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Jumper, Mum's; Skirt, Primark; China Doll Necklace, Accessorize; Alarm Clock Necklace, eBay.

Firstly, big apologies for the absence from Blogger recently! I've been in Southampton, visiting some friends over the weekend which was really good. Trust me to take the disgusting rainy weather over with me though! I didn't manage to take any photographs despite deciding to take my camera with me because it was out of battery. What a fail. So that's my little explanation and apology again for being away from the blog! Also, hello to all my new followers, thanks for following!

Just a pretty simple outfit today. I'm not really feeling the Summer at all (did I ever?!) The jumper is 'borrowed' from my Mum. I always find it difficult to make this suit my shape but whatever. My skirt was from Primark, and another strangely shapeless piece, or so I thought - it turns out it is a good THREE sizes too big for me, so I'll be putting this in an upcoming blog sale.

I start my new internship tomorrow which I'm really excited about! This one should be focusing more on PR & marketing, which is an aspect of my course I was interested in last year, and thought I'd pursue to see how I felt about it all. I'm also seriously nervous and am now racking my brains to think of a suitable first-day-at-the-office outfit! Of course I will keep you all posted on the experience, starting up my Intern Diaries again and I'll post a customary outfit in the post every day! Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has commented the blog, emailed me or Formspring'ed me recently. Corny as it sounds, they've really made me smile, especially with less mean comments coming through on FS. Good times all around!


  1. Cute :) I love both your necklaces, especially the China doll. Good luck with the internship, I'm sure it'll be great!

  2. beaut outfit:)
    i wear similar things when i poodle off for lectures and the like
    as if you could ever get any mean formspring questions anyways love! youre one of the nicest people i know xxx

  3. Such a pretty little look honeybee!
    Gorgeous necklaces and the colour of the skirt is so divine x

  4. sarah: thank you hun! i'm so nervous about my first day!

    belle: thank you (: aha yeah i took one look outside and decided i couldn't be bothered to dress up or anything, seeing as i was just popping to the post office!

    milly: n'aw, thank you sweet! i'm gutted the skirt doesn't fit me in the slightest, its so uncomfortable having to wear a belt etc. when i wear this! hope you had a good time at v, am just about to whiz over to your blog (:

    julianne: thank you ^___^


  5. I'm honestly wearing this outfit today, just in different colours ha! Very strange! You look lovely!

    Stacey xx

  6. You have a lovely blog and the china doll necklace is amazingly cute :)

  7. lovely outfit! Sometimes the simplest outfit is the prettiest. :) Good Luck for tomorrow! I'm sure you'll be fine xx

  8. stacey: haha what a coincidence! thank you darl ^____^

  9. Your blog and outfits are amazing! I'm following now!

  10. you are the cutest!
    love the outfit, adorable accessories too xxxxx


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