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Today I went shopping at Brent Cross Shopping Centre with my Mum + sister. We bought mostly underwear, which I won't be posting on here (duh!) but I also ended up spying this gorgeous pair of boots in River Island. I've wanted a pair of shearling boots since I watched the Burberry catwalk, and as a student, obviouslyyy I can't fork out £1000 odd for a pair of shoes, beautiful as they were. So this pair were £39.99 in River Island, and I'm physically in love with them haha. If these shearling boots aren't in your price range, or if you want something a bit different, they were all over the catwalks in February during Fashion Week, so I'm sure many more versions will be coming out in other store on the high street, maybe even a Primarni version!

I'm going away this weekend, back to my playing ground of Southampton to visit my flatmates from last year for a possible pool party and general catching up! I haven't seen them in about 3 months, which is weird as I used to see them everyday. I'm debating taking my camera, because I doubt I'll get many decent photos with it being half broken, but I'm writing some posts and scheduling them to auto-post over the weekend! Hope you all have lovely weekends, I will stay in touch via Twitter!


  1. wow i am really starting to love river island, and i think the sheepskin inside look soooo warm! perfect for winter! (:

  2. they look really comfy :)

  3. rachel: i never really like river island in the spring/summer, but their autumn/winter stuff is to die for, like really nice chunky knits and scarves as well as boots! :)

    jane: me tooo! and they don't break the bank which is good!

    eva: oh they really are! they'll be so snug and warm for the winter months too! best purchase ever (even though they were a well done pressie from the mum!)

  4. these are seriously so so grogeous!!! for ny? ;) eeee i need some money pronto xxxxx

  5. Very trendy ^__^ I huge wishlist on River Island!

    Love your posts. Take Care,
    KK, XOXO

  6. lulu: yeeep! excitamundo! ahhh same, am starting up me jobhunt down south in a min (:

    kei kei: thank you!

  7. i love these shoes so much! so jealous!xoxo

  8. i love these boots! so jealous :) xoxo

  9. richelle jean: thank you (: i literally saw them, tried 'em on and practically ran to the till!

    carissa: thanks! i had no idea river island had these in until my mum dragged me in there against my will! gorgeous selection of brogues in there atm as well!

    laura: :) little bit in love with them haha! i need the summer to go away so i can wear them!


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