belt that I pair with everything! My beautiful mini Luella satchel that I picked it up last London Fashion Weekend, and my worn-to-death Marc B quilted bag. The heels are a pair I bought in Hong Kong last summer, and even though suede and patent shoe boots shouldn't work, these are my most worn heels!

I'm going to start work asap on my blog sale at long last this weekend! The city will be so busy as all the Freshers are moving in, as well as the usual Boat Show and football game this weekend, and I don't fancy venturing outdoors! Keep your eye out for the blog sale, it will be on a first come first served basis. :)


  1. I love your Luella bag and your belt! :D

  2. I love your Luella bag and your belt! :D

  3. the luella bag is gorgeous!!! and those shoes are pretty immense too! hong kong though, dammit. xoxo avs

  4. the luella bag is gorgeous!!! and those shoes are pretty immense too! hong kong though, dammit. xoxo avs

  5. eeep i have that belt!so with you,i wear it with pretty much everything.oh and that topshop jumper,i have the one with roses and thorns haha,totally loving your fashion sense:)

  6. That Luella bag is lush! Cute outfits :) xo

  7. gorgeous pinky purple cardie. looks perfect for winter. x

  8. The Topshop jumper looks great. :)


  9. Love the belt! trusty old primark ;) and the shoes wooow shoe envy right there!X

  10. daisyulliel: thanks sweetie (:

    avs: thanks lovely! got the best discount ever on the luella! desperately need to go to hong kong and stock up on bargains haha!

    irene: its such a versatile thing to have! topshop's illustrated people collection is so comfy and pretty haha! thanks lovely!

    victoria india: thank you love!

    noheroinhersky: thanks hun! i wear it with pretty much anything and just layer it up in the winter for extra warmth!

    jess: thank youuu (:

    rose: good ol' primark ;) the best pound i ever did spend!


  11. i really love your luella bag! those boots are the exact kind heels I love too xx

  12. love the black dress! such a lovely flattering shape :) xo

  13. Love the marc b bag, great outfits!

  14. i like your big squishy pink cardi, one of the best things about it getting colder is getting to snuggle up in things like that! x

  15. belle: thanks sweety! (:

    mi: thanks! i think it's a tunic but i'm so short it just comes out as a dress on me haha!

    stylefrost: thank you!

    emma: mm definitely! i'm such a sucker for comfort in the colder months too!

    cowbiscuits: thank you (:


  16. great post! im in loveeee with everything especially those gorgeous heels :)

    i just found your blog btw.. its lovely! you have a new follower <33

  17. your luella satchel is to die for!!
    so gorgeous <3
    great post

    xx Winnie

  18. I finally bought the miss selfridge black racer dress Michelle! I found it in store on sale for £10. Can't wait to wear it.

    Gonna have to check out Primark for that brown weave belt now :)

    Your outfit pics look fine in your latest post. The carpet and little electric wall heaters so brought back memories of uni halls! xx


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