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Shirt, Topshop; Black camisole, Uniqlo; Culotte shorts, Topshop; Sunglasses, New Look; Peeptoe shoes, Urban Outfitters.

Bleugh, I am having issues with today's batch of photos. My tripod is utterly broken at the moment and I can't afford a new one, so I've been using the slightly old-school random large objects stacking precariously on top of each other method, and enlisting the help of my brother. The only downside to my brother taking photos for me is that he insists on taking them outside my house (probably to embarass me in front of the neighbours!), and the lighting comes out all strange. So! Please excuse the awful lighting.

I'm wearing clothes that have all featured on my blog before. The reason being that I'm on my shopping/spending ban and I've been sticking to it! No new clothes whatsoever, and the lack of money has also led me to selling lots on eBay, which means more room for my much anticipated A/W wardrobe! I'll be doing a lot more of these 'I've-Worn-This-Before-But-I've-Restyled' posts in the next few weeks I'm sure! :)

In other news, I rediscovered my love for 'Goodbye to You' by Michelle Branch today. That song has GOT to be my ultimate Laguna Beach/The Hills song! Does anyone else have a specific song that they love for its' associations with certain things? Care to share?


  1. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley will always remind me of the O.C particularly the scene where Marissa died :( sadtimes!xoxo

  2. I associate "We are the People" by Empire of the Sun with The Mentalist - it didn't feature on the show, I just happened to be listening to it when I first watched the show and I loved it, and now it makes me think of Patrick Jane (hubba hubba baby!)

  3. avs: My gaaad, so true! And if not that, it also reminds me of Shrek haha :)

    Gordita: Aha laaavely! It's so strange how songs make you associate things with other things like films!

  4. great look. Love the shorts.xx

  5. When Did Yoo Get Your Shirt Im In Love With It !! Would They Still Be Selling It ? x



  6. Ara: Thank you (:

    Anonymous: The cream/white blouse was from Topshop. It was a few seasons ago though, so I'm not sure, you can always look on eBay though!


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