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Pixie Lott is one of my all-time style crushes, and I'm sure many of you won't hesistate to agree! From Pixie's earliest days in the biz with her trademark hotpants, to today's super short and gorgeous dresses/playsuits, Pixie always manages to get it just right! Fast forward just over a year, and Pixie is on everyone's list of style 'icons', and she even has her own line at Lipsy, making her look even easier to emulate.
This look is reminscent of Pixie's earliest days. I took inspiration from her video for 'Boys and Girls', which is where I also got inspiration to buy my favourite suede shoe boots ;) I love this outfit for a night out, perhaps paired with tights if you're not as brave as some!

Pixie Lott wears a lot of graphic prints in bright colours, such as this one in the 'Turn It Up' video. I really love this look for everyday wear, to a festival, even for going out if you wore it with a smart blazer! I'd also imagine Pixie would wear chunky military style boots as she's been doing quite often recently!

I'm really loving Pixie's more 'risque' and grown-up look that she's been spotted in! This set takes inspiration from her iTunes Festival performance and an outfit she was 'papped' in not long ago! Who said black was bland?!

One of the things I love most about Pixie's style is her uncanny ability to accessorise! I think she has quite a carefree and slapdash approach to accessorising, she pulls off the 'I've picked up anything I can and put it on' look SO well.

Who are your style icons? Let me know! I'm constantly mixing and matching with my style, so it's always good to discover new inspirations!


  1. that first outfit makes me want to dig out my pink sequin hottypants all over again!! have not worn them since i was forced into my town after a night out and not returning home, most embaressing experience of my life!! haha

    whitney port is my ultimate fav at the moment! xxxx

  2. I crush on her too! Love the work boots you posted and the straw hat - looks like one I just bought from urban outfitters. She's gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend x

  3. The boots in the last set are absolutely gorgeous! Love Pixie Lott and her style, just wish I could pull off the 'thrown together' look as well as she can! :P x

    Ellen from WeAreTheCrowd

  4. She always looks gorgeous, wish I had her legs! Do you know where those military boots are from in the last collage? Love them, especially the studded underside.

  5. i love her (: she always looks gorgeous and really polished!

  6. Lulu: Aah pink?! Jealousss! I never actually plucked up the courage to buy a pair, debated it after seeing it at London Fashion Weekend (ha! remember that?!) Clearly should whack out sequin hotpants for le Freshers Week ;) xxx

    Sofia: She pulls off every look so effortlessly! I really wish I could wear hats, but I don't think they go with my hair and glasses 'n all! ): xx

    Ellen: I know! I think I've seen similar boots in River Island actually, they have so many of them. Although I'm sure there will be cheaper versions elsewhere for the Autumn. xx

    Sequin This: Hahaha same, I did infact 'like' Pixie Lott's Legs on Facebook! Erm the boots are from All Saints, and are on sale!! :) So gorgeous! xxx

    *rachelwears: Same! I almost bought tickets to her tour but decided I was a bit too poor for it in the end sadly... ): xxx

  7. Fab post lovely! I love the last look best. Lace, headbands...very gothic romance xx

  8. the last look in my favourite, I love the topshop studded bra top.
    Fashion Stereotype

  9. i <3 all three of the styles above, im not surprised she has her own designs for lipsy! shes got great style.. i love the boots and ring in the last picture, and the shoes and jumpsuit in the second! <3

    great post :)

    xx Winnie

  10. Even though I'm not a fan of Pixie's music, but you can't deny the fact that she has STYLE!

    I'm also loving Katy Perry's style at the moment. xx

  11. Claire: I love all the lace and mesh inspired looks in the last too (:

    daisy kate: Ahh so do I, it was constantly sold out on the website, so depressing haha.

    Winnie: Thanks for the comment (: I love accessorising Polyvore sets.

    DesignerSpray: She has such a versatile and edgy style! And yep, Katy Perry has amazing style, such a kitsch retro spin on her outfits!

  12. I just found your blog and love it already!
    Pixie Lott was wearing the cutest ring on the V Festival coverage - I need it in my life. Her hair always looks so perfect

  13. hannah: aw thank you (: i missed the v festival coverage, so gutted!


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