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Evening you beautiful lot! I'm really not feeling this posting at late hours business, I feel so unorganised again! I had planned to do an outfit post today, but by the time I got home, I wasn't in the mood and it really showed in all the photos I shot. Meeehh. Today has just been a Fail Day to be honest... nothing for breakfast in the house, no milk for my daily morning coffee, I missed my train, dropped the contents of my purse at the train station (embarassing much?! and no-one even stopped to help me - pssh!), then missed two buses in London... and I have a bruise on my head from when I whacked my forehead on a windowsill last night.

SO! Mini rant over, I decided to shall share somewhat of a 'Daisybutter exclusive' and exciting news with you all! Today I got the chance to play with the brand spanking just delivered new Eyeko Polishes! Only two weeks ago, we revealed a set of pretty pink polishes (Chi Chi and Punk) but now we're onboard with the Autumn trends, bringing Military and Pastel to the range. I can't even express how excited I was for this! Khaki polishes yaaay! I'm yet to try these, as I'm in dire need of tidying my room, but I shall get a swatch of Military up tomorrow, as well as an outfit post. If you fancy getting your hands on Chi Chi and Punk, you can use my code E10884 for a special gift when you order. (:

Right then! I'm off to tidy my beast of a messy room and watch Ultimate Big Brother. Hoping for some laughs + something a little less predictable tonight! I'm so sorry for these talkative filler posts recently ): On a final final note, I reached an all-time high of hits yesterday so thank you so much loves! Am going to get shopping for some giveaway prizes this week!


  1. i pretty much need that military polish! i dont have one in that colour at all. needneedneed!

  2. we both had a fail day hunni. i guess it was just one of those mondays. hoping for a better day for you today though!

    & you already know i'm looking forward to the khaki swatches ;) xx

  3. tabitha: i know! im so excited to try it out!

    lily: haha i was so excited when it was delivered to the office! (:

    abby: ): what happened in your dail day sweet? hopefully your week picks up though! yess indeed, although tonight i am working at the parents' place so no nail varnish allowed! xx

  4. Hi there just found your blog, ive been looking for a kharki polish cant wait to see it on x

  5. nicoletta: im really hoping it's similar to the new chanel khaki collection (:

  6. tok tok.....
    ouuu I love your bloggg!:P


  7. Wow, the colours are unique! I can't wait to see samples of them :)

  8. Military polish is lush!! I neeeeed! x

  9. alex: thanks!

    julianne: im really excited to try the khaki, ive got high hopes that it'll be similar to chanel's collection haha (:

    daisyulliel: i'll hopefully get them swatched tomorrow or at the weekend, ive got so much on at the moment!

    noheroinhersky: ;) i'll keep you posted!


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