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This week I thought I'd add another little spin on Wednesday Want, and focus it on a specific item that has been on my wishlist since London Fashion Week back in February. Christopher Bailey's gorgeous leather and shearling aviator jacket for Burberry Prorsum. Obviously, being a student running on low funds (!!!) I can't afford to splash out £2195 on a singular item! In my opinion, however, if something has caught my attention for almost the entirety of this year, it is worth following up! So I did a little research...

ASOS is just one of the more affordable brands that have created a similar jacket to Burberry's. Hailed as this season's must-have, and known as the item to 'make one big seasonal buy' with, ASOS's aviator jacket coming in at £120. Still quite a hefty price tag all-in-all.

Sometimes, I just love the great British high street. I have found these lovely, reasonably priced aviator jackets just for my readers. There is honestly a jacket within everyone's price bracket! I am still holding out to test the quality of the Primarni copy before I make my purchase, although the photo is looking very promising! I think this will be one of the jackets I'll take with me to New York in December - gorgeous with a pair of jeans and boots!


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEE the aviator jackets, perfect with florals and chunky boots and socks ;)
    the filofax graphic is so cute! LOVE it!


  2. love these so much! i wasn't aware of topshop's version until i read this post.... ohhhh dear. x

  3. it's such a cute post! i have an aviator jacket,too^--^ heyhey.... thanks for sharing!

  4. @Eliza: Ahh that's exactly how I want to style them! :) They're so ridiculously perfect for the Autumn. Awh thank you! xxx

    @annabelle: Topshop's one is gorgeous! I'll bet the leather is almost as buttery soft as Burberry's too :3 I'm a sucker for a good leather, so I think the Topshop will mosey its' way into my wardrobe before long! xxx

  5. @Gabrielle: Ahh do you?! I think it deserves a blog post *hint hint* (: You're welcome sweeet! xxx

  6. mm..those jackets are soo cool! love them. Need to save some money fast!xx


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