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(Customary dodgy blue webcam photo!)

Sorry about the lack of outfit! I totally forgot to take a photo this morning and I was a bit soaked by the time I got home (gotta love the British Summer!), so I'm actually now in my comfies, but I will most definitely have an outfit tomorrow!

I started my internship at Eyeko today, as some of you may know! As with my previous internship, I was incredibly nervous while I made my merry way through London once again. It was quite easy to find, and I actually got there half an hour early (Idiot!) so sat in the lovely pink and white office for a bit!

My first impressions were: omgz it's Ling!!! Lol... Dork. And yes, it did deserve three exclamation marks haha, I honestly didn't even think that Ling would be there, despite being a religious subbie of hers on Youtube! But yep, total fangirl moment! I haven't told Ling that I'm an obsessive viewer yet haha - ssh! Ling's really lovely and friendly, as is everyone else, and it's nothing like I expected at all.

My first day consisted firstly of phoning magazines and the like to see whether they'd heard/tried our new products. I must admit I'm not the best on phones, but I got the hang of it in the end! Then I just worked through emails, forwarding them to relevant people and organising the inbox so it wasn't full of spam, and responding to emails about the Sticker Competition. Go and enter!

I also got to help pack products to be sent out to companies and bloggers. Exciting stuff! Aaand I got given the new Eyeko polishes to try which I'm very excited about, am loving Chi Chi already :) I also got to try/smell/comment on some other new products which I will probably be ordering despite my spending ban!


  1. Glad your first day went well honey pie. Was thinking of you :)
    Yay for meeting Ling - she is a true darling! Keep us updated on how your internship goes - would love to hear how you're getting on.
    x x x

  2. Awwe, glad to hear your first day went well! Sounds like an exciting opportunity! :) xoxo

  3. Sounds like fun (:
    I can't wait until I've finished school and can do internships. I know you want to get into journalism but can you do internships for anything? I want to do something to do with fashion but am not sure at the moment.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. What a great place to work. Do you know how the company decides which bloggers to send the products to?

  5. milly: aw thank you! (: i know, she's so lovely! i will, im trying to keep up with daily blog posts but im so tired after the train haha! xxx

    laura: thank you! it's a really good opportunity, goes well with elements of my degree at university!

    madison: yeep it is! im studying writing fashion and culture, but generally speaking if you're enthusiastic and have an interest in the industry, you can get an internship in whatever you want. it all goes towards what experience you have, and i wanted to be well-rounded for when i graduate!

    funnyfacebeauty: it is a lot of fun (: im afraid i cant really say on here for obvious reasons. its all part of the company database though xx


  6. Sounds like your having an awesome time, i've already said this but congrats on the followers! LOL at the fangirl momento! x

  7. i love your hair, and how adorable you are.<3

  8. I know this is a really late comment but I'm heading down to the Eyeko London HQ tomorrow to do the internship too. It's fab reading about your time here! x

  9. Christina Marie: Awh are you?! You'll have such a good time, everyone in the office/HQ is lovely (: xxx


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