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I'm so sorry for the ridiculously late posts every night recently ): This will eventually improve - perhaps I'll schedule day-before posts so that they're ready for reading quicker! Today I went to London with Florence, a friend I met at University, for a day of shopping and Madame Tussaud's. I've never been to Madame Tussaud's but when we got there, the queue was huge and we didn't bother in the end!

I managed to buy a few things (gooodbye spending ban!) including these two pieces from H&M and Topshop. The grey piece is a dress with three-quarter length sleeves, and was £12.99, and the red/burgundy top is from Topshop, at £16! Bargain! My Topshop at home is so small and awful for finding anything, so I was quite glad to have a proper look at all the new pieces they have in. H&M is seriously good at the moment too, Flo used to work there so directed me to all the new bargains! I'm definitely going back to buy more basics and jersey pieces (: I know this photo is awful, I'm rubbish at photographing clothing!

It was a biiig day for food for us, considering I've been on a £2 average lunch budget each day this week! We went to La Tasca, a Spanish tapas bar, which was absolutely beautiful. I do wish I'd snapped some photos now that I'm sat writing this! Then we popped into Snog for some Froyo and to pretend we were in The Hills, ahem... Afterwards, we ventured to Camden for some sneaky drinks!

Following my naughty splurge in London, I received my Models Own order today! I bought 5 polishes in Slate Green, Fuzzy Peach, Purple Passion, Misty Grey and a 3 in 1 Base/Top coat. The packaging is lovely, in a nice sleek black box, and then with purple tissue paper! Good times for packaging!

I hope everyone's had a great Saturday, and that someone else has spent as much money as I have, so I don't feel bad for totally falling off the wagon with my spending ban!


  1. My Models Own order came in a jiffy bag! No box or tissue paper, just a bit of bubble wrap!

  2. topshop is great! and ooh nail polish- my guilty pleasure :D

  3. I so nearly bought that top the other day but i didn't! Sounds like you had a fab time and d/w i've spent way to much money this week also!!

    Stacey xx

  4. im thinking of getting that topshop marl top, it is true to size or really baggy?

  5. alison: no way, really?! that's really strange, mine came in a really nice black box with all tissue paper and individual bubble wrapping cases! what did you order? (:

    julianne: me too, thinking of wearing it tomorrow actually, if i decide to leave my bedroom haha, i'm so tired lately!

    pop champagne: i love topshop too, hadn't shopped in there for ages! i've seen so much more to add to my wishlist when in the oxford circus store today!

    stacey: haha it's really nice and would be good to whack on for a lazy day or to uni! i almost got it in another colour but my friend had already picked the other colour up! aha good, that makes me feel better (:

    lily: it's really quite baggy! i tried it on and it's more like a jersey dress to me, but i like it, i'd recommend getting a size smaller if you didn't want it overly big :)

  6. lovely jubbly top... wish i'd ordered some stuff from modelsown, even joined the group and everything! :( didnt know it was finishing so soon.xoxo

  7. Loving the top! The colour will be really flattering on you! and the models own polish in fuzzy peach is like my most wanted colour atm! Would you say it's any good? xx

  8. hm, i don't like the colour of that TOPSHOP blouse, but the cut is so cool ! :)
    i was thinking about ordering some of those Models Own polishes , but I didn't -..-

  9. avs: i'm wearing the top now, SO comfy and baggy, worth every penny! ahh it finished yesterday, i haven't tried the polishes yet but will get a review up soon!

    rochelle: thank you (: am wearing the top now! i haven't tried the polish yet, but will do at some point this week, so i'll try and get a little review up for you! i have high hopes for it though! xx

    kai liis: it is quite an unusual colour, i've not bought anything in this colour before, so i thought i'd try it and love it now!

  10. Those tops are beautiful beautiful colours. There is a dress I am planning to buy from H&M tomorrow and I actually can't wait! Payday <3 Much love Flaps x

  11. Sounds like you had a brilliant shopping spree! Love the pinky topshop tee. cute blog too x

  12. leanne: why thank ya (: im trying to bring more variation of colour to the wardrobe because i wear way too much black and grey!

    iulia: thank you!

    ladybird: it was lovely thanks, just wish i lived near good shops! not a fan of shopping in my town, so shall be good when i get a car and can drive to bigger towns (: thank you!

  13. love your top! so cute. :)

  14. Mmm I love tapas! I think I'm going to start buying from Topshop - postage to Aus is only £9, cant go wrong!


  15. I love these. I work in River Island babe and they sell them in there. Feel free to ask for discount :) xx


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