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Pussycat bow. Tie-neck. Blouse. Shirt. Tunic... Call it what you will, but this somewhat 'Granny' garment is slowly creeping, or floating, its' way back into everyone's hearts. I'd say this look has definitely been inspired by Alexa Chung, with her vintage and kitsch style, and is extremely easy to wear, whether cinched in with an on-trend skinny belt (tied, not buckled of course) and leggings, or tucked into denim cut-offs and paired with brogues.

These are some outfits found on Lookbook from this week. I love how everyone puts their own stamp on their look, turning it into more than just another top in their wardrobe!

1. Gracie; 2. Slanelle; 3. Sarah; 4. Hannah.

On one of my many ventures into town this week, I couldn't help but see this style of blouse in almost every shop window, and me being me, I just had to try one on! Somehow, this top from Topshop completely drowned me in a size 8 which is strange.

And some high-street options for your selection. I so want the Peter Pan collar blouse on the left :3 And... I couldn't find the F+F at Tesco blouse! I'm quite sure it was about £15, and is a gorgeous cream colour. Although I am 99.9% sure that you could find a beautiful blouse in a charity store for a fraction of the price.

Have you been swayed by this trend yet? ;)


  1. these are gorgeous, i want one!!! (:

  2. I love the middle one from Topshop! Lovely pattern! They suit Alexa so well!

    Millie xxx


  3. I gotta say i'm not a huge fan of these blouses, i think they look fab on some people but not me haha! I do like that peter pan collared blouse from topshop though.

    Stacey xx

  4. I do like these blouses. I don't own one though! x

  5. @*rachelwears: I quite want one too, but they really drown me because I'm so short! ):

    @Style Goddesses: The middle one is the one I tried on actually, it's beautiful, but the sleeves are mahooosive! Definitely try one on ;)

    @Stacey: Yeah, they're a very style specific kind of top I think. I usually find it quite hard to pull off something that goes up to the neck, so I'm scouting around before purchasing!

    @Victoria: I've been trying them on in-stores all week, verging on buying but my spending ban won't let me buy one haha!


  6. hey just came across your blog - it's lovely!

    I love that blouse in the middle from topshop but when i tired it on it didnt look quite right on me - so the search is still on!


  7. Love all these styles!!!

  8. These are all gorgeous!.. im heading in the stores this week to get something like this! :) great post.. i love alexa chung and i love this style

    xx Winnie

  9. blouses are my favorites!!! lovely picks^__^

  10. @Jade: Aw thank you (: Ah same, I tried it on and the sleeves are really strangely oversized and just completely drowned me! I'm going to scour the charity shops, maybe they'll be a better fit.

    @Ans: ^___^

    @Winnie: You're welcome m'sweet! Thanks for the lovely comment (:

    @5amjetaime: I love the girliness of them!


  11. I really adore those shorts with the high waistband. I just need to get my tummy to lie flat in order to pull it off! haha


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