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Friday Favourites is back, with another edition of some good link a'lovinggg! My last favourite blogs post went down a storm, click here to see it, and since that post I have amassed many more lovely blogs that I want to share with you! Comment below to let me know if you followed these blogs, or maybe if you have an up and coming blog that you think I should be reading. :)

Bunty @ Bunty's Boutique
I'm absolutely loving this blog at the moment! My friend Amelia is setting up a cupcake and jewellery store, and this blog showcases some of her amazing work. Seriously, I dare you to visit her blog and tell me her creations are not ridiculously cute!

Alana @ xoxoavs
I'm loving this blog for the diversity of things to be read! With things like the Wildest Wednesday Wishes posts, daily chatter and lovely outfits, I love reading Alana's bloggerino (: And I lived in the flat opposite her last year and never realised :O How crazy is that?! Anywaysss, head over to her blog to read about University antics and her edgy yet girly outfits.

Sarah @ Sequin This
I found Sarah's blog last week or maybe the week before and actually read through all of the posts until the very first one. It's probably safe to say that I'm a big fan of Sarah's blog! She posts a few regular posts each week too, including a Lust List, Monday Inspirations and gorgeous outfits.

Daisy Kate @ Fashion Stereotype
This is another recently found blog, but it's really well written and addictive to read. Daisy posts a multitude of outfits, upcoming designers and brands, and new purchases - all to come together for a lovely blog in my opinion! I love her taste in clothes and am constantly finding inspiration from her blog.

Sorry about the inconsistency of my posts recently. I'm so tired after commuting to and from London and having 10-6 days at my internship. I'm loving my time there but I get so tired and I try to plan a post the night before or on the train, and my brain just slowly stops functioning haha! I'm still on top of all my blog comment replies, so don't forget to check back to see my reply to your comment! And you can always email me for anything if you wish!

Finally, please join my Facebook fanpage (fancy!) for exclusive updates, news and giveaway opportunities! I'm hoping to start giveaways at 50 fans? Although I don't have a set prize yet - eek! Please tell your friends and their dogs and goldfishes etc.;) I'm really excited to get it all up and running so I can talk to my readers more on there! :)


  1. Ohh I'm following Daisy @ Fashion Stereotype! I love her finds, they're really unique and exciting to look at! I'll definitely have to take a look at the other ones you mentioned - they sound great.

    When you have the time, please take a look at mine (link below)! I love love doing it and feel it's been pretty good so far - I just need to be more out there (any tips/advice?) I'd appreciate it!

    And I joined your Facebook, I'll spread the word!


  2. I'll check some of these out! thanks! xo

  3. Love this idea... always looking for new blogs to read!

  4. i'll be sure to check these out (:

  5. Gonna have to have a little read of these ladies' blogs! Thanks for sharing! xx

  6. danah: her blog is lovely isn't it?! one of my absolute faves at the moment! i'll definitely take a look at your blog sweet, i always have a little snoop at my lovely followers & commenters profiles!

    victoria india: you're welcome hun! (:

    alison: :) so am i! keep me posted if you find any lovely new ones!

    bee: you're welcome! (:

    jenjar: i do love all of these blogs with a passion! my must reads every day! that's quite okay lovely xx

  7. thats an adorable picture && frame.
    ill have to check out these blogs too.<3

  8. You just brought a wee tear to my eye! Thanks so much hun. xoxo avs

  9. I already follow sequin this, love her blog and love yours too! x

    Check out my giveaway!

  10. julianne: i love the keep calm & produce a patronus charm aha! (:

    avs: that's quite okay love!

    stylefrost: thank you sweet (:


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