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Dress, Pussycat London at New Look; Necklace, Urban Outfitters; Rings, Topshop.

I've been so lazy with my outfit choices this week, hence the complete lack of posts! I've been dressing down in leggings and oversize tops layered on top of each other, and just stacks of accessories. Has anyone else been feeling like this lately? I think it's my lack of "summer mood", I can't wait to break out the Autumn wardrobe again. I decided to make a bit of an effort and wear a dress today though! I usually wear this dress with patterned heart tights, but I laddered my last pair yesterday ): No belt, no bracelets, no tights, no cardigan...

I'm wearing my usual selection of rings, and my childhood charm necklace that I bought from Urban Outfitters for 9p! I remember being ecstatically happy for finding such a bargain haha, but it's actually missing a design on the front. I'm on the hunt for a vintagey, retro stamp to add onto it at the moment. I tend not to wear jewellery with this dress and lace in general (not that I'm a lace person at all!) because it always catches. I'm so clumsy.


  1. Ugh, completely with you on the "I'm bored of summer wardrobes" front! As soon as the runway edits come through my letterbox I'm always itching for October and the cooler weather.

    Also, about the laddered tights – I feel for you! I'm a socks/tights obsessive, and clearing out my old bobbly pairs last week sent me into mild depression! :S

    You look lovely as always though. :)

    Love Sanchia xxx

  2. i really love that dress, so cute! and im totally feeling the same way. I've been dying to get back into fall attire.

  3. Sanchia: I wear so many dark colours, and love layering up, I'm definitely more of an Autumn person! I never know what to wear in the Summer and/or on holidays. Ooh and I agree with you about the runway edits, been reading Elle Collections and I'm willing September to get here a bit quicker! Aaah I may have to do the tights-clearing tomorrow ): Thanks for your kind words sweet!

    Amanda Lynn: Thank you! This summer has dragged on forever don't you think? Can't wait for Autumn (:

  4. cute dress! Really suits you! Millie xxx

  5. OneOfGreenApes: It is! Summery but still warm enough for the typical British Summer haha.

    Millie: Thank you!

  6. I saw this dress in the shop and didn't see much potential in it. But now I see it on you, the possibilities are endless! This dress= layering up with accessories in summer, and heavy layering and thick wooly tights in winter... ? xoxo avs

  7. the dress is beautiful :) x

  8. Alana Victoria: I know! My Mum actually picked this dress out for me and I really wasn't convinced because it looked so loose and unflattering, but it is pretty amazing for layering up with :) xxx

    Fern: Thank you! (: Am loving your blog btw Fern!

  9. I have deffinaley been the same,i hate the weather when it changes seasons! I love how you write :)


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